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Teaching Portuguese forges ahead despite internet blackouts and crashes – Observer



Teaching Portuguese forges ahead despite internet blackouts and crashes - Observer

Portuguese teachers in Venezuela are doing an “extraordinary job” teaching Portuguese that is still relevant. moving forward despite frequent power outages and internet disruptions, This Wednesday was assessed by Portuguese professor Adelina Moura.

“What coordinates the teaching of Portuguese in Venezuela is very important. It’s incredible, ”said Adelina Moura to Agencia Luce.

The professor, who participated in the IX Trips of Portuguese Teachers to Venezuela, gave during three days: virtual training on the topic “Between analog and digital”more than a hundred Portuguese teachers.

Adelina Moura began by explaining that already in 2016 (in person) and 2020 (remotely) she had trained teachers from this Latin American country and that she was leading the ongoing training “in view of the difficulties that teachers in Venezuela have access to the Internet due to lack ofsometimes electricity and computer equipment for students. “


It was necessary “in Venezuela, students often use cell phones instead of computers.“But that“ today there are already many applications that we can use that benefit students using their smartphones for learning. ”

“I called it Between Analog and Digital, because until the pandemic frees us, we will continue to live in these hybrid situations at a distance and in person (…) In Venezuela’s teachers, I see that there was an urgent need to continue educational practice with the use of technology, and this was very important for many teachers, who were not very versed in technology, and also did not really believe in its power, ”the professor explained.

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According to Adelina Moura, with the pandemic, teachers had to do “everything possible and impossible” to not leave local students behind, and therefore “gigantic steps have been taken in technological terms”, Which allowed us to“ open our eyes ”to the vision of digital technologies in education, despite the fact that teachers have been trained in this area for many years.

“What we have to do is not to lose the fantastic enthusiasm that has been created for Venezuela. Last year, I felt that the teachers were very alarmed, alarmed. There was tremendous uncertainty and anxiety about what was about to happen (…) Today I see teachers saying that they are already using some platforms and sharing their practices and experiences, and we must continue to support them because it is no longer a matter of knowledge through the path., but to deepen knowledge of the improvement of digital technologies in education, ”he explained.

During training Manipulative materials have been explored in which students can interact with platforms as well as create their own materials.

Also the creation of educational and interactive, virtual and analog games focused on literature, and the creation of dynamic and interactive presentations.

“We also presented a new platform called Milage Aprender +, coordinated and developed by the University of the Algarve in Portugal, and (…) ideas for new pedagogical strategies and practices,” explained the professor.

Adelina Moura explained that in addition to teachers from Venezuela, teachers from Brazil, Italy, Austria, USA, Spain, Paraguay, Germany, Indonesia, Argentina, Australia, Timor Leste, Mexico, Portugal, Colombia, Peru, Guinea-Bissau and Angola.

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“Thus, it was not only Venezuelan teachers, it was possible to cover a very diverse group of teachers who are associated with teaching Portuguese as a foreign language in the world,” he stressed.

According to the Portuguese Embassy in Venezuela, in December 2020, almost 5,500 Venezuelan students studied Portuguese in the official Venezuelan system.

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Government approves strategy to combat “Portuguese underrepresentation” in Brussels



Government approves strategy to combat "Portuguese underrepresentation" in Brussels

This afternoon the Council of Ministers will approve a national strategy to combat what it considers “underrepresentation de Portugal” in European institutions, in particular the European Commission.

“There is a significant shortage of Portuguese, especially those working for the Commission,” explains the Secretary of State for European Affairs in statements to Renaissance🇧🇷 The problem, according to Thiago Antunes, is not limited to middle management: “This is the first time Portugal does not have a CEO in the European Commission”.

The government wants to “correct this imbalance and fight this deficit in order to win.”ability to influence in decisions.” But it is not possible to increase the number of vacancies for the Portuguese, if only because there are no national quotas for employees working in institutions.

To go to Brussels or even work in Portugal on a full-time basis, you need to pass a series of tests prepared by EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office). 🇧🇷These are very difficult competitions.with very concrete evidence,” the official explains.

The strategy will be based on several pillars: training, increasing grants and encouraging the mobility of civil servants. The Portuguese government is going to create a national training center to “better prepare our candidates for competitions”; to bet on “dissemination of opportunities; increase the balls (by quantity and value); and create a statute that allows those who work in the public administration of Portugal to move into the European public administration.

The aim is to achieve “greater representation” in the European Commission in order to have “greater influence” on the decision. Although the strategy is to strengthen the Portuguese presence in Brussels and the employees do not work for doesn’t matter that they are portuguese“, he defends.

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Fruits may not appear early or may not even be measurable. “It will take some time until we see results,” admits the former secretary of state to the prime minister. But the wait does not stop the Portuguese government. “We have to start right now,” Thiago Antunes insists, pointing to the demographic problem among those working in Brussels. “There are a lot of Portuguese who came in at the time of our accession and are now retiring.”

The strategy aims to reverse the cycle of loss of Portuguese representation among the 27. The diploma will be approved this Wednesday in the Council of Ministers.

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“His manager is Portuguese and…”; The agent changes plans, and Luis Castro “arranges” the problem in the protection of “Botafogo”



"His manager is Portuguese and...";  The agent changes plans, and Luis Castro "arranges" the problem in the protection of "Botafogo"


The defender must return from loan ahead of schedule, and the Glorioso coach will have to make a decision at the beginning of the preseason.

Photo: Jorge Rodriguez/AGIF.  First, Luis Castro does not have Diego Loureiro for 2023.
Photo: Jorge Rodriguez/AGIF. First, Luis Castro does not have Diego Loureiro for 2023.

With the end of the season Botafogo its reformulation is already underway with the participation of Luis Castro. Names like Carlinhos, for example, have already left General Severiano, but there is a tendency for the “purge” to continue a little longer. Especially with the return of borrowed athletes during the year.

goalkeeper case Diego Loureiro, who played on loan at Atlético GO, promoted to Serie B. Curiously, the Botafogo archer has a contract at Goiania until the end of 2023, but Dragao president Adson Batista is pessimistic about the player’s consistency.

“Diego Loureiro is a bit off because he still has a contract with Botafogo, his manager is Portuguese and he has a different vision.” said the director in an interview with radio Sagres from the capital of Goiás.

The goalkeeper played only two games for Atlético-GO, who were betting on Renan in the starting lineup. If he returns to Rio, Loureiro will likely see high competition in the black and white net as Luis Castro now has alternatives to Gatito Fernandes and Lucas Perry.

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Portuguese footballer, former Sporting player, flees the country



Portuguese footballer, former Sporting player, flees the country

Ruben Ribeiro is accused of domestic violence and was arrested two weeks ago. He left with a term of identity and residence and disappeared from the “trace” of the authorities.

Ruben Ribeiro left Portugal a few days after his arrest due to accusation of domestic violence.

The wife blamed the 35-year-old Portuguese footballer last month.

Woman introduced several episodes of physical and psychological abuse over the past few years – some of which in front of the couple’s three children.

The court considered that the football player’s wife was in danger and, therefore, arrested Ruben about two weeks ago, November 16th.

The midfielder was questioned by the referee, but later releasedindicating the identity and place of residence – with a ban on contact or approaching the victim and under electronic surveillance.

However, the player has disappeared. O morning Post indicates that the General Directorate of Reintegration and Prison Service went to the defendant’s house to install an electronic surveillance device, but when it arrived, the accused was not.

The player also received a phone call, but this never answered🇧🇷 He did not cooperate, according to the Porto Criminal Court.

The newspaper writes that Ruben Ribeiro is in Turkey – His club is Hatayspor, but the family is still in Portugal.

The court has not yet decided what it will do after that. violation of coercive measures – An international arrest warrant may be issued.

Despite this development, the wife’s lawyer assures that she ” trusting that institutions know how to ensure justice and adequate protection for victims.”

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Born in Porto, Rubén Ribeiro grew up playing for Boavista and the Leixoyes. Later distinguished himself in the service of river birdwhich brought him a move to Sporting.

He played in Alvalada for only half a season; was one of nine players who terminated the contract with the club after hitting the gym in Alkoshet, 2018.

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