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Senior US official feared Trump would attack China



The revelation is in Danger, a book by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, to be published in the coming days, in which US Chief of Staff, General Mark Milli, reportedly initiated a secret phone call. His Chinese counterpart assured him that the US would not attack China.

General Milli also pushed his deputies to pledge not to follow Donald Trump’s possible extreme orders, in particular on the use of nuclear weapons, following the defeat of the Republican president in elections, according to excerpts published today in the Washington Post and CNN. November 3, 2020

After the American intelligence services concluded that China considered a US attack imminent, Milli called General Li Zuocheng twice.

One was on October 30, shortly before the US presidential election, and the other on January 8, two days after Donald Trump’s supporters attacked Capitol Hill.

“General Lee, I want to assure you that the state of the United States is stable and everything will be in order,” Milli said, according to a book based on anonymous testimony from 200 US officials.

“We will not attack China or conduct military operations against China,” he insisted.

As described in Danger, Millie called her Chinese counterpart again two months later when the behavior of Donald Trump, furious with Joe Biden’s defeat in the presidential election, became increasingly erratic.

“This is fine. But democracy is sometimes difficult, ”he said.

In addition, Milli convened the General Staff of the Armed Forces to emphasize that if Donald Trump orders a nuclear strike, he must be informed first.

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“Looking each other in the eyes, he asked all the officers gathered to confirm that they understood correctly” his orders, added Woodward and Costa, for whom the episode became an “oath”.

Milli also asked CIA Director Gina Haspel and Defense Intelligence Director General Paul Nakasone to monitor any promiscuous Donald Trump behavior.

“Some may think that Millie has overstepped his authority and over-empowered himself,” write the authors of Danger.

However, they continue, Milli was convinced that he was doing what was necessary “so that there is no historical rupture in the international order, an accidental war with China or other countries, and that nuclear weapons are not used,” they add.

In response to questions at the US General Staff, they refrained from commenting.

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The underwater crisis opens the eyes of European partners



French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said Thursday that the submarine crisis shows that the European Union “can no longer count” on the United States to guarantee protection and asked Europeans to “open their eyes.”

“The first lesson to be learned from this episode is that the European Union must build its strategic independence. The Afghanistan episode and the submarine episode show that we can no longer count on the United States to provide our strategic protection, ”he said in his statements. at Franceinfo.

“The United States has only one strategic goal: China and containment of China’s growth in power,” the French minister added.

According to Bruno Le Meur, both former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden “believe that their allies must be obedient.”

“But we believe that we must be independent,” he defended, adding that “the European partners must open their eyes.”

The crisis between the two countries stems from the fact that the United States, Britain and Australia signed the AUKUS pact (English initials of the three Anglo-Saxon countries), which aims to strengthen trilateral cooperation in advanced defense technologies such as artificial intelligence, underwater systems and long-range surveillance.

The first consequence of this was the cancellation by Australia of the contract with France for the supply of conventional submarines and the intention to buy nuclear submarines from the United States, which caused strong protests and criticism from Paris.

France had a contract for the supply of twelve conventional submarines to Australia worth 56 billion euros. This delivery was canceled by Canberra as the Australian government decided to buy nuclear submarines from the United States.

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The decision was sharply criticized by France, a number of European countries and the leaders of the European Union. Since then, relations with the United States have soured.

The only European country that did not criticize this decision was Denmark, whose Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said that she did not understand the position of the European partners. The French economy minister used Thursday’s interview to criticize “Denmark’s support for the United States.”

“It is a mistake to think, as the head of state of Denmark, that the United States will continue to defend and protect us, no matter what happens,” he said, adding that from now on, Europe “cannot count on anyone but itself “.

The two dispersed presidents of the United States and France spoke on the phone Wednesday and agreed to meet in October to ease diplomatic tensions over the Australian submarine.

In a joint statement following the phone call, the leaders of the two countries announced that they would meet “in Europe at the end of October” and that the French ambassador to Washington, summoned for consultations last week, will resume his duties next week.

“The two leaders agreed that the situation could benefit from open consultations between allies,” the statement added, referring to protests in Paris over the lack of advance notice of a protection pact between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

“President Biden has expressed his unwavering commitment to this issue,” the joint statement added, noting that the US leader believes it is “necessary for European defense to be stronger and more effective” in order to promote transatlantic security and fulfill “NATO’s role”. …

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Bolsonaro and his entourage of about 50 people in isolation after contact with an infected minister



Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and a delegation of about 50 people will be quarantined after they contacted Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga, who tested positive at the end of his trip to New York to attend the 76th meeting. UN General Assembly.

According to the special secretary for social communications, André Costa, the entire presidential delegation was instructed to observe social isolation, despite the fact that it is “asymptomatic.” Five days after the risky contact, the members of the delegation will pass a new test.

“It should be noted that the entire delegation returning to Brazil is asymptomatic and, according to these guidelines, [guia epidemiológico para o novo coronavírus do Ministério da Saúde], will be in isolation and on the 5th day after the last contact with Marcelo Keiroga (which took place on Tuesday), a new RT-PCR test will take place, ”Andre Costa explained at a press conference.

If the test is negative, “the person will be released from isolation and will be under medical supervision until the 14th day.”

Andre Costa also said that Bolsonaro is completely asymptomatic and “will follow the directions” to remain socially isolated.

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