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Politicians and union leaders discuss the future of the union movement at the 3rd CSB convention



Crédito: Pixabay

The CSB (Central dos Syndicatos Brasileiros) is opening its 3rd Congress this Thursday (September 16) with the theme Stronger Unions, a fairer Brazil. The event, which runs until Saturday (September 18), will be completely virtual due to the pandemic. Big names from the political and trade union world are participating.

“This year, we were challenged not only to define the direction of CSB and the more than 5 million employees it represents, but also to do so at one of the most serious and difficult times ever experienced by humanity and, undoubtedly, our generation. ”, Says Antonio Neto, President of CSB. “This is an opportunity to collectively rethink the future of not only our organization, but the entire trade union movement and society.”

On the first day, in addition to the approval of the rules of the congress and internal debates, the grand opening will take place from 18:00 with a live broadcast on the social networks of CSB and Antonio Neto.

The live broadcast Neto will host the ceremonies and will feature names such as: Alessandro Molon, Federal MP (PSB-RJ), Antonio Anastasia, Senator (PSD-MG), Carlos Lupi, PDT National President, Celso Amorim, former Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs, Eduardo Moreira, Economist and Creator of the 70% Somoza Movement, Geraldo Alcmin, Former Governor of São Paulo (PSDB), Joenia Vapisana, First Federal MP for Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (Rede-RR), Juliana Brizola , State Deputy (PDT-RS), Marcio France, Former Governor of São Paulo (PSB), and Roberto Freire, National President for Citizenship, among others. Presidents of other major union centers are also online: Sergio Nobre (CUT), Miguel Torres (Força Sindical), Ricardo Patah (UGT), Jose Reginaldo Inacio (NCST) and Adilson Araujo (CTB).

On Friday (17.09) from 10 am there will be four online tables. Debates will discuss topics such as recent attacks on Brazilian workers, relations with parliament, states and municipalities, and Brazilian development projects. Among the guests are Ciro Gomes and other prominent national politicians.

On Saturday (18.09) there will be a plenary session without internet connection, for delegates only. At the same time, a vote will be held on amendments to the law, the drafting of management reports and the election of the National Executive and Tax Council. It will also approve political, social, economic and union action statements that will shape the work of the CSB over the next few years.
Since August, the CSB has also held four preparatory workshops for its 3rd Congress with the participation of eminent political, legal, economic and trade union figures. Events (about 25 hours of content) can be viewed at Youtube

3rd CSB Congress
When: September 16-18
Where: and

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What you need to know about party loyalty in the 2022 elections



Cynthia Teixeira Pereira Carneiro Lafeta. PHOTO: DISCLOSURE

Amendment to the Constitution No. 111 of September 28, 2021 had one of the goals of strengthening political parties and party coalitions, giving constitutional status to the issue of party loyalty. The above amendment added § 6 to Art. 17 of the 1988 Constitution of the Republic, which provides that federal, state, and district deputies, as well as councilors who have resigned from the party from which they were elected, lose their mandate, except with the consent of the party or other presumption of good cause established by law. This reform represents an achievement for society and an important step towards strengthening the political legend.

However, concern about the migration of parliamentarians to political parties is more recent, as after the re-establishment of a multi-party system after the two-party system of the war period, parliamentarians left their parties to join other political parties.

As an example, if we consider the four legislatures prior to the adoption of the 1988 Constitution (1983-86, 1987-90, 1991-94 and 1995-98), which marked a turbulent political stage of redemocratization, approximately 30% of parliamentarians who passed through The Chamber of Deputies changed parties at least once. During this period, there were six hundred and eighty-six parliamentarians who migrated from party to party, and given that some of these parties changed parties more than once in the same legislature, there were a total of eight hundred and twelve migrations.

The exorbitant numbers cited have led to the weakening of the Brazilian political parties, as well as serious uncertainty regarding the retention of the mandate, in addition to an act of disloyalty towards the voter, who often votes for candidates due to the legend and party programs and proposals.

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Only on the basis of TSE Regulation No. 22.610 of 2017 of the Higher Electoral Court (TSE), the political party concerned, the Electoral Public Ministry or any other person with a legitimate interest can apply to the Electoral Court for an order to remove an elective office as a result of leaving the party without good reason , despite the fact that the representative had the right to argue in his favor for good reasons listed in § 1 of Art. 1 of the above resolution, namely, amalgamation or merger of a party, creation of a new party, material change or repeated deviation from the program of the party and serious personal discrimination, while the TSE has the competence to consider and consider a request related to a federal mandate, and the Electoral Court of the relevant state in other cases.

After eight years of the TSE Decree No. 22,610, on September 29, 2015, Law No. 13,165, known as the “Mini Electoral Reform”, was adopted, which led to new situations that could be a valid reason for leaving the party, since, in addition to change or repeated deviation from the program of the party and serious personal political discrimination, a new hypothesis was added, called “windows”, allowing the holder of an electoral mandate to change the party within 30 (thirty) days preceding the membership period required by law to participate in elections, majoritarian or proportional, for any good reason.

Thus, considering that Art. 9 of the Electoral Law – Law no. 9,504 of September 30, 1997 establishes a minimum membership period of six months before the election date, which means that the “window” created by Law no. 13,165 must fall exactly thirty days before the specified six months.

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The rule to change political party during an elective term was also the subject of an Unconstitutionality Action – ADI No. 5081 in respect of cases of party loyalty in proportional or majoritarian electoral mandates, which was concluded by the vote of Minister Rapporteur Luis Roberto Barroso that such a rule would only apply to holders of proportional electoral mandates, an understanding that has remained enshrined in precedent 67 of the TSE.

And on March 13, 2018, after consultation with federal deputy Fernando Francischini, the Plenum of the Supreme Electoral Court – TSE positioned itself in the sense that the “party window” referred to in Art. 22-A, paragraph III, of Law no. terms that expire in 2024 may be given the right to withdraw from their political parties without good cause in order to run in the upcoming 2022 elections.

Thus, the deadline for the possible relocation of a political party without a valid reason to participate in the 2022 elections by those who already have a proportional electoral mandate came between March 3 and April 1 of this year, and after this date the so-called party window. Exceptions are made for deputies of city councils, federal, state and district deputies, who can withdraw from the party from which they were elected without losing their mandate in cases of party consent or if there is a good reason established in the above legislation.

The legal, political and social significance of the constitutional amendment No. 111 regarding party loyalty is emphasized, since the place that a deputy occupies can never be considered a personal achievement, being the result of collective political work in which the party participates. leaders, candidates, and supporters, given that to calculate the party coefficient, all votes are counted for the party and not for the individual candidate, and yet such infidelity also resonates with voters as they voted for a candidate who believes in the ideology and platform being protected.

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Thus, in none of the cases described, the migration of a political party will be calculated for the purpose of distributing funds from the party fund or other state funds and free access to radio and television, since this is a constitutionally guaranteed right to political parties, and not to parliamentarians, which indicates progress achieved at the political level with the adoption of the Constitutional Amendment No. 111, adopted on September 28, 2021.

*Cynthia Teixeira Pereira Carneiro Lafeta is a lawyer, holds a Master of Laws degree from the Classical University of Lisbon, and Professor of Law at Newton Paiva, Promove and Faminas Faculties of Law.

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Readers comment panel with political content and fake news in RS – 14.08.2022 – Reader’s panel



Readers comment panel with political content and fake news in RS - 14.08.2022 - Reader's panel

It is absolutely ridiculous that an advertising agency should accept this role (“Giant panel on September 7 in Porto Alegre associates the left with criminals and the CCP,” Politika, 13/8). Even more ridiculous is that the building manager authorized the broadcast. In any case, even if the panel is removed, the author’s goal is achieved: a message on computer screens all over Brazil.

Danilo Meira (Riberan Pires, SP)

There are no lies in this panel.

Felipe Teixeira (Sao Paulo-SP)

The route is wrong. It’s about life, but celebrates death. He is in favor of the police, but allows the PCC to buy guns legally and cheaply. PCC no longer need to trade weapons, just buy them from the store. He’s all for order, but he’s already had a drug dealing scandal in Spain on the presidential plane. He is for freedom, but likes to censor, telling journalists to shut up.

Lucy Spark (Bauru, IP)

Letter, Acts and Ze Pequeno
It’s funny to see Bolsonarist’s reasoning (“Bolsonaro compares a pro-democracy act to a letter against drugs signed by Zé Pequeno”, “Politics”). They call themselves Democrats and want to end the STF. They say they are defending democracy, but if they don’t win the election, they won’t accept it. They declare themselves democrats, but call for the liquidation of opposing parties and the arrest of rivals. They talk about democracy but call for a military government and the closure of Congress. And his “myth” ridicules action for democracy. It would be comical if not tragic.

Andre Ribeiro dos Santos (Bar Mansa, R.J.)

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In a country of 220 million people, wanting to impose on people the idea that a pamphlet written by old jerks and signed by just under a million people (most of whom don’t even know what it’s about) represents the mindset of the majority calling Brazilians idiots. Besides, stop this democratic rule of law business, that’s more like a Casas Bahia slogan.

Paulo Roberto A. Lima (Belo Horizonte, Massachusetts)

When the gods want to destroy someone, they begin by depriving him of his mind. Bolsonaro is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, in despair.

Soraya T. Colmenares (Caxias do Sul, RS)

If Bolsonaro bothers to comment, it is only because he fears the consequences.

Renata de Souza Carvalho (Sao Paulo-SP)

As a USP Law School graduate and former 11 de Agosto academic, I support the “ipsis litteris” manifestations in the arcades. There is no doubt that they sought to defend democracy. I was born during the Vargas dictatorship, I lived in a period of so-called freedom between 1945 and 1964, always with coup demonstrations, until 1961, when Janio Cuadros resigned, when I served the country in the army, and I have no doubt that those in power trying to ignore the Constitution.

Carlos Gonçalves de Faria (Sao Paulo-SP)

writer stabbed to death
With a lack of education (the widest!) religious fanaticism persists (“Salman Rushdie must have lost an eye and got shot in the arm and liver,” agent says, Illustrated, 8/13)!

Antonio Alencar (Brazilia DF)

You can’t always live in a security bubble. In this case, she clearly relaxed. The killer even introduced himself by name: Hadi Matar.

Jose Cardoso (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

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Those who believe in the minimum state are mistaken, this figuration only works for rich and small countries (“Sanitary PPP should reach a record in 2022, two years after the adoption of the new legal framework”, Mercado, 13/8). Brazil still needs strong government intervention to allocate large resources to health care and education. There will be no private initiative that will eliminate inequality and ensure social development! The private conceives profit in terms of capital, while the state conceives it in terms of the public, in the citizen. PPP according to this model of Minister Guedes only increases inequality and poverty.

Moises Gama (Sao Paulo-SP)

marvelous, Sheet spreading a good deed by the current government! And without the opposing “but” in the middle of the news.

Daniel Poco (Sao Paulo-SP)

The Pain of a Refugee
I can’t even imagine the feeling of emptiness and innocence of this girl in a country with a different culture, language and customs from her own, in addition to the immense nostalgia she must feel for her family (“I decided to kill myself if I was kidnapped by the Taliban – says an Afghan refugee photographer in SP, Mir, 8/13) But on the other hand, it’s good that you were accepted in Brazil, maybe you can rethink and redo your life and projects.

Geiza Chagas (Fortaleza, CE)

Religious people generally condemn suicide. Any suffering in the so-called spiritual world should not be worse than the situation of a woman who fell under the influence of the Taliban.

Wanderlei W. Ribeiro (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

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Variola and Ira
Severe violence perpetrated against monkeys by stoning and poisoning them because of the association of the name “monkey pox” with the disease, as happened in 2019 with the yellow fever outbreak in J., requires concerted action by the press to help spread the right message. information and help protect these animals. Society is very cruel and aggression towards animals is nothing but an expression of this violence, using misinformation as an excuse for fear of illness.

Tatiana Tavares da Silva (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

Abandoned house woman
If Queiroz, who always appeared at barbecues and meetings, was not found, imagine this woman who lived underground (“Brazilian justice investigated Margarida Bonetti for 5 years, but never found her”, Daily Life, 8/13).

Fernando Coli (American, joint venture)

Crime is prescribed and media scoop is rampant. To arouse popular hatred for someone who at the moment owes nothing to anyone or to Justice (I repeat, a crime is prescribed) indicates a deplorable use of journalism for sensational purposes. Leave the old woman with her problems.

Guy Milani (Holambra, JV)

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Joao Leao will become the political godfather of a musician known behind the scenes in Bahia.




Published on 14.08.2022 at 11:34 Photo: Dinaldo Silva/BNews Bnews newsroom

The Lieutenant Governor of the State of Bahia and federal candidate Joao Leão (PP) has decided to support the candidacy of a musician who has achieved success thanks to big names in Bahia’s popular songbook and carnival.

Born in Serrinha, in the countryside, the musician left industries such as music for axe and today devoted himself to gospel music, a move he took before joining the Progressive Party and trying his luck in public life.

Sandro Narizeu, known as Sanfoneiro de Jesus, is 49 years old and started his musical career as a keyboard player at the age of 18, working with big names in Bahian music like Banda Mel, Baby do Brasil, Sarajane and others.

Narizeu indicates that he wants to delve deeper into his candidacy’s conservative agendas by raising banners such as protecting the family, which is heavily defended by the Brazilian right and far right sectors.

Sandro Noceu and Joao Leo

“Now I’m really starting to play a more solid role in society. The time has come for change, and in all these changes I carry my biggest and most important banner: the family,” says Sandro, who will be a candidate for the federal government and also his political godfather.

Follow him tik tak do bnews and stay up to date with the news.

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