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Quintino Ayres Away from Big Brother after Homophobic Attack: Unoccupied Fag – Boil



Quintino Ayres Away from Big Brother after Homophobic Attack: Unoccupied Fag - Boil
Quintino Ayres’ comments on “Big Brother Extra,” which aired on TVI on Tuesday, sparked an outcry on social media as they were deemed homophobic. The psychologist sharply criticized the participant of the reality show Bruno D’Almeida for raising the discussion of discrimination against homosexuals in donating blood in the Assembly of the Republic, and as a result was even removed from the format.

“I think his act is extremely dangerous. He questions the measure of the General Directorate of Health. It is a fact that 15 years ago, homo-oriented people, because they are withdrawn, had more risky behavior than heterosexuals. Because of the serious problem with HIV / AIDS, homo-oriented people have changed their behavior. Today, the risk of infection and promiscuity is more pronounced among heterosexuals. When an irresponsible child appears, an idle queer who thinks he is a hero to end discrimination against homosexuals [na doação de sangue]… That’s not what he went to do, ”he said.

Shortly thereafter, he returned to stir the water, demonstrating his position against the LGBTI + Pride March. “[Os homo-orientados] they still want to show their licentiousness with a march of shame. The march takes place when the vast majority of naked men lick each other, and then the number of infections increases. Anyone who wants to be a wolf does not wear his skin, ”he said.

These words did not go unnoticed and drew thousands of criticisms on social media. The current situation forced TVI to issue a statement that it did not consider the psychologist’s comments, so it chose to deviate from the format.
CM tried to respond to Quintino Aires, who sent in clarifications for later. “I worked and found out about it quite recently. I would like to talk to Cristina Ferreira first, ”he said.

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Friends protect Bruno
Bruno d’Almeida’s friends used social media to voice their position. “It is thanks to the many ‘marches of shame’ that this creature today can tell on television that he is homo-oriented. Because the only orientation we know is ignorance. “

Traumatic childhood
42-year-old contestant Ana Barbosa was relocated in the early hours of closing to the most guarded house in the country, recalling her childhood and adolescence, marked by a lot of suffering. The father was an alcoholic. “I ran away from home when I started drinking again. My father died, thank God. I’m sorry, but it’s true. He was sick and ruined people’s lives, ”she recalled with tears in her eyes. Because of the injuries, Anya felt bitter. “I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I was happy,” he said.

Toxic fascination with the “ex”
Aurora Sousa introduced herself to the Portuguese as lonely, noting that the “toxic relationship” ended earlier. However, “former” Ruben Monteiro denied the accusations, accusing the young woman of lying.

Change of plans
Manuel Luis Gucha, who heads Big Brother with Claudio Ramos, didn’t want to get involved with any other project other than the ones he already had – Gucha, which aired Monday through Friday, and Conta-me on Saturday. … I was planning to spend next Christmas overseas. After being invited by Christina Ferreira, she went back to her original decision and said yes to reality TV.

Christina stayed tense until the end
Christina Ferreira has long worked on the partnership between Manuel Luis Gusha and Claudio Ramos. However, his idea was not unanimous among the TV directors of Media Capital, who discussed all the possibilities until the end of July. Since then, this slogan has been kept secret and kept audiences on their toes until BB’s debut.

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Fall in love again? The possible reason for the breakup of Raquel Prates and Joao Murillo



Fall in love again?  The possible reason for the breakup of Raquel Prates and Joao Murillo

This took the couple’s followers by surprise, especially after nearly 20 years of marriage, 16 of which were husband and wife. At the beginning of the month Raquel Prates e Joao Murillo announced a divorce. The news was originally put forward in the press.and then confirmed by two, through a long statement.

Meanwhile, the businesswoman and the artist will move forward in their lives, but it seems that from Raquel Prates’ side, that may not be the case. According to the magazine new peopleformer presenter maybe you’re already in love.

The same publication says that this was the main reason that the couple decided to put an end to the relationship. The magazine notes that back in May, Raquel Prates appeared at the birthday party of the Bairro Alto Hotel.accompanied by a plastic artist whom he has known for several years“, to whom “expressed his love, saying this even to some of those present“.

The businesswoman may already have a low-key relationship with her new partner, who the magazine says is Juan Carmona, including romantic weekends abroad. However, despite confirmations made new peopleRaquel Prates denied the version presented.

Joao Murillo, in an interview with the aforementioned magazine, also notes that:I no longer have a strict relationship with this case. Everything that could be said has already been said in a joint statement with Raquel Prates, and please don’t bother me with anything else related to this.“.

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“The flag was a disrespect… a sadness…”



Luísa Castel-Branco critica espetáculo de Anitta: “A bandeira foi falta de respeito… uma tristeza…”

Luisa Castel-Branco was this Wednesday, June 29, on “Dois at 10” along with Antonio Bravo and Gonzalo Quinas to comment on the latest celebrity news.

One of the topics covered was Anitta’s “controversial” concert at Rock in Rio Lisboa last Sunday, June 26th.

Luisa Castel-Branco left some criticism about Anitta holding the Spanish flag during the show, but not only.

“The flag was disrespectful, here it works in relation to Spain, as it works in France in relation to Belgium (…) no one would remember in Spain, at a concert, picking up the Portuguese flag, they would not leave alive”started talking.

Also read: Anitta “reacts” to the controversy after taking the stage at Rock In Rio with a Spanish flag.

As for the concert itself, the writer repeated: “I think the flag is sad, I think the reproduction… deserves more, that’s what I say, Iveta Sangalo, 50 years old and I don’t know how old, sings there. But the criticism of the clothes: the gentleman who was there before was naked and no one complained.”ended, finally, with a speech in defense of Anitta.

Watch the moment here.

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Never-before-seen footage of Carolina Loureiro partying with a few friends



Never-before-seen footage of Carolina Loureiro partying with a few friends

Carolina Loureiro celebrated another birthday last Thursday, June 23rd. However, the celebration of the date took place only this weekend, at a special meeting of friends.

Along with some of his closest friends, among whom also stand out are a few colleagues such as actors. Diogo Valsassina, Bruna Quintas, Fernando Pires, Guilherme Mouraor more Luis Garcia e Joana Duartelife giving actress Nazareth and novella’Honeymoonbeamed as he shared some photos from the party.

Thank you friends for the 30th anniversary Love you all“, the actress wrote in the caption of a post she made on Instagram, which was once again filled with comments for the actress, many of whom took the opportunity to once again wish the actress a happy birthday.

It was amazing, thanks“, He wrote Joao Mansarra which, despite not being in the photographs, indicates that he was also one of the guests. “Pretty. you deserve“, “You are wonderful“, “These photos have brought radiance to our day and a huge smile to our hearts!“, or “You deserve all the best and the very best“, are other examples of common reactions.

What is not in the photos! Georgina Rodriguez shared a unique video of Cristianoinho’s birthday in Mallorca

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