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Ray-Ban Stories, smart glasses that fix the status



Ray-ban stories, o óculos inteligente que grava status

Besides Ray-Ban Stories, we’ll also talk about Assassin’s Creed gameplay on smartwatches and the first civilians in space, check it out!

In the newsgroup on Monday 13 September 2021 Showmetech TRIO I’ll tell you about the release Ray-Ban stories, smart glasses commemorating the partnership between Facebook e Ray-ban with a product that combines the use of social media with the elegance of everyday glasses. Let’s also talk about the gameplay Assassin’s Creed Unity smartwatchand finally oh first space travel with civilians

How about checking this TRIO news is also on video?

Ray-Ban stories

O Facebook it’s in Ray-ban launched last Thursday (9), Ray-Ban stories, smart glasses that take photos and videos, allow you to listen to music and receive calls. Even with expectations for augmented reality (AR) glasses, Ray-Ban Stories differs from other initiatives such as google glasses… It doesn’t design anything for the user, but this gadget created for those who do not want to lose the elegance of their everyday glasses, but can also record (with photos and videos) what they see through the lens.

Ray-Ban Stories is looking for a tough audience on social media

O Ray-Ban stories linked to app View on Facebook, make iOS e Android, the ability to update the social network with photos and videos captured with the glasses, which in turn have built-in dual 5MP cameras that allow you to take photos and record videos up to 30 seconds in length with the capture button or hands-free. , using voice commands Facebook Assistant… You can also import, edit and post content captured with glasses to Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Twitter, TEC So e Snapchat… In other words, this is a request for users. hardcore in social networks.

Partnership with Ray-ban solved a visual problem by making smart glasses look very similar to regular glasses. There are 20 eyewear styles in total with some of the most iconic Ray-Ban models such as Traveler, Traveler Big, Round e Meteor; five color options and a range of lenses including clear, solar, Transitions and a recipe.

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Privacy risks

A lot of the debate that the launch should generate is not about the product itself, but about its category. Despite having an LED that tells you when recording is in progress and on and off buttons, the glasses bring back old but highly relevant privacy discussions – after all, it doesn’t seem so easy to dim an LED. While it is no different from a smartphone in this aspect (which also has a microphone and a camera), the fact that it is in front of your face increases the problem, especially in environments that do not allow recording, such as dressing rooms, etc. -spaces.

Accessory costs from USD 299 (about R $ 1558, at the current dollar rate) and can be found in online stores or retail stores in the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy and the UK, and they have no forecasts or prices for Brazil. smart glasses Ray-Ban stories collect data necessary to operate, such as battery status, email address, Facebook login password, Wi-Fi connection, and come with a portable charger.

Assassin’s Creed without smartwatches

Ray-Ban Stories, Smart Glasses That Fix Your Status |  showmetek trio
The game was running smoothly Cospet Optimus 2

YouTube channel specializing in reviews Mark B, make a channel MBReviews, tried to conduct an unusual fire test of equipment on a smartwatch. Cospet Optimus 2: installed the game Assassin’s Creed Unity on the device and it … worked.

The most amazing thing about this experience was that Mark did nothing. hack install the game on gadget… He made the installation via Google Stadia and used external control. Despite the fact that the smartwatch only had 4 GB of RAM, the game ran surprisingly well on the small screen of the Internet provider Kospet Optimus 2,400 × 400 2. Another important factor is that the device is one of the most powerful in its category. with 64GB options (enough to store a large game), a 1260mAh battery and a 13MP PTZ camera with a Sony IMX214 sensor capable of 1080p video recording.

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However, Mark noted in his assessment of the Kospet Optimus 2 that the gaming experience Stadia on the smartwatch “it was really weird” and that, not to mention the game was running 100%, Assassin’s Creed in the case under consideration, at times there was a certain delay in sound.

Civilians in space flight

A Spacex, the aerospace company of billionaire Elon Musk, is set to take a new step in the history of civilian space exploration. They will participate in the mission Inspiration4, which can be followed almost “in real time” in the documentary series Netflix: Countdown: Mission Inspiration4 to Space (“Countdown: Inspiration for a Space Mission”, loosely translated. SpaceX’s Rocket Launch will be streamed live on the platform’s channel at Youtube, Wednesday 15 September.

Ray-Ban Stories, Smart Glasses That Fix Your Status |  showmetek trio
Civilian crews underwent six months of training for the mission.

The space flight will last for three days and begin at Kennedy Space Center, gives NASAand ending with a dive at a point in the Atlantic Ocean considered safe and favorable for the rescue of the crew.

According to international news agencies, the crew will include a tycoon. Jared Isaacman, 38 years old, CEO of a US e-commerce company. Shift4 Payments, and three more “specially selected” people. The quartet members have never been in space. Guests:

  • Hayley Arsenault, 29 years. She was ten years old when she was diagnosed with bone cancer. As a result of the treatment, he began to wear a prosthesis on one of his legs. Now she is a paramedic at a children’s hospital. St. Jude Children’s, v Menfis… She will be a missionary doctor.
  • Chris Sembroski, 41 years old. He is a former US Air Force officer. In addition, he is a data engineer and has volunteered in groups related to the universe of astronomy during his career.
  • Sian Proctor, 51 years old. She is a professor of earth sciences at the University of Arizona. The teacher was selected after participating in a competition organized by Isaacman’s company. She opened an online store that sells prints and postcards of art that she creates herself. Its goal is to raise awareness and strengthen the role of black women in the space industry.
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The four crew members trained together for six months. During this time, they studied textbooks and participated in numerous physical tests. It’s like you’re in a centrifuge chamber to simulate gravity on the bodies themselves outside of Earth. To experience this sensation, the four also took part in flights simulating microgravity. In this type of test, anyone inside the aircraft can feel weightlessness for about 30 seconds.

At SpaceX headquarters in California, they spent days at a busy pace of preparation. According to the billionaire, there were almost 12 hours of classes a day, which included classes on rocket parts and everything that could go wrong, the Insider website told. After theory, practice. Not in space, of course, but through simulations in the passenger compartment. Dragon Crewto be used on the trip. In one of them, they put on their entire spacesuit and stayed in it for 30 hours.

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Sources: Or a balloon | PCMag|Business Insider

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Apple vs. EU universal charger proposal – Observer



Apple vs. EU universal charger proposal - Observer

Apple opposes the European Commission’s proposal for make USB-C input mandatory in electronic devices to reduce waste generated by the technology industry. According to a statement from an American company, as mentioned in various media such as The keeper, this measure “stifles innovation.”

Brussels offers the same universal charger for all smartphones and tablets.

In addition to this criticism, Apple says it is “concerned” about the Commission’s two-year transition period. While some of the hardware Apple sells already uses USB-C ports, the company has kept its own iPhone port called lighting

Wireless charging for iPhone futures could void European universal charger plan

According to the Vice President of the European Commission Margrethe Vestager, the manufacturers “had enough time to come up with solutions.” “This directive aims to reduce the e-waste generated by the sale of radio equipment and to reduce the extraction of raw materials and CO2 emissions from the manufacture, transport and disposal of chargers, thereby contributing to a circular economy,” said the European official.

For several years, the European Commission wanted to create a standard for charging connectors for electronic devices in order to reduce technological waste. Apple has repeatedly argued that such a measure “suppresses innovation, not stimulates it, and that it will harm consumers in Europe and the economy as a whole,” the statement said. March this year… When Nokia was the dominant company in the market in the 2000s, each manufacturer had a different type of charger.


In 2007, the Micro USB standard appeared, and chargers, data input and charging gradually began to appear in mobile phones. The possibility of creating a universal charger has been talked about since 2009, when there were about 30 models on the European market and a voluntary agreement was signed between the major mobile phone manufacturers in Europe to harmonize it, Lusa reported this Thursday. fair. However, the iPhone has always had its own notes.

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According to the European Commission, the latest data show that consumers in the European Union spend about 2.4 billion euros annually on chargers, and those that stop working create 11,000 tons of marine debris per year.

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Director’s Cut Death Stranding – Analyzes • Portuguese Gamers



Director's Cut Death Stranding - Analyzes • Portuguese Gamers

Almost two years after the initial release, on November 8, 2019, Kojima Productions is bringing a new version to PlayStation 5 this week. Death stranding… But what are the improvements and Refresh?

The answer is definitely yes, both for new players and those who have already played, especially if they have played on a PlayStation 4 and now have a PlayStation 5 at their disposal. The situation will be weaker if they came from the PC version, as technical improvements are already may be available to some extent on this platform. Nevertheless, we have new content to unveil that will make the most ardent fans visit this world again.

In 2019, our Eduardo Sousa praised the adventure invented by Hideo Kojima – an impressive feat. To get some narrative introduction and opinion on the base game, I recommend reading this analysisas in this text I will focus more on what the new edition brings us. Eduardo concludes by saying that Death Stranding “It’s an amazing game that got us thinking about the meaning of human connections, and it turned out to be the epitome of video games as an art form. Maybe this game is not for everyone, it depends on your tastes. But, in our opinion, it will leave its mark on the industry. ” With the advantage of being in the future, it’s easy to say that Eduardo was completely right.

Shoot cannons? Yes please!

Already on PlayStation 4, Death Stranding looked great, especially on PS4 Pro, as highlighted in Eduardo’s review. However, looking now at screenshots of the original, having already tested the PC version, and now Director’s Cut on PS5 we have a much better game, which obviously contributes to the new Hardware… The PlayStation 5 version, as we are used to, has 2 image modes: performance and accuracy. Performance mode runs at 60fps with step-by-step 4k resolution, while fidelity mode runs at native 4k resolution at 30fps. As it has become a habit on the PlayStation 5, I definitely recommend the Performance Mode, which has fantastic visuals and is much smoother. In the absence of significant differences in images or effects such as ray tracing, it is difficult to recommend precision mode, but we value the choice. It is also possible to activate the picture mode. widescreen, something that was not in the original.

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As for the image, the biggest difference even in the higher resolution textures, in addition to the 60fps smoothness. It’s hard to point a finger, but I also feel like HDR has improved a lot, or maybe other improvements have been made in terms of the color grid. Still on textures, the SSD almost completely eliminates the infamous pop-ups that often happened on the PlayStation 4, dramatically improving the gameplay experience. Sure, instant downloads help a lot too, but we’re so used to it that we hardly notice – only if we open the PS4 version!

To complete the technical improvements to Death Stranding Director’s Cut, we also have regular 3D audio and support for DualSense features. Remember that with firmware The latest version of the console can now enable 3D sound on the TV’s internal speakers (previously only possible with headphones), so this is a great opportunity to try out the functionality as it is a game with a fantastic soundtrack and sound effects. Interacting with BT for the first time in headphones is a fantastic and stressful experience. On the other hand, DualSense is widely used in Death Stranding, which greatly improves immersion as it is detailed but ultimately goes unnoticed. Tactile feedback is felt all the time as Sam walks over the rocks towards different vehicles. On the other hand, tactile triggers make it easier to load balancing with a different dimension and can be customized in the settings.

The new “range of fire” allows us to experiment and improve our skills with different weapons.

Turning to the technical improvements, it is important to note that Death Strading: Director’s Cut not only consists of them, but also added content, both mechanics and narrative, as well as new areas to explore. It’s important to note here that you can transfer the game from PlayStation 4 and explore new content, especially new locations and items. However, they were “inscribed” in the narrative to refresh the experience for those starting from scratch.

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In terms of material content, there are several new weapons, vehicles, and structures. Social networking has also been greatly expanded, adding a dimension of healthy competitiveness with leaderboards that complement existing levels of collaboration to make life easier for others. Porters… Since many people want to introduce new designs such as a motorcycle springboard, they will easily see them in the world if they play online as soon as they gain access to them. Structures and vehicles are fun to navigate, they don’t transform, they end up bringing more content to innovate in delivery and enjoyment. My favorite is Buddy Bot and I’m sure it will be very popular when launched. When it comes to new weapons, we have an extremely useful “Shoot” mode where we can research them and improve our abilities.

As for the competitiveness I mentioned, its apogee is indeed the racetrack, popularized by the trailer for her exposure. This new add-on lets you explore track driving and is a very complete add-on that will be a lot of fun if you’re wondering especially late game

At the level of the narrative, there are no cardinal changes, but there is definitely an expansion of the world that will delight the most curious. Since we have an expanded area, players who have already finished can experience it directly, as well as some new deliveries, and everything has been integrated into the narrative for those starting from the beginning. I won’t go into details, but let’s say we can learn more about some of the events before the game and better understand the role of the BB.


Final opinion:

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut this is exactly what we need for PlayStation 5: an expanded and improved edition of Kojima Productions’ work with all the quality of life improvements expected in the next generation, and some new content, sometimes funny and sometimes important to understand the quirky world of Death Stranding. The enhancements do not leave out those who have already played, and make the experience richer for everyone.

What we like:

  • Flawless performance with improved image quality;
  • Adding content to various areas of the game, from the most “unusual” to the more practical and even narrative and mechanical;
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What we don’t like:

  • We’ve had a few complete locks in the game, although there weren’t many in the pre-release, this is a negative observation.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5 on September 24, 2021 for € 79.99. Perhaps Refresh version for PlayStation 4 for 10 euros.

This review was made on PS5 using code courtesy of PlayStation Portugal.

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Brazilian Game Dandy Ace Coming To Xbox One And Nintendo Switch



Brazilian Game Dandy Ace Coming To Xbox One And Nintendo Switch

Brazilian game Dandy Ace already has a deadline Xbox one and to Nintendo Switch… The game, designed and produced by Mad Mimic, will be released on consoles on September 28, next Tuesday, with a special commemorative DLC that will be completely free.

Dandy Ace is a roguelike game that combines action, quick reflexes and magic, and it’s free for all ages. The game was originally released for PC on March 25 this year on Steam and soon gained critical acclaim.


More details:

Since then, we have been waiting for the console version. The game for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch brings new features and accessories to the adventure of the wizard Ace in addition to all the elements that were already present in the computer name and dubbing in Portuguese, as a way to honor the memory of the project’s supporters.

“The voiceover team has a stellar cast of some of the largest content creators in the world. Brazil, including names such as Eduardo “BRKsEdu” Benvenuti, João Paulo “Patife” Pereira, Luis “Lloga” Guveia, Gabriela “Gaby” Catuzzo, Mete “Mete” Lima and many others, “announced Mad Mimic.

The game is also coming soon for PlayStation 4. Image: Mad Mimic / Publishing

Dandy Ace combines several elements, such as a mysterious procedural world that promises to amaze players with every new move, and a protagonist whose deck of magic cards is equally random. The manufacturer guarantees that the gameplay is “breathtaking” and “it remains interesting from start to finish.”

In honor of the launch of the video game, Mad Mimic announced a special Steam discount and free additional content for those who already own the game. The developer also announced that the version of the game for Playstation 4 will arrive “very soon” along with the highly anticipated soundtrack.

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