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Brasilia is covered in a green and yellow world of protest, but with threats from Bolsonaro – News



The platform for the demonstrations on September 7, Brazil’s Independence Day, was the Esplanada dos Ministerios in the center of the Brazilian capital, where thousands of people from different parts of the country gathered to display posters attacking the judges of the Supreme Court. The Court (STF) has asked Congress for freedom of speech and religion and chanted in support of the head of state.

The military invasion of the country was also one of the banners defended by protesters this morning, who gathered in the Esplanade gardens and in trucks, many of them without covid-19 masks.

Speaking to news agency Lusa, Bolsonaro’s supporters echoed the president’s protest phrases in recent weeks, demanding the return of printed voting results to the country and accusing Supreme Court magistrates of trying to imprison Brazilians.

“We came to fight for our freedom, for print and verifiable voting, for public vote counting and for ending the dictatorship of the toga, because our Almighty takes our freedoms. They are tearing up our Constitution. Unfortunately, the only One who is within the four lines (of the Constitution) is our President and he enjoys our support, ”said Patricia Gomes from Belo Horizonte.

“I came here to honor the memory of my president and this fight for freedom of expression of ours, which has been criticized by the Supreme Court and a number of other politicians. We are here for the freedom of our Brazil. To preserve Our Brazil is always free and beautiful as you see it, ”said Josian, a resident of Brasilia but a native of Rio de Janeiro.

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Walter came from the neighboring state of Goias to pay tribute to Bolsonar by defending “a better Brazil for all” and believing that the country “will change from September 7 onwards,” which he considers a “historic day.”

“We support our president here so that he can be re-elected and run this STF so that he can literally have executive power. His ideas are good, his prospects are great for our country, but he does not have the strength to act. “We are here to support Bolsonara so that he can act in our favor. He is a family man and strives for these values ​​”, – said, in turn, Edson, also from Goias.

Security at the event was very strict, all citizens intending to enter the Esplanade were searched by the police. However, despite a strong police force, no major incidents occurred on the spot.

To the delight of protesters, Bolsonaro flew over Brasilia in a helicopter and addressed thousands of supporters with the usual threats against Supreme Court justices, words widely applauded by those in attendance.

“We will no longer put up with the fact that the Almighty [Tribunal Federal] or any body that uses the power of power takes precedence over our Constitution (…) We also cannot continue to put up with the fact that a particular person in the region of the “three powers” ​​continues to barbarize our population, ”Bolsonaro said, referring to Alexandra de Moraes, the most targeted STF. judge on protest posters.

While Bolsonaro spoke, Valterio Neves spoke to Lusa, arguing that the Supreme Court justices were trying to impose a “dictatorship” in the country.

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“Today we have come here to fight for our freedom. We were suppressed by the STF, which tears up the Constitution every day, imposes a dictatorship in the country, and, unfortunately, our Senate colludes. The only one who defends our freedom is Jair Bolsonaro, our leader, ”he said.

When asked what dictatorship the STF is imposing on the country, brasiliense highlighted the existence of warrants for the arrest and “prosecution” of bloggers and parliamentarians associated with Bolsonaro, who are accused by judges of preparing anti-democratic actions in the country and spreading “fake news”. …

So far, the organization and security forces have not provided an estimate of the public’s presence, which is expected to number in the tens of thousands.

Demonstrations this afternoon will focus on Avenida Paulista in São Paulo, where a stronger commitment from pro Bolsonaro protesters is expected and where the head of state will also speak.

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Arctic. The next point of tension with Putin after the war in Ukraine? – Observer



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Svalbard is an icy archipelago with a population of less than 3,000 and it is essential to carry weapons when leaving the cities due to the risk of polar bear attacks. It is the northernmost permanently inhabited region on the entire globe. And this is also Achilles’ heel of NATO in the Arcticwhat did you once call it Professor of Security Studies.

Formally, Svalbard is under the sovereignty of Norway, but thanks to a century-old treaty, many other countries have the right to exploit its natural resources. In particular, Russia, which has been mining in the region for years, often employs Ukrainian workers, mostly from the Donbass. In the abandoned city of Pyramidyou can still find a bust of Lenin and slogan which says: “Communism is our goal.”

Entrance to the abandoned city of Pyramiden, where Soviet mines worked for decades.

Generic Image Group via Getty

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Saudi Arabia: Woman sentenced to over 30 years in prison for using Twitter



Salma al-Shehab, a Saudi student at the University of Leeds, UK, was sentenced to 34 years in prison for having a Twitter account, following and distributing posts by dissidents and anti-Saudi activists when she returned home this summer. on holiday.

Initially, according to The Guardian, Salma was sentenced to three years in prison for the “crime” of using the website to “cause public disorder and destabilize civil and national security.” But on Monday, after a prosecutor’s request to consider other crimes, the court of second instance issued a new sentence: 34 years in prison, followed by a 34-year travel ban.

According to an English newspaper that had access to a translation of court records, the new allegations include an allegation that Shehab “helped those who seek to cause civil unrest and destabilize civil and national security by following his Twitter accounts” and sharing his tweets.

In a brief social media consultation for a 34-year-old Saudi mother of two, Shehab appears to have no activist profile, while on Instagram she reveals her more personal life, presenting herself as an oral hygienist and doctoral student. student. Twitter already has shares of Saudi dissidents living in exile asking for the release of political prisoners in the kingdom.

The Guardian on Twitter declined to comment on the case, clashing with journalist Stephanie Kirchgessner over the possible influence of Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who owns more than 5% of the social network through Kingdom Holding.

The case comes just weeks after Joe Biden’s heavily criticized visit to Saudi Arabia, during which several activists confronted the President of the United States of America about various human rights violations by the regime of Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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North Korea launched two cruise missiles



The Seoul Ministry of Defense said North Korea launched two cruise missiles on Wednesday, ending a month-long hiatus in Pyongyang’s record-breaking series of weapons tests this year.

“We discovered this morning that North Korea launched two cruise missiles towards the West Sea off the coast of Oncheon, South Pyongan Province,” a ministry spokesman told AFP. “US and South Korean military officials are looking into detailed specifications such as range.”

North Korea has not tested a cruise missile, which is not prohibited by UN sanctions against the country, since January, the Yonhap news agency reported. Pyongyang last tested weapons on July 10, when several rocket launchers were launched.

Since January, North Korea has conducted a series of sanctions-repressive tests, including the launch of a full-range ICBM for the first time since 2017. Officials in Washington and Seoul also warned that the isolated regime was preparing to carry out what would be its seventh nuclear test.

Earlier this week, the South Korean and US military began preliminary drills ahead of their annual Ulchi Freedom Shield (UFS) joint exercise. The drills infuriate Pyongyang, which sees them as a rehearsal for an invasion.

South Korea says it will not pursue nuclear deterrence

South Korea’s president said today that his government has no plans to interfere with nuclear deterrence after North Korea’s nuclear capabilities increase. Yoon Suk-yeol urged Pyongyang to resume negotiations and diplomacy aimed at trading the stages of North Korea’s denuclearization for economic benefits.

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Yoon’s office said South Korea’s director of national security, Kim Seong-han, discussed the launch with other officials before Yoon spoke to reporters at a press conference and reaffirmed South Korea’s military readiness.

Yoon told reporters that South Korea does not want violent political change in North Korea and called for a return to negotiations for a lasting peace.

Yun’s proposal, namely large-scale assistance in the fields of food, medicine and health care, as well as in the modernization of the energy industry and port infrastructure, is reminiscent of previous proposals by South Korea that were rejected by North Korea, namely, accelerating the development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, which North Korean leader Kim Jong-un regarded as the main guarantee of his survival.

Nevertheless, Yoon expressed hope for a “meaningful dialogue” with North Korea about his plan and emphasized that Seoul is ready to provide appropriate economic benefits at every stage of the denuclearization process if North Korea adopts a real roadmap to abandon its weapons program.

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