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Swimmer who went from Leiria to the Malawi Olympic Games.



Swimmer who went from Leiria to the Malawi Olympic Games.

Filipe Gomes has lived in Leiria since he was 10 and participated in the Tokyo Olympics as an athlete from Malawi.

Swimmer Filipe Gomes, who has lived in Leiria since he was 10, competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as an athlete from Malawi, born there and using family ties to pursue a dream he considered “impossible”.

“As a joke, when I was younger, even when we were children, we laughed at the situation that one day we would come to the Games. I almost never said that because I had the feeling that it would be impossible for me. I heard my colleagues say that they were going to the Games, I thought it was impossible. But then life takes many turns, ”says 24-year-old swimmer Lusa.

The swimmer, who was born in Malawi’s second largest city, Blantyre, more than seven thousand kilometers from Leiria, which he now calls home, did not think about representing the national team of this African country, because it never entered his head. that he might be the “best”. best swimmer in Malawi. “

“In 2016, before the Games, a colleague advised me to see if it would be better and if I could not go to the Games. I sent emails to the Malawi federation, they told me that I had times and I qualified, but I failed the world championship and I had to do it, ”he says.

When the Rio 2016 opportunity disappeared, he “always went to the international competitions that were there” and after talking and talking with the Malawian federation he was called to the national championships where he won “everything” he swam in and the CANA African Championship , where he won “several medals”.

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He swam and arrived at the Games: seventh in the fifth round of 50 freestyle, although he specializes in breaststroke, 24.00 seconds was indicated on an invitation delivered to a country that later named him as the athlete with the most points internationally. rating.

“Everything went well. In general, I set my personal best – 23.99. At that time I was not sad, I was happy, but when I got to the village I thought “fire” at 0.01. I could set a record. Moreover, everything was spectacular, ”he sums up.

Family ties begin with the maternal grandparents who live and do business in this country, where the mother returned after studying and meeting his father in Portugal, with Filipe and his sister, who were born in Africa.

He came to Portugal at the age of 10 and has always lived in Leiria, where he is the “assistant coach of Bairro dos Agnos” and personal trainer at home or outdoors, combining work with an Olympic dream.

“I would like to have this experience again, but without covid-19. I would like to come to Paris in 2024, ”he guarantees.

The experience outside the pools in Tokyo was very marked by the pandemic situation, which ended with talking only with one or another teammate and “just hello and good afternoon, how was the competition, good luck and the like” with the Portuguese team, given the required distance and lagging athletes in common areas.

In the water, “it seemed like he was back with the cadets,” he says, speaking of his nervousness, admitting that he “never” felt that way. “When I touched the wall [no final], it was a relief … ”breathes a new Olympic“ hero ”from Malawi.

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Gomez, who is part of a five-athlete delegation, is now one of less than a hundred Olympic athletes from that country, whose capital is Lilongwe, and one of two swimmers in Tokyo 2020 alongside Jessica McWenda.

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BALL – Euro U17: Portugal start with a rout against Scotland (Football)



BALL - Euro U17: Portugal start with a rout against Scotland (Football)

Portugal made the best appearance at the European Under-17 Championships, which takes place in Israel. The Portuguese team defeated Scotland 4-1 in a game that took place at the Municipal Stadium of Lod.

Goals from Ivan Lima (8 minutes), Dinis Rodriguez (26 minutes), João Veloso (37 minutes, penalty), Afonso Moreira (70 minutes) and Rodrigo Ribeiro (73 minutes) sealed a solid triumph for the team of Rui Bento (assistant coach and replacement of José Lima , positive for Covid-19). Magnus KatzKezin scored for the Scots in the 62nd minute.

In another group match, Sweden beat Denmark 2-1 in the northern duel. Portugal lead the group and return to the field against Sweden next Friday at 14:30.

Game movie:

90. Portugal defeated Scotland 5-1. On Friday at 14:30, the under-17s have a new game against Sweden.

73. Rodrigo Ribeiro, who had just entered, signed the fifth goal of the national team with the first touch of the ball with a good kick.

69. Afonso Moreira, after a quick counter-attack, was isolated and scored the fourth goal of Portugal.

62. Scotland is reduced. McKinsey, after an individual initiative, outplayed the Portuguese goalkeeper.

46. ​​The second part begins.

45. Portugal come into the break beating Scotland 3-0.

36. João Veloso signed Portugal’s third goal with a penalty.

26. Dinis Rodrigues took advantage of Ivan Lima’s left cross to score Portugal’s second goal.

15. Dinis Rodriguez had everything to score, but his rebound went wide.

8. Ivan Lima puts Portugal ahead at the first opportunity. Rodriguez attempted an acrobatic throw but missed the ball and it was up to his teammate to take advantage of the opportunity to score.

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1. Launch the game.


Scotland: Pazikas, Kingdon, Mackenzie, Allen, MacArthur Cap, Jackson, Rice, Reed, O’Donnell, Moore and Wilson.

Substitutes: Mahadi, Bruce, Dede, Lobban, Cooper, Miller, Macleod, Laidlaw and Wales.

Portugal: Diogo Fernandes, Joao Conceicao, Diogo Monteiro-Cap, Joao Moniz, Leonardo Barroso, Dario Essugo, Ussuman Djalo, Joao Veloso, Ivan Lima, Afonso Moreira and Jose Dinis Rodriguez,

Substitutes: Francisco Silva, Rafael Luis, Joao Vasconcelos, Manuel Mendonza, Thiago Andrade, Vivaldo Semedo, Luis Gomes, Rodrigo Ribeiro and Martim Fernandes.

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BALL – “Real Madrid’s defense is bad” (Champions League)



BALL - "Real Madrid's defense is bad" (Champions League)

UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin spoke about the men’s and women’s Champions League finals, highlighting the presence of Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively, two clubs promoting the so-called Super League, a project designed with some emblems but no legs to walk on.

“I have no problems with Real Madrid, although at the moment I am not in contact with the board. But Real Madrid’s place in the Champions League final testifies to the purity of UEFA competition. Real Madrid and Barcelona are in the men’s and women’s finals. No one interfered,” he stressed in his statements to the Slovenes. Sports.

Čeferin also analyzed the performance of the teams: “In the semi-finals, I doubted that Real Madrid would be able to knock out Manchester City, especially after losing the first game. But it looks like they have nine lives, just like cats. This is an experienced team. In my opinion, the protection is bad. They have the wonderful Karim Benzema, who is often referred to as one of the most underrated players in football history. Luka Modric the older the better. But Liverpool have younger players and they have very important experience for the final. It’s going to be an incredibly interesting finale.”

We remind you that the final is scheduled for May 28, at 20:00, in Paris.

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A BOLA – Irmãos Lenho teaches sports driving in Viana do Castelo (football)



A BOLA – Irmãos Lenho teaches sports driving in Viana do Castelo (football)

Thiago Lenyu and his brother Nelson Lenyu, sporting directors of Gil Vicente and Boavista respectively, are guests of honor at the O Dirigente Desportivo training session tonight sponsored by AF Viana do Castelo.

The responsible guilista, who graduated in environmental engineering and postgraduate in management and organization of professional football, shared his experience in those functions, the experience that a chess manager received, who received a degree in management and organization of professional football, as well as postgraduate/international advanced training The technical management of football also left their testimony.

The former was one of the hard workers in the Barcelos team’s sensational campaign, which guaranteed an unprecedented qualification for the European Cups, and the latter played an important role in the calmness with which the chess players achieved consistency.

The event, which takes place in the Centro Empresarial de Viana do Castelo – AIMinho, is moderated by Jorge Dantas, Professor at the Viana do Castelo Graduate School of Education.

Also noteworthy is the presence in the hall of Joao Carlos Costa, Portugal’s assistant coach Fernando Santos.

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