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Is it possible to make up for a missed dream? science answers



Dand according to World Sleep Day statistics, as reported in an article published on CNN, sleep problems are “a global epidemic that threatens the health and quality of life of up to 45% of the world’s population.”

However, many believe that you can get rid of this sleep deficit by getting a good night or two, and maybe a whole week. And if we tell you that everything is wrong …

Even for young people, new research has shown that rest is not something to compensate for from time to time.

Scientific work has shown that thirteen people in their 20s who slept 30% less than necessary for 10 nights did not fully recover most of their cognitive processes after seven nights of unrestricted sleep to recover, explains an article published on CNN.

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“This is a well-conducted, albeit small, multi-measure study to investigate the effects of partial sleep deprivation — primarily a study of sleep duration using pulse actigraphy, EEG changes, and cognitive function,” said physician Bhanu Prakash Kolla, a sleep specialist. medicine at the Mayo Clinic Sleep Medicine Center in Rochester, Minnesota, USA.

Add: “Reaction time improved in seven days and returned to baseline, while other cognitive tasks, including accuracy, did not fully recover.”

“The study found that there are things like memory and mental processing speed that cannot be restored that quickly,” Southern California-based sleep specialist Raj Dasgupta, assistant professor of clinical medicine at the University’s Keck School of Medicine, told CNN.

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“Certainly most of the loss of sleep can be recovered, but there are things you just won’t recover quickly,” Dasgupta said.

“This is why it is so important not to have sleep debts at all.”

According to experts, the main thing is to avoid insomnia and not rest for at least seven hours a day.

Previous research

Other studies have shown that chronic lack of sleep affects the ability to concentrate, learn, be creative, solve problems and make decisions.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, staying awake for just 18 hours can impair your ability to drive, as if you had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05%. 24 hours without sleep is equivalent to 0.10% (well above the US legal driving limit of 0.08%).

However, a 2017 survey found that healthy middle-aged adults who slept poorly for just one night overproduce the amyloid-beta protein responsible for the characteristic plaques in Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia.

A study in June this year also found that older adults with insomnia and waking up regularly at night are at increased risk of developing dementia or premature death from any cause.

CNN notes that sleep deficit is also associated with a higher risk of a host of diseases, including hypertension, weakened immunity, obesity, lack of libido, mood swings, paranoia, depression, and an increased risk of diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and more. some types of cancer.

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World War II plane found in Indian Himalayas 77 years after crash



A C-46 transport ship, flying from Kunming, South China, was flying with 13 people on board when it disappeared in the midst of a storm in the mountainous state of Arunachal Pradesh in the first week of 1945.

“Nothing more was heard about the plane. He just disappeared,” explained Clayton Cooles, an American adventurer who led the mission at the request of the son of one of the crash victims.

The expedition lasted several months, during which Kuhles and a team of local guides crossed rivers, covering their chests, and set up camp in the cold. Three guides died of hypothermia early in the mission during a snowstorm.

After all, the team found the plane on a snow-covered mountain last month and were able to identify the fuselage from the number on the plane’s tail. There were no human remains on the ship.

Bill Scherer, an orphaned son who asked for a mission, said he was “happy just to know where” his father was. “It’s sad but also joyful,” he told AFP in an email sent from New York.

“I grew up without a father. All I think about is my poor mother receiving a telegram and learning that my father is missing and she must stay with me, a 13-month-old child, ”he added.

Hundreds of US military aircraft disappeared from operations in India, China, and Myanmar during World War II, either due to attacks by Japanese forces or weather conditions.

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Early treatment can curb peanut allergy in young children



“Finding safe and effective treatment options is critical to improving the quality of life of these children, many of whom will have allergies for life,” said Wesley Burks, one of the researchers at the University of North Carolina.

According to this North American study published in The Lancet, which involved children aged 0 to 3 years, this two and a half year oral treatment of addiction resulted in allergy remission within five years. old child.

Six months after the end of this long-term treatment, these children were able to tolerate the equivalent of 16 peanuts.

Moreover, in almost three-quarters of the children, the treatment resulted in desensitization, i.e., a plateau below the remission level.

The children were able to tolerate a dose corresponding to 16 peanuts when administered immediately after the end of treatment.

“Children who went into remission were mostly in the younger group, with children under one year of age getting the best results” at the start of the study, said Stacey Jones, another researcher at the University of Arkansas Health Sciences.

Intervening too early gives a better chance of remission, according to a scientist cited by The Lancet.

“However, only a small number of children under the age of one year participated in the study, so more research is needed,” he added.

Other studies already done have pointed in the same direction, but this work stands out for its length.

According to a study, peanut allergy occurs in 2% of children in Western countries.

These children should avoid eating this legume, and in case of accidental exposure, they should be given an injection of adrenaline to combat anaphylactic shock.

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Without treatment, the most sensitive children may even suffer from indirect exposure, such as being kissed by a person who has eaten peanuts.

The study included 146 children aged 0 to 3 years with peanut allergy, 96 of whom received the equivalent of six peanuts per day of peanut protein powder.

An additional 50 children received an oatmeal placebo to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.

The fixed dose to measure remission and desensitization was about 16 peanuts.

Remission occurred in twenty children in the treatment group compared to one in the placebo group, while desensitization occurred in 68 children in the treatment group compared to one in the placebo group.

Although they could not tolerate the dose of 16 peanuts to achieve remission, twenty other children were able to tolerate the equivalent of six to 12 peanuts six months after treatment.

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Morreu Elza Soares



A cantora brasileira Elza Soares morreu esta quinta-feira, aos 91 anos, em sua casa, no Rio de Janeiro. A informação foi avançada pela agência de comunicação da artista.

“É com muita tristeza e pesar que informamos o falecimento da cantora e compositora Elza Soares, aos 91 anos, às 15:45 em sua casa, no Rio de Janeiro, por causas naturais”, foi partilhado na página oficial de Instagram da artista.

Elza Soares nasceu a 23 de junho de 1930, na favela de Moça Bonita, no seio de uma família muito pobre. A sua vida foi marcada pela luta e pela superação das dificuldades, tendo-se tornado numa inspiração para as mulheres negras do Brasil e do Mundo.

A artista, que “cantou até o fim”, costumava dizer que as suas dificuldades tinham feito como que já tivesse vivido várias vidas numa só, lembra o site brasileiro Veja.

Começou a sua carreira no samba, no final da década de 1950. Durante a sua carreira lançou 34 discos, em que além do género mais popular da cultura brasileira, também cantou outros ritmos como jazz, hip hop, e até mesmo música eletrónica. Mesmo aos 91 anos, Elza Soares editou músicas novas e tinha também um concerto marcado para o dia 3 de fevereiro na Casa Natura, em São Paulo.

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