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A BOLA – Ruben Amorim launches Dortmund-Sporting (13:30) (A BOLA TV)



A BOLA - Ruben Amorim launches Dortmund-Sporting (13:30) (A BOLA TV)

This Monday, September 27th, you can see in your TV-SHAR (Channel 13 Meo, 31 Vodafone and 64 Nowo) …
TV-SHAR transfer to DIRECT (13:30) from Alvalade to Ruben Amorim’s press conference on the opening of Dortmund-Sporting, the second round match of Group C of the Champions League. In the first game against Ajax, in Alvalada, the Lions lost 5-1, while the German team won in Turkey against Besiktas 2-1.

Borussia Dortmund-Sporting will play on Tuesday at 20:00 in Germany.

Launch of Champions at BOLA DA NIGHT (21:45)

Journalist Pedro Marquez Maya presents BALL OF NIGHT (from 21:45), in which, in addition to news, there will be an analysis of the news and everything that happened, especially in the 7th round, with an emphasis on the victories of Benfica in Guimaraes, FC Porto in Barcelos and Sporting over Morskoy in Alvalada. The second round of the Champions League is another topic that will be on the table of the program presented by Pedro Márquez Maia and will have comments from Litos and Jorge Castelo, coaches and commentators. TV-SHAR, Andre Pipa, journalist and commentator; and Pedro Henriquez, former referee.

Andre Pipa and Carlos Fernandez in A BOLA DAS 7 (18:30)

Commentator and journalist Andre Pipa and coach Carlos Fernandez are guests of Pedro Marquez Maya at BOLA DAS 7 this Monday, ahead of the Champions matches, Dortmund-Sporting and FC Porto-Liverpool.

Pedro Marquez Maya with Jose Cayetano at BOLA DA TARDE (17:00)

At BOLA DA TARDE, viewers can keep abreast of the main news of the day, which arrives at 17:00, with a presentation by journalist Pedro Marquez Maya and commentary by José Cayetano.

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CNTT Road to Dakar em MAGAZINE TT (16h25)

After the first trip to Beja, CNTT Road to Dakar returns to the Alentejo pistes to challenge its fourth trip to the Baja Capital dos Vinhos de Portugal in Regengos de Monsaras. The opportunity to experience the 2020 competition, which featured Antonio Mayo and Luis Engeytado, on motorcycles and ATVs, both on Yamaha and the Luis Cidade / Pedro Mendonza duo in CanAma, the big winners.

Wenger, Neuer, Schweinsteiger and Lampard in Immortals (18:00)

Immortals remembers the four stars of European and world football this Monday. Respected football coach Arsene Wenger, two great German players, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and striker Bastian Schweinsteiger, and Frank Lampard, one of England’s best midfielders.


Chosen the best goalkeeper of the 20th century in Portugal and considered one of the best in the world, Antonio Ramaliete defended the goals of Benfica and Sporting and has shone in the national team. Twice world champion and four European champions, he enjoyed a vivid celebration of victory in the first European Cup for a Portuguese club: in 1977, wearing a Sporting shirt. Livramento’s companion, Julio Rendeiro, Sobrinho or Han, only retired in 1986 at the age of 40. He continues to watch roller hockey and praises Portugal’s current lions and nets owner Angelo Girao.

Ibrahimovic, Ferguson and Keane in COMPETITION (21:15)

There are people who are not satisfied with what is generally accepted. This episode pays homage to three football legends that are far from common: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sir Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane. This series crosses generations of rivalry that have characterized the world of sports as a whole, both on and off the pitch.

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Daniel Kenedy on “PLAYING AT HOME”

PLAY AT HOME traveling with Daniel Kenedy, 47, was born in Guinea and raised in Lisbon. He proved himself at Benfica, played a season at Paris SG and returned to Portugal to become Porto’s champion. He was drafted to the 2002 World Cup, but a “doping” incident robbed him of his dreams. He ended his career in Greece, where he was idolized. And the former coaches return home … To the street, to school, to the yard, to the club, to the ground where they started! We went to places where they could hear the beginning of the match that marked the beginning of their career, in places that they never forget and where they are always remembered with pride.

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Vitor Costa was sent off against Casa Pia for ‘use of violent gambling and other serious conduct’ – Arbitration



Vitor Costa was sent off against Casa Pia for 'use of violent gambling and other serious conduct' - Arbitration

The Disciplinary Board (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) announced yesterday the explanations given by referee Vítor Ferreira regarding the exclusion of Vítor Costa with a straight red in the 68th minute in Maritimo Casa Pia, at the end of the 8th round. League Bwin. According to the referee’s report, the move was part of “violent gambling and other serious behavior”. “After the ball became unplayable, the player with excessive force with the boots of his boot hit the opponent in the face, opening a wound in the upper region of the eye,” one can still read. The Marine player was suspended for one game. Remember that after this move, Casa Pia was awarded a penalty and Leonardo Lelo successfully converted the ball, making the final score 2:1 in favor of Lisbon.

Read the CD explanation in full:

“The accused was notified of the official reports of the game on the 4th (…) on the same day he presented the accusations, accompanied by a video, mentioning that it is relevant to the present analysis that (…), Vitor Costa did not work out the facts, because he was punished by limiting himself to jumping at the same time as the player João Núñez to headbutt, which he actually managed to do (…). headbutt, Casa Pia player no. 3, who also jumped to play for the ball, lost his balance and fell to the lawn, causing Vitor Costa to fall (…) As a result of this action of Casa Pia player Joao Nunez, both players fell to the lawn , without any fault on the part of Vitor Costa. This move was poorly received and evaluated by the refereeing team, which, of course, did not perceive and did not appreciate the move as a whole.. Otherwise, you would not have thought that there was violent behavior, he didn’t even punish Vitor Costa with a direct red card. If that were the case, Vitor Costa would not have been expelled. The facts described here are clearly the result of television images taken together, so they must be taken into account when making the final decision, imposing a modification of the actual decision that served as the basis for the red card, as well as the acquittal of the accused. since no disciplinary offenses were committed”, the punishment card also states, with reference to the FPF CD, that “having analyzed the defense presented, it considers that there is no indication of any prejudice to the enhanced evidentiary reliability enjoyed by these officials’ reports, thereby confirming the facts stated in the reports.

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BALL – Porto and Sporting victories (roller hockey)



BALL - Porto and Sporting victories (roller hockey)

FC Porto and Sporting CP struggled to overcome their respective fourth-round visitors Placard, Oliveirense and HC Braga, losing 5-4 and 5-1 respectively.

The national champion signed a quick comeback for the fans present at the Dragão Arena, with four goals in nine minutes and a hat-trick by Carlo di Benedetto, who set the score with seven seconds left (44, 48 and 50 m).

Despite winning the match between title contenders via Telmo Pinto (16m), Porto could not avoid an immediate response from Oliveirense Thomas Pereira (16m and 40m) and Lucas Martínez (17m), who scored twice in the second part. . The Argentine striker’s second goal, converted from a direct free kick (36m), resulted in a blue card for Roque Pujadas, who was actively opposed by FC Porto, but criticism of the refereeing by Ruy Torres and Fernando Vasconcelos spread to Oliveirense.

Gonçalo Alves’ penalty goal (41m) was the game’s turning point as Porto gained momentum.

At the same time, in Pavilhão João Rocha, Sporting could not finish due to the organization of the defense of HC Braga and the play of goalkeeper Nelson Filipe. In addition, Pedro Mendez took advantage of not scoring a goal to give Minho the lead (34m).

The equalizing goal belonged to João Almeida, whose move to Sporting caused controversy with HC Braga he represented, followed by Gonzalo Romero (44m), Ferran Font (45m and 50m) and João Souto (49m).

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BALL – Lost from St. Gilloise on Saturday and leaves a warning to SC Braga (Europa League)



BALL - Lost from St.  Gilloise on Saturday and leaves a warning to SC Braga (Europa League)

Club Brugge’s win at the Estadio do Dragao left the football world open-mouthed and still echoes in Belgium, but Saint-Gilloise’s visit to Braga won’t have such a devastating impact, João Gamboa is convinced.

“I think Dragao’s 0-4 won’t happen again, but Saint-Gilloise are a great team and Braga might have difficulty imposing their game,” warns the midfielder, who switched from Estoril to “Leven”. .

Gamboa is well aware of the value of the warriors of the European enemy. Not so much because of the natural knowledge of Belgian football, which he acquired in three months, but because of fresh memories: Leuven met Saint-Gilloise on Saturday and lost at home 0-3.

“Saint-Gilloise is not at the level of Brugge, but they are a team with a very good organization and quite dangerous in counterattacks,” signals the midfielder, who highly appreciates the opposing Warriors’ team. an “intellectual” form of how he plans his game, as well as an indication of some personality that can make a difference.

“Center Burgess is very strong and he makes a difference in set pieces; and Boniface [avançado] It has great quality. In the game with Leuven, he almost did not score a goal from the center of the field, ”he is recovering.

Despite Saint-Gilloise’s ability to make a name for themselves, Gamboa believes the Warriors have a reason to win tomorrow’s game: “Braga is stronger and has European experience that could be decisive against the Belgians.”

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