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Died Guilherme Ines from “Fruit Salad and Quartet 1111”.



Died Guilherme Ines from "Fruit Salad and Quartet 1111".

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António Bravo has a moment of horror and almost loses his life when he meets a stranger on Tinder – celebrities



António Bravo has a moment of horror and almost loses his life when he meets a stranger on Tinder - celebrities

Competitor ‘Older brother’, Antonio Bravo, risked his life on a date with psychopathic killer during its passage through Australia

This story was shared in the garden the most popular house in the country, several competitors gave their opinion on dating app, Tinder When Antonio Bravo referred to the “horrible story” associated with the app.

“I don’t really like to talk about it. I even have goosebumps “, – admitted a participant from Lisbon. However, this led to the disclosure of all the details of the past case.

Food & Beverage Manager explained that he had never used Tinder and who decided to create a profile as soon as he came to Australia to meet new people.

He ended up “coinciding” with a “very nice guy.”, which seemed to him sweet and with whom he talked for a long time. “It looked perfect,” he recalled.

Antonio ended up making an appointment with this man. “He told me to go to his house and I went.”he continued. – An elderly man opened the door for me. He told me: “Are you going to Eric? This is my son. He’s inside, but he’s taking a shower. If you want, come in and sit down. ” The participant accepted the invitation, but it so happened that this “Eric” did not come again. It’s been 45 minutes and nothing… To try and escape, Antonio said he was outside to smoke when he realized the door was locked.

The man insisted that he sit down so that the alleged son would come at any moment. Antonio began to panic and insisted on going outside for a smoke.

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The man pulled the competitor Lisbon, but horror episode was caught because of fire nearby. “Fortunately, there was a fire in the kitchen of a neighboring house. It belonged to a couple of whores by accident. They were preparing dinner and it started to burn. Firefighters went there to knock on the door. This was my salvation. If not, forget about it, ”he told the other Big Brother members.

Antonio Bravo managed to open the door and tell everything to the police who were there, in the end they interrogated the person and came to a horrifying conclusion.

“The photos he sent [no Tinder] they were from a guy who existed but disappeared. It was an old man, some time ago … “he hesitated, not finishing the sentence.” But the old man killed him? ” Bruno D’Almeida… “Yes … a hardcore scene,” rival Antonio confirmed.

The man who locked Antonio Bravo in his house “took advantage” of the identity of the young man he killed by pretending to be him.

Antonio Bravo could become one of the potential victims of a psychopath.

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“A family of freelancers? Maybe someday we’ll do business for TVI again. “



“A family of freelancers?  Maybe someday we'll do business for TVI again. "

Lnext after presentation of the new season of SICOn Monday, September 20, Jessica Utaid spoke about The Club, a work she just filmed on Tuesday.

“It was such a great project. I am a journalist, I join the Club to feel like a woman from the Club and be able to write about women at night, ”she shared, talking about her character.

For this role, the actress was mainly prepared for the first two seasons of the series. “As a journalist, I had to know everything that happened. And the truth is that by working with directing actors who are directors and a team of almost women made it a very powerful job. Because it’s not easy how we show ourselves, what scenes we do and how we do them … The preparation went with the implementation, ”he added, noting that the scenes intimate relationships with women and men were “easy”

It was one of the first things I was told when I started working: “Jessica, kissing a man, a woman or a wall is the same thing. Everything it depends on what you create ““, – he stressed, stressing that”proud of this work“. “This is a really very good national project.”

Although her body was more exposed in this project, the artist showed that she was not given much attention. “I wasn’t there to be a good girl. I was there to be a journalist and do my job, ”she said. “They are great directors, they protect us a lot and bring out the best in us,” he added, still in the “daring” scenes.

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When asked how she feels in this “new family” of SIC, Jessica Utaid reacted: “Freelance family? (laughter) [Estou a fazer coisas para a SIC]but I will also do it for RTP and maybe one day I will do something again for TVI“.

In addition to the series “O Clube”, at the end of the year the actress is preparing to take the stage at the Teatro da Trindade with a play directed by Claudia Cheu with Anabela Moreira. In addition, on 5 October he will perform with Salvador Martinha at Tivoli in Lisbon. “An impressive turnaround has taken place in my life, and fortunately“, – he admitted.

Little Oliver’s mother, two years old, Jessica Utaid explains that she currently has “time is much more organized“. “But then motherhood brings other good things, and that says a little about the ‘damn we know what really matters in life’ mentality. I’ve already had this with my dogs … But on a professional level it was great. He is already at the age when he already goes to school, he already gives me more space, ”he added.

The other day, the actress had a new big eye, Augusta, a moment that was also discussed in a conversation with reporters.

since my dog [Júlio] he died, he was not sure if he could get another dog. A few months ago we took another dog, but she stayed with my brother, who lives opposite me. And there Augusta appeared to me, it was like a gift, and I thought, “Let’s do this.” I could just as well buy my son a fish. August destroys everything that needs to be destroyed. But that’s part, ”he shared, noting that he“ always grew up with animals ”and“ couldn’t get a cat because he was allergic. ”“ Everything is going well, ”he concluded.

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Rita Ferro Rodriguez on Jack. “Threatened and insulted many people”



Rita Ferro Rodriguez on Jack.  "Threatened and insulted many people"

KEige Torres Lima, known by his artistic name Valete, has taken to his social media in the past few hours to publicly apologize to the couple who threatened him two years ago.

“I officially apologize for the conflicts that arose against Mr. Ludovic Pereira and Maria Furtado in September 2019. I hereby inform you that all unresolved disputes are resolved between me and the people concerned. Only one way, ”you can read in the publication made at the request of the court to prevent the rapper from being tried.

Valeta’s threats came at a time when the musician was criticized after the release of the song “BFF”. At the time, the topic brought him several misogyny charges and apologies for the violence and humiliation against women.

Rita Ferro Rodriguez reacted this Wednesday to Valletta’s apology and did not regret her criticism of the rapper.

“Unfortunately, he just apologized for not being brought to trial. I admire Louis and Maria for not refusing to expose this man – this threatened and insulted many people… The one who “dared” to condemn / challenge the misogyny present in his song ”begins by pointing to the presenter.

“No, nothing comes of it. And there are many people who apologize to everyone who took it with the cruelty of the Knave. But of course … let’s just sit and wait, ”he finishes, clearly expressing his position on this matter.

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