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Ana Brito and Cunya regret the death of their daughter: “It killed me”



Ana Brito and Cunya regret the death of their daughter: "It killed me"

Ana Brito and Cunha remembered the death of their daughter, which occurred in 2012 at 22 weeks of pregnancy.

Ana Brito and CunhaThe 46-year-old spoke of the loss of his first child in 2012 when he was in a relationship with Miguel Carvalho.

At 38, the actress first discovered she was pregnant, but the dream of motherhood would eventually haunt some problems during pregnancy, she said. Ana Brito and Cunha Rite Ferro Alvim during podcast “N’A Caravana”.

“I felt a huge emptiness. Her little heart stopped, “- said the actress, before explaining what followed:” During childbirth, they put me to bed, and the water began to flow. […] The moment of exile seems to have lasted about ten minutes.

The actress of the soap opera “Festa é Festa” admitted that she regretted what she did not do while giving birth to a child who fell victim to Turner syndrome.

“It killed me that I didn’t kiss him. It killed me for years. And that was a very big problem for my psychologist, ”confessed Ana Brito and Cunya, who admitted that it was difficult for her to overcome her grief over the loss of her daughter.

“Then I realized, I went online to see that this was a very sick child, disfigured, it will never be good. I had to accept it, ”he explained.

“I was told that when I have a child, it will pass. But after Pedro’s first kiss, he did not pass, although Pedro is everything in my life, ”concluded the actress, married to Afonso Koruce since then. 2016, and from whom he has a son: Pedro Afonso, four years old.

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Remember that in March when he was in the program “gucha“, the actress said that she dreamed that her daughter’s name was Maria Flor, and said:” It is now so clear to me that this being had to go to the divine and go through this process in order to become the mother I am now. … to live the love that I live now. “

See below the conversation between Ana Brito and Cunha and Rita Ferro Alvim.

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Ouch! Bruno de Carvalho was ‘bold’ and ‘stuck’ with Liliana Almeida: ‘I managed to solve the problem…’



Ouch!  Bruno de Carvalho was 'bold' and 'stuck' with Liliana Almeida: 'I managed to solve the problem...'

Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida continue to achieve great success after participating in “Big Brother Famosos”where they met.

This Sunday, May 22, during a road trip, the couple decided to try driving on a narrow dirt road.

“We’ll take the risk of entering here in Bruno’s car, and it’s a very low car. Let’s try to pass this mountain, say, from sand. To go to the place where we are staying today, and Bruno does it very skillfully.” Liliana Almeida began.

The video shows that the singer realized that it would be difficult for the car to rise, and fired: “Is it now to rise and now?”.

Bruno de Carvalho explained: “And now it’s over, we’re dying here” and Liliana Almeida tried to understand: “And now, isn’t it?” Shall we return?”

The former competitor was unable to pick up the car: “No, we’ve already left” – and recorded a video, in a joking tone: “So, honey, you were very worried. Couldn’t, couldn’t, could you? Ahaha and now what do you think? Now, it’s all right now”.

“Oh Bruno, you can’t do it, don’t risk it, you’re too brave.” Look at this spectacle! Of course I did, I managed to solve the problem that the trailer should come, that’s what I got. But hey, at least I tried my dear” he finished between laughter.

Watch the video:

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Emotion! Catarina Siqueira burst into tears and received a hug (and a kiss) from Nuno Omema de Sa: “Don’t give up on me…”



Emotion!  Catarina Siqueira burst into tears and received a hug (and a kiss) from Nuno Omema de Sa: "Don't give up on me..."

The night of this Saturday, May 21st, at the home of “Big Brother Final Challenge” was very intense. After a stormy week, the contestants talked, and the conflicts seemed to have “resolved” after several confessions.

Nuno Homem de Sa and Gonzalo Quinaz, until yesterday “sworn enemies”, apologized to each other and exchanged compliments. Here we believe.

Soon after, Catarina Siqueira spoke in tears about Nuno Omeme de Sa, who apologized, consoled the contestant, and challenged the actress not to give up on him as a person.

“It really touched me… Only I know how I felt and how things moved me… I went through several stages, several phases… And it got to the point where I thought I would just give up, which is the worst. What you can do to someone is to be disappointed in that person.” start with a confession.

“It was very difficult for me and it was your game… I prefer to talk about the past because I want to assume that if you stay tomorrow, then it will be reviewed and you will not feel the need to do it again…”, ventilation Nuno Homem de Sa stood up to console his colleague: “I know it’s not easy…Don’t leave me…Game over, no more…Zero…I’ve been carried away by the blindness of the race…”— admitted the actor.

Watch the video here.

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“Very convenient to defend Goncalo…”



"Very convenient to defend Goncalo..."

Nuno Homem de Sa is one of the members who is in danger of leaving ‘Big Brother’ on Sunday, May 22.

Not “In family” This Saturday, Rubén Rua and Maria Cerqueira Gomez hosted relatives of the nominees, such as Frederica Lima, the actor’s girlfriend.

Frederica Lima could not restrain herself and came to the defense of Nuno Omema de Sa: “Gonzalo always takes his children there. You have already mentioned other people’s children, namely Leandro and Leandro’s wife, etc. So this step is to bring the kids, I’m sorry, but if he doesn’t like them doing it, don’t do it to others.”.

“This compilation of images is also very handy for the defense of Gonzalo Quinas, I’m very sorry because it didn’t start here. It started when Leandro left on Sunday, when Nuno was smeared and attacked by the whole group in a hot chair, which Nuno had the decency to stand on, leave so as not to lose control too. He remembered.

At the end of the program, when asked about the possible departure of actor Frederic, Lima fired: “I think Nuno shouldn’t have left because I think the Portuguese should have done what TVI should have done, which was to get Goncalo out of the house on Wednesday.”.

“For the worst reasons, it was both of them, but I think that Gonzalo should have been expelled because he started physical aggression, maybe it didn’t work, he tried more than once, and there were already competitors who were expelled for things far less serious than that one” – finished.

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