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Informal Template – PC CE – Position: Inspector – Portuguese



Informal Template - PC CE - Position: Inspector - Portuguese

Dear Students,

Here are my comments from the test Portuguese PC CE for or for Inspector.

We will wait for the publication of the official review from the organizer and, if there are significant discrepancies, we will offer the appropriate resources.

Strong hugs and success!

Jose Maria

Professor Jose Maria
Instagram: @professorjosemaria
– Telegram:
– YouTube: / Professorjosemaria

  1. For Samira Bueno, Executive Director of the Brazilian Public Safety Forumthe perception that cops are heroes makes them more vulnerable and contributes to an increase in the number of deaths. (lines 2 and 3)

If we represent the underlined segment at the point above with the code {> X [X(Xy(Xy))]}, segment code “Sociologist Paule Poncioni, UFRJ researcher (line 16) ” will keep the same logic if it is composed like this:

A) {> X [Xy]}.
B) {> Xy [X(Xy)]}.
C) {> X [X(yX)]}.
D) {> XX [Xy(Xy)]}.
E) {> XX [X(X)]}.

Informal template: letter E

The “>” character denotes the “To” preposition, which controls the entire isolated segment, enclosed in quotation marks.

The X stands for nouns.
The “y” symbol denotes adjectives associated with their corresponding nouns.
The articles do not appear to be presented separately. They agglutinate with nouns marked with the letter “X”.

To indicate the subordination of the explanatory rates, they are highlighted in square brackets.
To indicate the subordination of the proposed additions, they are enclosed in parentheses.

Let’s now analyze the passage “Sociologist Paule Poncioni, researcher at UFRJ“:

– The entire passage must be enclosed in quotation marks. The preposition “To” must be marked with a “>”. As long as we have {>…}.

– The term “sociologist” consists of an article and a noun. Therefore, we must designate it with the letter “X”. So far we have {> X…}.

– The term “Paula Poncioni” is a noun. Therefore, we must designate it with the letter “X”. So far we have {> XX…}.

– Next, we have an explanatory affix, which must be enclosed in square brackets. As long as we have {> XX [ … ] }.

– The term “researcher” is a noun. Therefore, we must designate it with the letter “X”. As long as we have {> XX [ X … ] }.

– Next, we have a pre-installed add-on that needs to be enclosed in parentheses. As long as we have {> XX [ X ( … ) ] }.

– The term “from UVRZh” has a meaningful core. Therefore, we must designate it with the letter “X”.

– Therefore, we have {> XX [ X ( X ) ] }, the variant is represented by the letter E.

  1. “Professional training is permeated with the beliefs, values ​​and prejudices of the belief system. what is the police, what is a criminal, what is a woman, what is a minor and what is a black“indicates that. (lines 22 and 23)

    In the sequence underlined in the above period, the terms “police, criminal, woman, minor and negro”:

    A) adjective, adjective, adjective, noun, noun.
    B) adjective, adjective, adjective, adjective, adjective.
    C) noun, noun, noun, adjective, adjective.
    D) noun, noun, noun, noun, noun.
    E) noun, adjective, noun, adjective, noun.

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Informal template: letter D

We have a sequence of nouns, listing of creatures / characters.

  1. Sociologist Paule Poncioni, researcher at UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), learning failure
    are one of the factors explaining the work of the police. (lines 16 and 17)

    São Paulo State Police Ombudsman Eliseu Soares Lopez says he considers the police training to be very good, but points out the need for reinforcements. (lines 24 and 25)

    From reading the above periods, it can be concluded that

    A) UFRJ employs more than one researcher and more than one Ombudsman in the São Paulo State Police.
    B) in the first period, the tone is impressionistic; in the second – reasoned.
    C) in the first period there is a narrated fact; in the second, a protected opinion.
    D) the first period, in contrast to the second, is built with an indication of the cause-and-effect relationship.
    E) both periods are built according to opposite mechanisms.

Informal template: letter D

Letter A – WRONG – Just by reading the dots, it is impossible to tell that there is more than one researcher and more than one ombudsman. In theory, they could be the only ones. There are no textual barriers to this.

Letter B – WRONG – in both periods there is a simple exposure of third party opinions.

Letter C – WRONG – As previously mentioned, there is a simple statement of third party views in both periods.

Letter D – CERTA – Indeed! In the first period, one of the reasons for police work is poor training. In the second period, there is a relationship of contrast, not causality.

Letter E – WRONG – There are no antiheses in either the first or the second period.

  1. As for the correct conclusions from reading the text, analyze the following statements:

    I. In 2020, a contradiction arose between the pandemic scenario and the escalation of police deaths.
    II. One of the ideas presented is that there is no prejudice in the country, and the argument for this is that more blacks die because they make up a larger percentage of the population.
    III. In the Brazilian social context, police deaths occur as a result of actions provoked by external elements.

    check mark
    A) if only statements I and II are true.
    B) if only statements I and III are true.
    C) if only statements II and III are true.
    D) if all statements are true.
    E) if none of the statements are correct.

Informal template: letter A

I – Right – Indeed! Although fewer people were circulating due to the pandemic, the number of police killed increased.

II – Correct – this is the opinion of the interviewed police officer. More blacks are dying, he said, as they are in the majority.

III – Wrong. One of the reasons mentioned in the text is that police officers feel like heroes and react to any situation. This is very evident in the passage: “They tend to react to any situation because of the fantastic idea that you are a police officer 24 hours a day.” Thus, we cannot reduce the deaths of police officers to the actions of external elements.

  1. “There is often a curriculum adapted to the national matrix, but no qualified teachersthe classes are full of prejudice, ”says the author of Become a Police Officer (Editora Appris). (lines 17 and 18)

    Check the option where, when the underlined segment was changed in the above period, the grammatical correction was retained regardless of the value change.

    A) don’t look for qualified teachers
    B) there will be no qualified teachers
    C) there can be no qualified teachers
    D) there should be no qualified teachers
    E) there should be no qualified teachers

Informal template: letter B

There is a pronominal placement error in the letters A and E. The unstressed oblique pronoun “if” must precede the verb, since it is attracted by the proclisis factor “no”.

There is a matching error in the letters C and D. The impersonal construction “may be” should be used in the letter C; and “must exist” in the letter D, so there is agreement with “qualified teachers”.

The letter B is correct. The plural form “must exist” corresponds to the subject “qualified teachers”.

  1. Last year, 194 police officers were killed in the country. and 63% of them were black… (line 1)

    Note the alternative where grammar correction was NOT done when the underlined segment was changed in the above period. Don’t take into account the change in meaning.

    A) and 0.98% of them said they were black
    B) and 1.89% of the population said they were black.
    C) and the fifth said he was black
    D) and 42% of the population said they were black
    E) and two-seventh of them said they were black

Informal template: letter B

All constructions have score plots. There are two possibilities for matching: either with a partitive expression or with a partitive expression specifier.

In the case of the letter B, both “1.89” and “population” result in a singular change in the verb. Therefore, it is necessary to use the singular form “said”.

  1. segment That Blacks Are the Biggest Victims of Violence (line 14) plays a syntactic role

    A) nominal set.
    B) an indirect object.
    C) adverbial appendage.
    D) adnominal supplement.
    E) direct object

Informal template: letter C

This is a subject subordinate adverb.

  1. “Professional training is eywada beliefs, values ​​and prejudices of the system of ideas about what the police are, what is criminal, what is a woman, what is a minor, and what is black, ”he notes. (lines 22 and 23)

    The underlined word at the above point is related to the semantic field

    B) intensity.
    C) impurity.
    D) crystalline.
    E) origin.

Pattern: Letter C

The word eiva comes from eiva, which means stain, pollution, vice, imperfection, impurity.

  1. Note the option in which the specified term has the same syntactic function as “illegal” (line 9).

    A) police officer (line 4)
    B) due to a pandemic (line 5)
    C) provided by a corporation (line 12)
    D) UFRJ Researcher (line 16)
    E) 2014 edition (lines 27 and 28)

Informal template: letter A

The term “illegal” serves as a predictor of “beak”.

In the letter A, the “policeman” plays the role of a predicate. Note that it is accompanied by a connecting verb.
In the letter B “due to a pandemic” is an adverbial addendum to a place.
In the C, “provided by a corporation” is a subordinate clause added to the word “work” – an abbreviated adjective restrictive clause.
The letter D contains the explanatory term “UFRJ researcher”.
In the E, “revised in 2014” is a subordinate clause added to “version” – an abbreviated explanatory adjective.

ten. The course schedule, for example, specifies that applicants have access to a 14-hour module of diversity classes. ethno-racial… (lines 28-30).

Note the option in which the term underlined in the dot above is correctly changed in the plural.

A) ethno-racial
B) ethno-racial
C) ethno-racial
D) etnicorraciais
D) ethno-racial

Informal template: letter B

It is a complex adjective formed by two adjectives: ethnic and racial. Therefore, you must use a hyphen.

When we have compound adjectives formed by an adjective and an adjective, only the latter changes gender and number. Hence, the plural is “ethnic-racial”.

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