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In the end, how far the sales of Worms and Nuno Tavares lost to Benfica



In the end, how far the sales of Worms and Nuno Tavares lost to Benfica

Benfica officially announced in its annual report and accounts the amounts included in the sales of Franco Cervi to Celte d Vigo, Nuno Tavares to Arsenal and Pedrinho to Shakhtar Donetsk.

Thus, Cervi immediately earned, according to the annual report, 4.5 million euros, with an additional 1.5 million euros planned, depending on the goals, and could increase the transfer amount to six million. In addition, Benfica deferred 20 percent of future capital gains.

Nuno Tavares, on the other hand, earned 8 million euros for Benfica for moving to Arsena, and Pedrinho – 18 million euros for moving to Shakhtar Donetsk.

The annual report also mentions that at the end of last season, Benfica received an additional 3.6 million euros from Ruben Diaz’s transfer to achieve several previously set goals, bringing the amount allocated for the sale of the center to a total of 71.6 million. Euro. million euros.

Raul de Thomas also earned another million euros thanks to the goals he achieved.

Benfica also reports that Carlos Vinicius’ loans to Tottenham and Florentino Monaco brought in 3 million and 1.5 million euros, respectively, these amounts are included in the calculation for the last season.

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BALL – “I didn’t deserve to be eliminated” (SC Braga)



BALL - "I didn't deserve to be eliminated" (SC Braga)

SC Braga visits the defending champions’ stadium and Carlos Carvalhal acknowledges that the match against Alvalade is a challenge of great importance for the warriors.

Sporting are in a good moment and have not yet lost at home, we are waiting for a strong team that interprets every moment of the game well. We go with the same ambitions, not being afraid of the opponent,” the coach of the “warriors” emphasized at the start of the game against the “lions”.

Carvalhal is confident that the team will respond well to Sporting, despite the fact that he will not be able to sit on the bench due to suspension. The coach regrets not following the team directly, but assures Braga have a well-defined strategy. “I have a very divided leadership and I put a lot of responsibilities on assistants. Both Joao Mario and Sergio and Orlando are very attached to the team and will do everything to help the players achieve a good result,” he said.

Carvalhal is unhappy with the removal of Maritimo. “I support what I said after the game. I didn’t insult anyone or be rude to anyone. I just told the referee to balance the game. I felt some injustice not only because of my exclusion, but also because at that time I always had a preventive attitude towards refereeing, not commenting on the work of arbitrators in any way. He didn’t even deserve to be expelled.”

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Seferovic left Aroca Benfica: find out the reason



Seferovic left Aroca Benfica: find out the reason

Pedro Miguel Azevedo / Marco Gonçalves


The Swiss did not go to Aroca due to a leg injury, but should recover for Boavista

Nelson Verissimo will not be counting on Haris Seferovic’s contribution in the match at home to Arouka this Friday afternoon. Since the previous match, Moreirense’s reception, the striker was left out of the Eagles due to a leg injury.

As far as it was possible to determine, the problem that now slowed down Seferovic does not seem serious, but in the coming hours the striker will be re-evaluated in order to better see the situation. In any case, everything points to the available evidence that the Swiss player is in a position to return to the Verissimo options already at the next appointment on the agenda: the clash with Boavista on Tuesday in Leiria, counting on the final four League Cups. .

Without Seferovic’s input, Darwin, Yaremchuk and Goncalo Ramos were forwards called by the coach. Everton are already on the roster of players who have recovered from covid-19 after going through a mandatory lockdown period. The Brazilian winger missed the previous match with Moreirense, but is now preparing to return to the main squad.

Back to the Eagles’ decisions, winger Gil Diaz and midfielder Taarabt are also included, while Meite was also not taken into account compared to the previous round. Svilar, Ferro, Gedson and Radonich are other players not called up by Nelson Verissimo. The Serbian winger is already in good shape and trained with his colleagues on the pitch yesterday after a muscle injury that has kept him out of action since November 19, but he could even leave Benfica this month.

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BALL – Barcelona say goodbye to the Spanish Cup (Spain)



BALL - Barcelona say goodbye to the Spanish Cup (Spain)

Athletic Bilbao will move forward in the Copa del Rey after a 3-2 home win over Barcelona after a tight game that was only resolved in extra time (2-2 after 90 minutes).

Cathedral there was a scene of great play, blessed with rain, when the players at home showed early what they were going to do: two minutes later, Iker Muniain delivered a superb cross from Nico Williams at speed to the right of the attack, which, shall we say, during the game was Jordi Alba’s headache.

Barcelona reacted well, and in the middle of the first half equalized with Ferran Torres – he made his debut by scoring in the second game for blue grain – Busquets pass, Xavi’s only dangerous game for the entire first half, although he had more possession of the ball (63.6%).

In the second half, the game was more balanced, but At Bilbao continued to be the sharpest team in attack, and in the 87th minute, Íñigo Martinez took advantage of the rebound in the penalty area. The fans were already celebrating when Pedri poured a bucket of cold water over their heads, restoring the tie at 90+3 minutes and sending the game into extra time.

With an extra half hour, aside from blaming the players for physical fatigue, given the intensity of the 90-minutes, neither team seemed willing to take the risk. But for the third time in the match “At” from Bilbao took the lead: Iker Muniain converted a penalty (105+2′), punishing the hand of Jordi Alba. Barça were still drawing their last breath, but the history of the game had already been written.

Thus, Atlético Bilbao joins Real Madrid, Mallorca, Rayo Vallecano, Valencia, Betis, Real Sociedad and Cadiz in the group of teams that have already reached the quarter-finals.

Watch the game movie below.

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Game over. Barcelona falls into Cathedral and say goodbye to the King’s Cup

120+1: Iker Muniain (Atletico Bilbao) gets a yellow card.

Three more minutes will be played.

119′: Yellow card for Inaki Williams (Atletico Bilbao) for cutting the ball with his hand.

117′: Replacement At. Bilbao. Peru Nolascoin comes on for Mikel Vesga.

114′: Alex Berenguer (Ath. Bilbao) nearly scored but was flagged offside.

110′: Substitution at At Bilbao: Nico William makes way for Oyer Sarraga.

109′: Braithwaite is flagged for offside. Barcelona are doing everything they can to get back on track.

107′: Feran Torres (Barcelona) is flagged for offside.

106′: At Bilbao substitution: Oscar de Marcos leaves for Iñigo Lecue.

106′: The game has restarted.

Extension interval.

105+3′: Substitution at Barcelona: Pedri is leaving and Martin Braithwaite comes on.

105+2′: Golo to Ath. Bilbao (3-2): Iker Muniain scores from the penalty spot. Ball one way, Ter Stegen the other.

105+1′: This is a penalty for At Bilbao. Yellow card for Jordi Alba.

Three more minutes of release will be played.

105′: The referee will consult with VAR regarding Jordi Alba’s alleged miscut.

104′: Frenkie de Jong (Barcelona) is booked for a foul on De Marcos.

103′: Serginho Dest (Barcelona) shot after a good job by Pedri, but Julen Aguirrezabala handled it safely.

98′: Busquets (Barcelona) receives a yellow card for a foul.

96′: Inaki Williams (Atletico Bilbao) shoots from outside the area, but the ball misses the right post.

96′: Substitution at Barcelona: Ansu Fati, who came on in the 60th minute, was replaced by Serginho Dest. The tenth number leaves the field in tears: a new injury.

95′: Iker Muniain (At. Bilbao) takes the free kick, the ball lands in the box, but die on the defensive.

Neither team wants to take risks…

91′: Substitution at At Bilbao: Youri Berchish is replaced by Mikel Balenciaga.

The first part of overtime begins.

90+4′: Normal time is over. This is followed by 30 minutes of extra time.

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90+3′: Goal for Barcelona (2-2): Pedri restores equality after an acrobatic pass from Dani Alves, goalkeeper Julen Aguirrezabala still touched the ball, but could not get away from the gate.

Four minutes of release will be played.

89′: Goal disallowed by Utterson Bilbao due to offside by Alex Berenguer.

86′: Golo do Ath. Bilbao (2-1): Íñigo Martinez after a set piece and Muniain took a free kick into the center of the penalty area. Judge José Luis Munuera Montero consults the VAR system. Target confirmed.

85′: Inaki Williams (Atletico Bilbao) hits the post.

79′: At Bilbao substitution: Raul Garcia is replaced by Alex Berenguer.

76′: Piqué (Barcelona) receives a yellow card for a foul.

72′: Dangerous free kick on the edge of the penalty area after a foul by Dani Vivian (At. Bilbao).

61′: Double substitution at Barcelona: Ferran Yutgla leaves for Ansu Fati; Gaby gives way to Frenkie de Jong.

53′: Ter Stegen shines again and deprives a goal from Nico Williams (Athena, Bilbao), who, winning space, shot into the lower right corner of the goal.

52′: At Bilbao substitution: Oyhan Sunset leaves with an injury (left knee) to enter Iñaki Williams.

46′: Substitution at Barcelona: outgoing Es Abde and incoming Nico Gonzalez.

46′: The second part has begun.

In the first 45 minutes, Barcelona had more possession (63.6%), but they were less likely to score a goal, and in this chapter the home team were more effective.

45+2′: The first part is over.

Two minutes of stoppage time will be played.

45′: Ter Stegen again avoids a second header after a header from Raul Garcia (Atletico Bilbao).

It’s raining heavily.

42′: Pique gets help after get there from Vesga, who also needs help.

The stadium has 40,000 fans, maximum capacity allowed due to precautionary measures due to Covid-19.

32′: Ter Stegen evades the second goal by stopping Nico Williams (Atletico Bilbao) with a cross kick from outside the goal stamped area.

thirty’: Dani Garcia (Atletico Bilbao) gets a yellow card for a foul on Ferran Torres.

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29′: Niko Williams (At. Bilbao) does what he wants with Jordi Alba… Another cross with the score, weight and measure into the box and Iker Muniain heads but the ball goes just over the goal.

26′: Oscar de Marcos (Athletics Bilbao) shot a bad shot from Nico Williams from the box and missed a good opportunity to score when the ball went over the crossbar.

20′: Goal to Barcelona (1:1): Ferran Torres, near Busquets. In the second game for Barcelona, ​​he made his debut with goalscoring.

17′: Shot by Iker Muniain (Athletics Bilbao) as the ball goes over the crossbar.

10′: Another cross from Iurie Berchishe (Atletico Bilbao), which is cleared by the defense.

6′: Yuri Berchiche (Ath. Bilbao) fired a cross into the box, but the coule defense cleared.

2′: Golo to Atl. Bilbao (1-0): Iker Muniain. A great cross by Nico Williams, who accelerated to the right of the attack, while Muniain controlled the ball already in the penalty area and delivered an accurate shot into the net.

one’: The game started at San Mames Stadium.

Barcelona will visit Atlético Bilbao this Thursday, from 20:30, in the Copa del Rey play-off match.

Follow all the incidents of this meeting, of which eleven are already known:

Atl. Bilbao: Aguirrezabal; De Marcos, Vivian, Inigo Martinez and Yuri; Nico Williams, Dani Garcia, Vesga and Mooniain; Sunset and Raul Garcia.

Substitutes: Unai Simon, Alex Petxa, Iñigo Lecue, Ander Capa, Unai Nunes, Peru Nolascoain, Mikel Balenciaga, Nico Serrano, Oyer Zarraga, Iñaki Williams and Alex Berenguer.

Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Dani Alves, Pique, Araujo and Alba; Busquets, Pedri and Gavi; Eze Abde, Ferrand and Yutgla.

Substitutes: Neto, Arnau Tenas, Serginho Dest, Oscar Minguesa, Clement Lenglet, Arnau Comas, Alex Balde, Ricky Puig, Nico Gonzalez, Frenkie de Jong, Martin Braithwaite and Ansu Fati.

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