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The ‘Peace’ Within PS Congress (and Criticism Beyond It) – Current Events



The 'Peace' Within PS Congress (and Criticism Beyond It) - Current Events

The 23rd National Congress of the PS is over. Was it just another one like the previous ones? Not really: unlike what happened in 2018 and 2016, single list for the National Commission and during the two days of work, congressmen did not express critical criticism of the line pursued by the party or government.

After analyzing the interventions, none of the leaders of the first or second line rejected the option of maintaining a dialogue on the left of the PS to approve budgets, or challenged the programs that served as the basis for the executive in the fight against covid-19. pandemic.

Therefore, Antonio Costa did not hesitate in the chosen words – positive – for his closing speech… The Prime Minister and General Secretary of the PS claimed that this is a party of “peace of mind”, united and mobilized to solve the problems of economic and social recovery of the country.

As expected, for two days there was not the slightest hint of the question of António Costa’s succession as PS leadership – but four potential candidates were featured prominently on the Congress table, namely:

  • Pedro Nuno Santoswho came and went in silence;
  • Mariana Vieira da Silvawho presented traffic leader;
  • Ana Catarina Mendeswho remembered the former president of the republic Jorge Sampaio and sent a few barbs to BE;
  • Fernando Medinawho gave his campaign speech for September 26 elections in the municipality of Lisbon.

The PS Congress also gave us a surprise: the importance that the party leadership attaches to the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, which joined in and was presented by the socialist leadership as a kind of symbol of the successful fight against the pandemic. And remember also that she said you never know about Secretary General

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On the other hand, Antonio Costa also left several messages – the first was addressed to President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa: he wished him “the greatest success in this new presidential term” and expressed the hope that he “will retain the characteristics that the Portuguese so valued in his first term, and that they so expressively voted for the extension of the new term of the President of the Republic ”.

With regard to the partners to the left of the PS, taking advantage of the presence of Jorge Costa (BE) and Vasco Cardoso (PCP) in the front row of the guests of the Congress, the Socialist leader said: “It is with particular pleasure that I see here two of the most important interlocutors – demanding, but also more productive. with which we have achieved good results for the country and for the Portuguese. “

But back to the final presentation, which dealt with the problems of young people going through “social wounds” in the area. Let’s see what Antonio Costa said:

  • “It is very important for companies to understand that this younger generation, being more skilled, is – and has the right to be – more demanding in terms of working conditions”;
  • “In the Regressar program, we are going to extend it until 2023, ensuring that all young people who return to Portugal will only be taxed at 50% of their salary”;
  • As for the IRS Jovem, this will be expanded to “also cover income from work independently. And we’re going to extend it from three to five years with a 30% income exemption in the first two years20. % of income in the third and fourth years and 10% of income in the fifth year “;
  • Increase of scholarships for master’s degree announced;
  • Antonio Costa called for collective mobilization to fight child poverty, announcing that if children are “in extreme poverty,” in the next two years they will start receiving support that “will reach 100 euros” (they currently receive between 41 and 50 Euro). ;
  • On fertility policy issues, the PS Secretary General also anticipated some of the incentives his leader intends to provide, such as increasing tax deductions for all families from second child to six;
  • As for children over six years old, the government will increase the allowance from 27 to 31 euros, “so that no one has less than 50 euros a month.”
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However, if there was no criticism inside Congress, then outside it they appeared from the side various parties – even if interspersed with some positive comments:

  • PSD: David Justino believed today that the notorious “restrained peace” reigns in the Socialist Congress instead of the inner “peace of mind” that Antonio Costa spoke about, regretting that they did not talk about economic growth;
  • TO BE: Despite the fact that he “announced a number of important measures”, Jorge Costa stresses that the party “wants to see how they will be reflected or not in the text of the state budget”, which the government will present to the Assembly of the Republic. ;
  • PCP: Vasco Cardoso says he has not heard Costa’s answers to “very serious problems” in the country, as “many of them already existed before the pandemic”;
  • CDS-PP: Pedro Melo considered that the closing speech of Antonio Costa was “marked by political propaganda” and the vision of the country presented by the prime minister was “not true”;
  • THE: The party criticized the “tragic speech” of the prime minister for his failure to “reverse the policy that is holding Portugal back” and accused him of mixing PS and state;
  • PAN: Christina Rodriguez, who is in talks with the government on the state budget for 2022, said she saw “important commitments” in the speech of the PS Secretary General;
  • He arrives: For the party, the PS congress ended inappropriate, accusing Antonio Costa of limiting himself to “returning the used propaganda slogans”.

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Olivia Newton-John, Grease star and author of some of the most successful songs of the 70s and 80s, has died



Olivia Newton-John, Grease star and author of some of the most successful songs of the 70s and 80s, has died

Actress and singer Olivia Newton-John died Monday at the age of 73. The news was confirmed on his official Facebook page.

“Olivia Newton-John passed away peacefully this morning at her California ranch surrounded by family and friends. We ask everyone to respect the privacy of the family during this difficult time.”

“Olivia has been a symbol of triumph and hope for over 30 years, sharing her battle with breast cancer. Her inspiration and pioneering expertise in medicinal plants will be continued by the Olivia Newton-John Foundation for Medicinal Plants and Cancer,” adds the statement.

In the same post, fans are asked to donate to his foundation instead of buying flowers.

In 2018, the artist revealed for the third time that she had cancer, after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992 and a shoulder tumor in 2013. After the first diagnosis, she began to work with associations that fight this disease.

Career with music, films and more film scores

Born in Cambridge, England, the actress emigrated with her family to Australia as a child. Newton-John recorded the first single “Till You Say You Be Mine” in 1966 while in the UK, where he returned after winning an Australian television talent competition. Throughout the 1970s, she became one of the most popular singers of her day with hits like “I Truly Love You”, “Let Me Be There”, “Please Mister Please”, “Something Better to Do” or Don’ t t Stop Believin” and, already in the 80s, “Physical” or “Heart attack”.

During his musical career, he has sold approximately 100 million records, reaching the gold record at least 25 times, on 11 singles (two of them went platinum) and 14 albums (reaching platinum on two and double platinum on four). It was nominated for 12 Grammy Awards and won four: in 1973 for Best Female Country Performance for “Let Me Be There”, in 1974 for “Record of the Year” and for Best Female Pop Performance for “I’m Honestly love you” and in 1982 for the music video. of the year by Olivia Physical.

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In 1974, he entered the British Eurovision Song Contest with “Long Live Love” and placed fourth the same year Abba won with “Waterloo”.

In 1978, he became a movie star, co-starring with John Travolta in Grease Brilantine.

Adapted from the Broadway musical Grease, the film became one of the top-grossing hits of the 70s, cementing the stardom of last year’s Saturday Night Fever star John Travolta and catapulting him to the pinnacle of movie stardom. Olivia Newton-John as Everlasting Sandy.

Brilantina, which tells the love story of a rebel in a black jacket and an innocent and romantic girl in high school in the 50s, had a soundtrack that became one of the biggest hits of all time, selling over 28 million copies. sold out and included the hit “You’re The One That I Want”, a duet with John Travolta that stayed on the charts for over six months, or “Hopeless Devoted to You”.

The rest of his film career did not have the same brilliance, but it eventually secured him other musical successes such as Xanadu (1980) with the themes “Magic” and “Xanadu” or romantic fantasy. “Milagre de Amor.” which reunited her with John Travolta and spawned the hits “Twist of Fate”, “Livin’ in Desperate Times” and “Take a Chance”, the latter duet with the actor.

In 2019, she was appointed an Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II for her role in the fight against cancer and her contribution to the arts.

Olivia Newton-John was married to John Easterling and had a daughter, Chloe Lattanzi.

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Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida say goodbye to their single lives. See photos from parties – Celebrities



Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida say goodbye to their single lives.  See photos from parties - Celebrities

Preparations for the wedding of Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida continue. This weekend, it’s time to cross one more step off your to-do list: bachelor parties. They took place this Sunday, August 7, both on boats on the Tagus River.

The BruLi couple, as they became known, were on TVI’s Em Família on Saturday, in which they took the opportunity to talk about this and other milestones the wedding, which, according to Liliana Almeida, will take place on September 2 in Algosa, in the parish of Silves, in the Algarve.

The ceremony will take place at Solar do Paço, just over ten minutes from the house where the singer grew up. “I’m leaving my mother’s house” disclosed, towards this “very beautiful” and “new” place. “It’s a zen garden” and the choice is “belief related”.

As for the boys, a strip show was never considered. – Not that. What for? We don’t think it’s very funny,” Liliana replied when interrogated Claudio Ramos. “We’ve eliminated some things that don’t make sense to us”it’s finished

Instead, they went with family, close childhood friends and familiar faces” to the Tagus River. “One on a sailboat and the other on a catamaran,” the groom added, referring to the private yacht charter company Pacífico Cruises, which they are available for this purpose.

But why a bachelor party on the Tagus River? “Liliana was born by the sea. I had to cross the sea to get to Portugal”, justified entrepreneur born in Mozambique. There was a lot of music on board Bruno de Carvalho’s boat (selected by the DJ, of course) and a lot of good vibes on Liliana’s boat.

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Everyone was entitled to a farewell cake, the work of the Sabores Dourados brand. With a “crazy bride” and “crazy groom” on top, and a black and white illustration of each groom, these cakes were simple but made to order – if not for the white Liliana and ex-Sporting. President Bruno., green.

On Wednesday (10) more images of the parties will be shown on “Dois at 10” and also on Saturday (13) on “VivaVida”. Liliana has already chosen dress “a long time ago” and the wedding cake, which the groom wants to be out of the ordinary, will be run by the LouléDoce patisserie.

“August 11, I will have a reverse vasectomy”

This honeymoon will be in the Maldives. The main occupation, according to Bruno de Carvalho, will be bearing a child., as he explained during the broadcast, for which he was prevented by the growth of the child. “August 11, I will have a vasectomy reversal,” he said.

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SIC Summer Party Looks – Atualidade



SIC Summer Party Looks - Atualidade

The Cuá Cuá Club in Almancil, Algarve opened its doors to several famous faces at the SIC Summer Party.

The radio station broadcast what happened at the event for just over an hour, with several presenters such as Joao Paulo Souza, Yva Lamarao, Carolina Patrosinio and Claudia Borges participating in the program.

Among the most commented looks on social media are Diana Chavez, Claudia Vieira and Andrea Rodriguez, all perfect for this time of year.

Below we leave you photos of the visuals that stood out the most.

With a long dress with some transparency Diana Chavez I had to stand up for courage and creativity. The TV presenter’s hairstyle, however, did not cause unanimity in social networks.

Claudia Vieira opted for a long white dress with a blue pattern, which is easily associated with summer. The leading bronze also did not go unnoticed.

In black and with a bag to complete the look, Andrea Rodriguez She chose a young dress, which she complemented with green sandals.

Joao Paulo Souza Spread elegance with a pink tuxedo.

Sponsorship of Carolina presented himself with two different views at a party. The first one is a green set in which the belly can be seen, while the second one, which is completely white, was used during the broadcast broadcast by the channel.

Jani Gabriel chose a white set for the occasion to accentuate her bronze. The look was completed with large earrings.

Yva Lamarao appeared in a greenish-yellow dress with a lot of glitter and a small neckline.

Claudia Borges chose a short white dress that completely exposed her back. The host chose a long braid.

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Pink and with long sleeves, this is how Sofia Arruda introduced herself.

Renato Godinho wore a very casual floral shirt, which he paired with blue trousers and white sneakers.

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