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The rise in streaming prices is not exclusive to Netflix. These are the price lists of platforms in Portugal – O Jornal Económico



The rise in streaming prices is not exclusive to Netflix.  These are the price lists of platforms in Portugal - O Jornal Económico

Netflix announced increase in the price of two services for Portugal, but this is not the only platform for streaming raised the price list with the introduction of new content.

Disney + is one example. Arrived at Portugal in September 2020after some anticipation from consumers of content from Walt Disney, Marvel and Pixar. Upon arrival, the cost of the service. streaming it was € 6.99 per month or € 69.99 per year, but has grown with new content.

BUT Star brand introductionwhich has television content for an older audience, at the end of last year forced Disney to increase the cost of the service by two euros, setting it at 8.99 euros per month or 89.99 euros per year, including that cost. effective February 2021

The price hike was justified even by the inclusion of “a vast collection of the best TV series and original films,” as well as the FX series and films of the 20th century.

Netflix this Thursday justified a price increase to improve the catalog and quality of service. Modality standard increased by one euro, from 10.99 euros to 11.99 euros, while the prize rose from 13.99 euros to 15.99 euros, an increase of two euros.

Netflix prices have already surged in 2017 after previous gains in the US and UK (the first country to experience price fluctuations in Europe). At the moment, the base plan was the only one that has not changed, remaining at 7.99 euros per month. However, the plan standard increased by one euro, rising to 10.99 euros per month, and the plan the prize rose by two euros to 13.99 euros.

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At the time of the last price hike in 2017, Netflix had been in the Portuguese market for two years, increasing its content to watch by 53%. The company is now also focusing on the production of its own content in Portugal, for example, film “Glory”

Despite the price increase, these two services do not offer a trial period for their services.

Amazon Prime also decided to raise its price in a month. All Amazon Prime services (shipping, video, games, Lightning Deals, Amazon Photo) are now € 5.99, up € 2 in June. Until Amazon decided to take effect in Portugal, the Prime Video service cost € 3.99. The cinematic catalog features exclusive films and series, namely The Marvelous Miss Meisel, nominated for an Emmy Award.

The Filmin platform currently also offers two price lists: € 6.95 for the basic service or € 14.99 for a plus, with some additional benefits over the base. HBO, which will soon become HBO Max as in the US, costs 4.99 € and is currently one of the platforms for streaming cheaper in the country.

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“The referee said that I put myself in a position to be called the leader”



"The referee said that I put myself in a position to be called the leader"

MAnuel Luis Gusha told Romana on Friday afternoon about the criticism the singer received for allowing one of her children to wear skirts.

The topic prompted the presenter to warn about the need to keep an open mind about such topics, as well as recall a recent episode in which he was also the victim of discrimination because of the way he dressed.

It was 2010 when the TV presenter decided to sue the program “5 Para a Meia-Noite” because of a joke in which he was called the host.

“I was once called to a TV joke that doesn’t matter, and doesn’t matter in the opinion of the referee. I decided to sue that TV show because living with a man doesn’t make me an anchor.🇧🇷 I am a man who lives with another man and I am the host. The judge said that I put myself in the position of being called the host because I wear colors from the female universe in my everyday TV clothes. The woman, the judge, pronounced this sentence“, recalled Manuel Luis Gusha, regretting the unconstructive opinion.

Calling for a change in mindset, Gusha ended his program with “Long Live Pink.”

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Qatar Airways bans Brazilian model for being ‘too fat’ – Insólitos



Qatar Airways bans Brazilian model for being 'too fat' - Insólitos

Brazilian plus-size model Juliana Neme said she was banned from flying by Qatar Airways last Wednesday because she was “too fat”.

Juliana bought a return ticket to the state of São Paulo in Brazil, but was told by the company that she would have to buy a business class seat or an extra seat for the trip. In a video posted on social media, the model accused Qatar Airways of being fatphobic.

According to Juliana G1, the model was in Lebanon, where she had been with her family in recent days, and was about to board a plane to Sao Paulo with a stopover in Doha (Qatar). However, this did not happen as the passenger was not allowed to travel. According to her, the airline refused to land in Brazil because she was “too fat.”

The model revealed in a joint video that the Qatari company informed her that she was not entitled to a seat, even after having already paid a thousand dollars (over 961 euros) for a ticket, because she needed to buy an executive seat or two regular ones to board. seating ticket.

In a note released this Thursday, the airline said they transferred the model to another flight because one of Giuliana’s companions failed to present the required documents to enter Brazil.

In the text, the company also mentions that the mother of the Brazilian influencer did not submit a negative PCR test in accordance with the rules of Anvisa (Health Surveillance Agency), which obliges Brazilians and foreigners to provide evidence of vaccination against Covid or to undergo an antigen type test or RT-PCR with a negative or an undetermined result for Covid-19, which must be carried out the day before boarding.

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“Qatar Airways treats all passengers with respect and dignity and, in line with industry practice and similar to most airlines, anyone who makes it impossible to seat another passenger and cannot fasten their seat belt or lower their armrests may be asked to purchase an additional seat. , both as a precautionary measure and for the convenience of all passengers. The passenger in question at Beirut airport was extremely rude and aggressive towards register when one of her companions failed to submit the required PCR documents to enter Brazil. As a result, airport security was asked to intervene as several employees and passengers were extremely unhappy with the situation. We can confirm that the passenger has already boarded a Qatar Airways flight this evening. [quinta-feira]leaving Lebanon for Brazil,” the Qatari company said in a statement.

Yuliana denied the accusations of being rude and argued with the Qatar Airways staff, stating that “they are trying to cover up everything they did to me. within minutes and we passed the result to the employees. This is where it all started. She told me that I was not allowed on the flight because I was fat, and you already know the rest.

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After the death of his son Zulmir, Ferreira leaves a new message: “I feel with me.”



After the death of his son Zulmir, Ferreira leaves a new message: "I feel with me."

Last Saturday, November 19, the family Zulmira Ferreira released death noticeit’s from Eddie Ferrerthe name by which he was known in the art world, at the age of 42.

This Friday, November 25, the commentator of the Red Carpet program of the NIC Karas shared a photo of her son and left a message.

“You are and will always be by my side, my LOVE. feel with me”he wrote in his publication Instagram page.

The comment box was filled with messages of love and power. “It will take care of itself. It will illuminate your steps. And he will be very happy whenever he sees her smile. Believe it. Giant kiss in your heart, “Yes, dear Zu… she will always be with you, protecting you… A big kiss on your heart.” e “Kiss of Great Courage” there were some reactions.


Remember that the commentator’s son on red carpet and stepson Jesualdo Ferreira he was aneurysm victim🇧🇷 He was preparing to move from Turkey to Qatar to play in the World Cup.

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