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Government Completes Thousand Days of Supply for Brazilian People – Portuguese (Brazil)



Governo completa Mil Dias de entregas para o povo brasileiro

Facilitating access to decent housing for families in Brazil is one of the priorities of the federal government, and in this thousand days Thanks to the dedication to the Brazilian people, more than one million homes have already been commissioned under government-sponsored housing programs.

In rural areas, from 2019 to 2021, more than 230 thousand titles for rural real estate were handed over. The document is fundamental to ensure that settlers and small producers have access to agricultural credit. Modern and sustainable Brazilian low-carbon agriculture feeds over a billion people in the world and uses only 8% of the country.

The Rural Insurance Premium Subsidized Program (PSR) is one of the measures taken by the federal government to minimize the impact of climate issues on agricultural production. In 2020, more than 189 thousand rural insurance policies were concluded, which were used by more than 104 thousand manufacturers.

Sustainable development is also present in isolated communities through the Calha Norte program. The initiative is present in 442 municipalities in 10 states and serves about 15 million people, including Indigenous people.


During the worst pandemic in recent history, the federal government provided food to over 68 million people in 2020 through Emergency Relief. An investment of R $ 295.14 billion. More than 39.4 million people have already received the benefit in 2021. One year of emergency care is equivalent to over 10 years of Bolsa Família.

Initiatives such as the National Microenterprise and Small Business Support Program (Pronampe) helped save 517,000 companies, and the Emergency Income Preservation Program (BEm) saved nearly 10 million workers in 2020.

To ensure the protection of healthcare workers who work on the front lines of the fight against Covid-19, the federal government has distributed 363 million personal protective equipment (PPE) across the country. Items include masks, aprons, goggles and face shields, caps, sneakers, gloves, and alcohol.

Investing in infrastructure to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic in the country has also been a priority. In 2021 alone, more than 23,000 beds for adults in intensive care units and another 5,953 beds for pulmonary ventilation were able to provide care to critically ill patients.

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And the federal government’s commitment to vaccinate the entire population has reached important milestones, such as the rolling average of cases and deaths, which has already dropped more than 70%. Over 267 million doses distributed. Of these, 222 million have already entered service with the Brazilians. The percentage of the population fully vaccinated already exceeds 50% of the adult population.

More than a million food baskets have been delivered to indigenous peoples across the country since the start of the pandemic. About 23 thousand tons of food products were distributed to more than 200 thousand indigenous families.

During the pandemic, under the Aldir Blanc Act, R $ 3 billion was allocated to states and municipalities to support workers in the sector, cultural centers and development initiatives.

The economic recovery is already reflecting its positive indicators: in the first seven months of this year alone, about 1.8 million new jobs were created.

More than 29 thousand stamps have already been issued in the country. Municipalities with more than 90% compliance with the “Mark for Responsible, Clean and Safe Tourism” rank Brazil among the top 10 countries in the world to implement health protocols for tourism. The initiative was highly appreciated by the largest international organizations in this sector: the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).


During the Climate Leaders’ Summit, Brazil set a goal of achieving climate neutrality from 2060 to 2050. Human and financial resources dedicated to strengthening environmental agencies have been doubled to eradicate illegal logging.

Wildfire control has also been a priority in 11 states in the Amazon, Cerrado and Pantanal biomes. Operation Guardians of the Biome employs 9,600 professionals and by September they have had to put out more than 8,200 wildfires.

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The Zero Waste Program has helped deactivate over 620 landfills and set a record for the recycling of aluminum cans. Launched in 2019, it aims to improve urban solid waste management and promote environmentally sound waste management.


Since 2019, the federal government has transferred 74 properties to the private sector, including concessions, extensions, leases, cross-investment and onerous concessions. Contract investments amount to R $ 73.095 billion. These actions are projected to result in the creation of one million jobs (direct and indirect, as well as employment income over the course of contracts). It is expected that by the end of 2022 more than 100 assets will be transferred to concession and infrastructure contracts worth R $ 250 billion will be awarded.


With the sanction of a new sanitation legal framework that expired in July, the federal government is committed to universalizing basic sanitation by 2033, ensuring 99% of Brazil’s population has access to drinking water and 90% of Brazil’s. wastewater treatment and collection. Since 2019, more than 450 plumbing works have been carried out across the country.


In December 2020, the federal government adopted the Anti-Corruption Plan for the period 2020-2025 with the aim of structuring and implementing actions to improve, within the framework of the federal executive branch, mechanisms for preventing, detecting and prosecuting corruption actions, promoting compliance with and improving anti-corruption legislation and international recommendations.


Infrastructure improvements were also undertaken in schools across the country. Since 2019, nearly 2,525 school papers have been delivered across all states. In addition, around 130 Civil Military Schools (ECIM) have been established since 2020.

School transportation has also been guaranteed through the Caminho da Escola program, which focuses primarily on students living in rural and coastal areas. More than 5,900 school buses have been delivered, made specifically for traffic in these regions, always focused on the safety and quality of transport.


Brazilians are much more connected. Since January 2019, 14.4 thousand Brazil Program Wi-Fi points have been installed, of which more than 80% of connections are installed in the North and North-East regions. It should be noted that services were provided to 10,015 schools, 757 basic health centers, 815 telecentres, 471 indigenous villages, 555 public safety units and thousands of other places of public interest.

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Since 2019, Brazil has been a leader in investment in the oil, gas and biofuels sector. Investments alone as a result of the auctions held are estimated at over 402 billion reais. In the form of signature bonuses, 84 billion reais were collected, and only as a result of the auction, the surplus from the onerous task was transferred to the states and municipalities in the amount of 11.73 billion reais.


It was also possible to save money through bank transfers, which have been replaced by PIX, which is free and secure. As a result of digital transformation, more than three thousand public services have been digitized. For example, driving licenses, work licenses and INSS services can now be obtained quickly by mobile phone.


The revocation, aimed at reducing the number of regulations below the decree, completed the fourth of five phases of the planned revision process. Of the 72,537 acts that have existed since the beginning of the government’s rule, 22,519 have already been canceled. In this way, the federal government improves the business environment, provides greater transparency, guarantees legal security and reduces red tape in Brazil.


To guarantee humanitarian assistance to vulnerable Venezuelan refugees and migrants, in Roraima, Venezuela’s main gateway to Brazil, the federal government has already internalized nearly 60,000 people through Operation Welcome. Through Operation, Brazil is strengthening its vocation, capabilities and international reputation in dealing with serious humanitarian crises and respecting human rights.

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Marseille in California. ″Where the Portuguese is, there is Portugal″



Marseille in California.  ″Where the Portuguese is, there is Portugal″

“You are the future,” President Marcelo Rebelo de Souza told a three-year-old girl dressed in traditional Portuguese clothing who came out to greet him on the podium where he spoke at Artesia Portuguese Salon. The city, located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, has not hosted the President of the Portuguese Republic since 1989. This weekend, he did it with pomp and the setting of an ornate Portuguese-American community bursting with pride.

“We have never lost the honor and responsibility of being representatives of this beautiful flag,” said Jimmy Enes, a member of Artesia DES, a Portuguese descendant, in a welcoming speech delivered in perfect Portuguese. “When we are asked who we are, we always answer”i am portuguese“and not”Portuguese-American“or ‘Portuguese American’,” he said. “That’s why we’re trying step by step to protect our heritage on the outskirts of Los Angeles, one of the greatest cities in the world.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo is injured by the Portuguese national team and thanks the fans for their support



Cristiano Ronaldo is injured by the Portuguese national team and thanks the fans for their support

Cristiano Ronaldo got a cut on his nose and needed a bandage (Photo: MICHAL CIZEK / AFP)

Photo: Lance!

Gratitude. It seems that the attacker Cristiano Ronaldo shared his social media with Portuguese fans after a clash with Czech goalkeeper Vaclik. In the auction, the assailant received a cut on his face and needed a bandage to stop the bleeding.

“Great game, important team win! We remain focused on our goal. Thanks to the Portuguese public for the fantastic support,” the striker wrote on his Instagram account.

The match was marked by a great performance Portugal national team, who beat the Czech Republic 4-0 to take the lead in Nations League Group 2 with ten points with one matchday to go in the group stage of the tournament. Cristiano Ronaldo ended up losing to his team.

After the match, the leader of the Portuguese national team appreciated the result achieved on the road. “It was a very important victory and all teammates should be congratulated on the result,” commented the 37-year-old striker.

With three wins, one draw and one defeat, the Portuguese team has the best attack in their group with eleven goals scored and a net difference of nine. The team is one draw away from qualifying for the tournament series. The next match against Spain is next Tuesday in the city of Braga.

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Thomas Gouveia remains the best Portuguese in the Swiss Challenge



Thomas Gouveia remains the best Portuguese in the Swiss Challenge

Writing with Lusa

Tournament of the second European circuit.

Thomas Gouveia solidified his status as the best Portuguese in the Swiss Challenge this Saturday by finishing the penultimate day of the second European round robin in a group of 31st placed golfers.

Thomas Gouveia hit the card with 73 shots, one over par on the course, after two birdies (one under par hole) and three bogeys (one over), after making 71 shots in the previous two days for a total of 215.

Thomas Bessa needed 75 hits, three over par and tied for scarecrows, he finished 48th with 218 total, five short of Vitor Lopez, 60th with 223, after today needs 78, with just one bird . to fit five scarecrows and a double scarecrow.

The Swiss Challenge, which concludes on Sunday in Folgensburg, France, is still led by France’s Chung Veon Ko with a total of 206 shots, one short of Denmark’s Martin Simonsen in second place.

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