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R. Kelly, a life marked by allegations of sexual assault



R. Kelly, a life marked by allegations of sexual assault

Musician R. Kelly is on trial for sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children. The trial began on August 18 and is taking place in New York.

The 54-year-old American musician R. Kelly has been overshadowed by accusations of sexual assault, many of which concerned minors, for most of his life. For decades, the singer has not been convicted, although in 2008 he appeared in court, during which charges were dropped against him.

Now R. Kelly is again on trial in New York on suspicion of 22 crimes, including sexual exploitation of children, production of child pornography, extortion and obstruction of justice. The trial began on August 18, after more than a year delay due to the pandemic, and was held in US federal court in Brooklyn.

Assistant Attorney General Maria Cruz Melendez described the singer as “a man who has used his fame, his popularity and the network of people at his disposal for decades to recruit, train and exploit girls, boys and young women for sexual activities. satisfaction. “The case against R. Kelly is based on the charges of six women, and four of them are expected to testify in court.

The indictment says the singer, who received the three grams, used a group of managers, bodyguards and other staff to recruit victims, who then threatened them if they escaped. The musician denies the accusations dating back to 1994 to 2018. If convicted on all charges, the singer could be sentenced to terms ranging from 10 years to life in prison.

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The first prosecution witness, identified as Geronda Pace, said the musician began having sex with her in 2009 when he was just 16 years old. The victim, now 28, was one of the first women to publicly indict the singer and testify against R. Kelly during the first two days of the trial.

In her testimony, Pace said that she was forced to obey strict rules whenever she visited the singer’s house, including being forced to call him “daddy.” The young woman also explained that she was obliged to abide by “Rob’s rules” and that she once broke the established rules. “It was then that he hit me and strangled me until I passed out,” he said, remembering only the fall to the floor of R. Kelly’s house in Chicago.

Although she was only 16, Pace said the singer wanted her to dress to look younger: “He wanted me to pull my hair in a ponytail and dress like a girl scout,” she told the jury. Geronda Pace also stated that she initially told the musician that he was 19 years old. However, when he discovered the truth, R. Kelly did not lose interest in the young woman.

The singer’s lawyers tried to portray the victim as a jealous “superfan” inventing lies when Kelly lost interest in her. “I really did stalk you, didn’t I?” – Asked him during interrogation Devereaux Cannik, one of the singer’s lawyers. Pace is currently married and has four children. He also claims to have contracted herpes from Kelly, and the prosecution claims the singer deliberately passed on the disease to him.

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At the end of his testimony, Chris McGrath, the singer’s doctor with 25 years of experience, told the jury that he was 100% sure that the singer had herpes and that he prescribed her treatment in 2007, explaining to him that he had to report the contagious illness to their sexual partners.

On the fourth day of the trial, she was summoned to testify in favor of the second prosecutor. The woman, identified as Unidentified Woman # 5, accuses the singer of forcing her to have oral sex when she was 17 years old. The woman says she met R. Kelly in 2015 in a Florida hotel room to meet the singer at a professional audition.

The young woman told the musician that she would not be here to “satisfy” him, but R. Kelly was insistent, saying that if he did what he asked, they could go to the audition. The prosecution reveals that the singer had sex with this woman several times when he was 48 years old and did not tell her that he had herpes.

The relationship will continue between them, and in 2017 a young woman will become pregnant from a musician. R. Kelly will force a woman to have an abortion.

Singer Alia also became one of the victims of the American musician. The two were allegedly married in an illegal ceremony when the singer was 30 and the young girl 15. R. Kelly bribed a government official to falsify Alia’s age and produce a marriage certificate. R. Kelly was the singer’s music producer on her debut album and has previously denied the allegations. The singer died in a plane crash at the age of 22 in 2001.

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R. Kelly pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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Fall in love again? The possible reason for the breakup of Raquel Prates and Joao Murillo



Fall in love again?  The possible reason for the breakup of Raquel Prates and Joao Murillo

This took the couple’s followers by surprise, especially after nearly 20 years of marriage, 16 of which were husband and wife. At the beginning of the month Raquel Prates e Joao Murillo announced a divorce. The news was originally put forward in the press.and then confirmed by two, through a long statement.

Meanwhile, the businesswoman and the artist will move forward in their lives, but it seems that from Raquel Prates’ side, that may not be the case. According to the magazine new peopleformer presenter maybe you’re already in love.

The same publication says that this was the main reason that the couple decided to put an end to the relationship. The magazine notes that back in May, Raquel Prates appeared at the birthday party of the Bairro Alto Hotel.accompanied by a plastic artist whom he has known for several years“, to whom “expressed his love, saying this even to some of those present“.

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“The flag was a disrespect… a sadness…”



Luísa Castel-Branco critica espetáculo de Anitta: “A bandeira foi falta de respeito… uma tristeza…”

Luisa Castel-Branco was this Wednesday, June 29, on “Dois at 10” along with Antonio Bravo and Gonzalo Quinas to comment on the latest celebrity news.

One of the topics covered was Anitta’s “controversial” concert at Rock in Rio Lisboa last Sunday, June 26th.

Luisa Castel-Branco left some criticism about Anitta holding the Spanish flag during the show, but not only.

“The flag was disrespectful, here it works in relation to Spain, as it works in France in relation to Belgium (…) no one would remember in Spain, at a concert, picking up the Portuguese flag, they would not leave alive”started talking.

Also read: Anitta “reacts” to the controversy after taking the stage at Rock In Rio with a Spanish flag.

As for the concert itself, the writer repeated: “I think the flag is sad, I think the reproduction… deserves more, that’s what I say, Iveta Sangalo, 50 years old and I don’t know how old, sings there. But the criticism of the clothes: the gentleman who was there before was naked and no one complained.”ended, finally, with a speech in defense of Anitta.

Watch the moment here.

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Never-before-seen footage of Carolina Loureiro partying with a few friends



Never-before-seen footage of Carolina Loureiro partying with a few friends

Carolina Loureiro celebrated another birthday last Thursday, June 23rd. However, the celebration of the date took place only this weekend, at a special meeting of friends.

Along with some of his closest friends, among whom also stand out are a few colleagues such as actors. Diogo Valsassina, Bruna Quintas, Fernando Pires, Guilherme Mouraor more Luis Garcia e Joana Duartelife giving actress Nazareth and novella’Honeymoonbeamed as he shared some photos from the party.

Thank you friends for the 30th anniversary Love you all“, the actress wrote in the caption of a post she made on Instagram, which was once again filled with comments for the actress, many of whom took the opportunity to once again wish the actress a happy birthday.

It was amazing, thanks“, He wrote Joao Mansarra which, despite not being in the photographs, indicates that he was also one of the guests. “Pretty. you deserve“, “You are wonderful“, “These photos have brought radiance to our day and a huge smile to our hearts!“, or “You deserve all the best and the very best“, are other examples of common reactions.

What is not in the photos! Georgina Rodriguez shared a unique video of Cristianoinho’s birthday in Mallorca

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