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“I wish you all the best,” says Claudia Vieira of Pedro Teixeira.



“I wish you all the best,” says Claudia Vieira of Pedro Teixeira.

Dafter Pedro Teixeira and Sara Matos welcoming her first child, little Manuel, on September 15th Claudia Vieira publicly reacted to the birth of a child. Publication it was done on Instagram and, as expected, quickly rose to prominence.

Speaking to reporters at the presentation of the new season of SIC on Monday, September 20, the actress and TV presenter commented on the incident, wishing the former partner “the greatest happiness.”

[A publicação] I didn’t think there was a need to speak out. It was completely fair. I really think that having a baby and a baby is always a blessing. I wish you all the best and my daughter [Maria] you’re even richer with another bro“, he said.

“From an only child who was almost ten years old, she has a sister who is almost two years old and a brother who has just arrived,” he added.

Remember that Maria is the daughter of Claudia Vieira and Pedro Teixeira. In addition to little Manuel, the girl is also the sister of Cateana, daughter of Claudia and Joao Alveshey.

Maria is now in her sixth year of school, and Claudia Vieira shared that her eldest daughter is “dedicated but not overly passionate.” “But she did not fail in fulfilling her duties.”

As for her youngest daughter Kateana, who will turn two in December, the actress and TV presenter said that the girl “is a bullshit that fucks everything.”

“He moves like I’ve never seen him. She was always very mobile, very physical, very crazy about dogs, ”she said, noting that the girl especially cares about the big-eyed Yoshi, who is already“ 15 years old, man’s age is 105 years old ”.

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Yoshi is old and she takes care of him. It’s very funny to see the difference in her play with Yoshi. He was already pulling a little. My dog’s requirements are much higher now. He is very addicted, mouth-feeding, walking on the street at a different pace … I have to prepare to say goodbye to an absolutely wonderful companion in my life, this dog is really special. Lived the arrival of my daughters, the arrival of Juan [Alves], my parting, everything, “he added.

Claudia Vieira – member of the Opto series “A Lista”

On a professional level, he has a new job in his hands – the “List” series, and he explained that “the project is very different from anything you have done so far.because this character is much less sick. “

“This story is about a group, a list of names of young people who are participating in an outlaw party, and it is associated with death. This will make a series of storyline crossovers. There is a mysterious side that I think the audience will be interested in, I think people will want to follow it. It is very well written, with a very interesting plot and characters, each of which is very easy to determine who is who, ”he explained.

Character Martha, Victim of Domestic Violence

A follow-up project for her role in the TV movie Amor from the Opto trilogy Na Porta ao Lado about domestic violence. In this production, the actress plays Martha, who suffers from domestic violence.

I think people liked the TV movies on this subject, so fragile, so close at the same time that it is almost impossible for us to imagine that such things could happen in the neighborhood.… The goal of these three TV films has been fully achieved, which is a warning to everyone that things are really happening right under our noses, and we do not very easily realize this – not only for neighbors, friends and family, but also for those who live … – these are signs and how everything develops in this aggressiveness, in this psychological, and then in physical violence, ”he stressed.

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It was a great experience for me because it was a TV movie shot in record time. We had nine days of shooting and we got a little immersed in this heavy energy. For the first time, it was difficult for me to go home and leave the character in place. This has a lot to do with wanting to feel what women or men with this skin are experiencing or experiencing. And then you can’t hang up because it’s real. All of the characters we bring to life are real, but we’re talking about both a real and a dramatic case at the same time. For several days I walked very sadly, painfully, this was my state of mind, which was a rarity, it never happened to me, ”he recalled.

Rest days and holidays for two, which are not enough

Claudia Vieira used a few days off between jobs that she had during the year, however, she admits, “didn’t feel like you had a great vacation“.

“There have always been days, short, there have always been commitments. It was not a diving vacation and relaxation. Firstly, there are already a lot of requests with two daughters. But I could rest, and there were days and moments with them that were very productive, very ours, ”he stressed, admitting that he only needed a vacation with his partner João Alves. “We have not made an appointment yet, but we will do it.“he ruled.

I’m not going to travel abroad. This is not fear. Fear was in its early stages [da pandemia]like all of us, but then I did not succumb to fear, I got rid of it. I’m not in the mood. There is no completely correct explanation, but I do not feel that the environment of the airport, travel … I want to be here for what belongs to us. We have such an amazing country to explore”, Shared more.

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Sarah Matos talks in detail about the birth of her child: “The Abyss of Sensation” – Current Events



Sarah Matos talks in detail about the birth of her child: "The Abyss of Sensation" - Current Events

Sarah Matos is living a very happy period of her life. A month and a week ago, the actress first became a mother with the birth of a child, Manuel, as a result of her relationship with Pedro Teixeira.

This Friday, October 22nd, Sarah was on the Casa Feliz program, talking with João Bayau and Diana Chavez, to whom she told how she got through pregnancy, childbirth and, currently, the postpartum period.

“For the first three months I was nauseous, it took some time. It was very hot, it was January. I remember opening the windows of the house, and Pedro chattered his teeth, he could not bear it [o frio], and I am with ardor “he says between laughter, remembering the changes his body has undergone.

Sarah explains that she has always lived for one day, so she did not “idealize” big things, either in relation to pregnancy or the moment of birth.

“I managed to exercise, I had a normal life during my pregnancy, but with a bit of caution,” she warns, ensuring these were happy months.

Manuel’s arrival took place on September 16. The boy was born with 3.5 kg at 40 weeks.

“Three days before that, I already had contractions, I was a little nervous, but at the same time I was waiting. I wanted something fun, calm. Pedro was right there. I have heard several songs. I felt everything. Obviously I was in pain because that’s okay, that’s okay. birth is part of “, underlines.

“I was very intuitive throughout the whole process, in total it was 15/16 hours, but I was with a great team, very calm. It was a special day with everything that should be, pain and expectations, ”he recalls. …

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The most special moment was when he first saw his son: “It’s a strange feeling, I still don’t know my child that well. He was here with me for nine months, and I don’t know him. It’s a terrible feeling – what a responsibility it is, how I will take care of this little creature – an explosion of emotions that need to be able to balance. “, is recognized.

“I realized that he had a great will to live and that also gave me support and strength,” he concludes with a wide smile on his face.

Sarah is currently making the most of every moment with Manuel because every day can bring something new. With regard to breastfeeding, the guest assured that everything was going well, thanks to the individual supervision of the nurse at home.

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The new prosecutor of the prosecutor’s office made a splash with hot scenes in Casa dos Segredos – boils



The new prosecutor of the prosecutor's office made a splash with hot scenes in Casa dos Segredos - boils
Ten years after participating in the second edition of Casa dos Segredos (TVI), Kleide Senhoraes, 33, is now the Deputy Prosecutor of the Cascais Prosecutor’s Office. Professional accomplishments he feared would be jeopardized when he left the TVI reality show in November 2011 after starring in hot sex scenes under the covers with Carlos Sousa.

“I’m a little afraid of problems at work. I have been taking the course for several years and if everything went down the drain I would be very sad, ”said a former Barcelos member who had already left home. Internally, he claimed to be “in a panic” after contacting his colleague. “I know that my family was uncomfortable and when I leave I want to explain everything to them,” he said in Confessionário.

At the time, the Kleide family was blackmailed over a home sex tape in which a young woman starred with ex-boyfriend Likas Cardoso and decided not to show her face at Sunday galas anymore.

CM tried to get a reaction from Kleide Senhorains but got no response.

Give up your dream of becoming a model
When she left the House of Mysteries (TVI), Clyde admitted that she wanted to take advantage of her “fame” before completing her internship as a lawyer. “At the moment, I’m going to study the proposals received and try to enter the world of fashion, which is one of my dreams,” he said at the time. As a result, he performed in clubs several times, but in 2012 he abandoned the media world and took up jurisprudence.

Protects Sarah Barradas’s mother
Kleide Senhorains defended Felisbela Diaz, mother of Sarah Barradas, in a trial that sentenced her to seven years in prison for 11 fraudulent crimes. The actress herself and her husband Jose Raposo were injured.

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“I’ve always been a purposeful girl”
Ricardo Azevedo also participated in the second edition of “Casa dos Segredos” and could no longer be proud of Clyde. “She has achieved what she has achieved through her merit, she has always been a very purposeful, hardworking and educated girl,” she told CM. “She had a lot of media attention at the time because of her connection with Carlos. [Sousa]but luckily it didn’t hurt her. ” According to Sabado, Kleide was qualified for graduate school with a final GPA of 15.5.

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“Master of the National Comedy” who fried cancer. Comedian Thiago Andre Alves dies at 32 – Observer



"Master of the National Comedy" who fried cancer.  Comedian Thiago Andre Alves dies at 32 - Observer

Thank you for subscribing to us. Enjoy unlimited reading of this and all Observer articles.

Comedian Thiago André Alves died this Wednesday at the age of 32 from end-stage cancer located in the neck and head. announced the Lisbon Comedy Club in social networks. The screenwriter, who is at the same time a screenwriter, was remembered by the comedy space of the capital as a person who “always had a smile” and as a “master of national comedy”.

In February 2020, the comedian wrote opinion text at the Observer, where he reported his clinical situation and advocated for death caused by medical intervention. “I am a cancer patient, I have stage IV cancer, the prognosis for which is rather limited. In my case, it is impossible to cure “, signaled, adding that it is only possible “an attempt to control and temporarily suppress the most aggressive manifestations of the disease in order to ensure my quality of life for the longest possible period of time.”

palliative at the moment

“I am on palliative care. It’s just a matter of time at this point, ”he said, saying he was still undergoing treatment at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) in Lisbon. He also stressed that, as a chronic patient with a low prognosis, “This is not a comfortable reality for the mind and matter how much palliative care they give me. “

Thiago André Alves learned he had cancer in 2017 when he was living in Belfast, and doctors told him he had only two years left to live. After being diagnosed, he decided to leave Northern Ireland and return to Portugal. In 2018, he organized the “I’m Dying of Laughter” show, which served fry cancer, the proceeds of which were intended for an IPO in Lisbon. Other comedians attended the event, such as Guilherme Duarte, Diogo Faro, Dario Guerreiro and Diogo Bataguas.

“I made a guest list on the planewhen I came from Northern Ireland (where I lived) to Portugal – this is a day after receiving the diagnosis, “he admitted in an interview podcast “Humor at First Sight” from Expresso Weekly.

Thiago Andre Alves was not only a comedian and screenwriter, but also an agent. One of her agents, TV presenter and comedian Guilherme Fonseca, posted on social media that “never again” “it will not be possible to write an anecdote without thinking,” what a friend would think: “Your only fault was that you found me funny.”

Also comedian Antonio Raminews paid tribute to him in social networks: [O Tiago] On the contrary, he has not lost a single battle. It’s not about conquering a disease or condition, but how you live. ”

In an article written in the Observador, Thiago André Alves spoke out in favor of euthanasia. Defending that “choosing to die does not mean the death of anyone other than my death” and that “It is a choice that should not and cannot be limited by third parties”, the humorist stated that those opposed to medical care are imposing “a set of ideologies and values.” “Those who are against euthanasia restrict me without my permission.”

“I only demand this freedom,” he stressed, summing up: “Let me choose death, in comfort, with my dignity and in peace if I want to.”

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