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Lula, FHC and such a policy. Or: center, anti-fascism and false polarization – 08/23/2021



Lula, FHC and such a policy.  Or: center, anti-fascism and false polarization - 08/23/2021

We are all so busy reporting the conspirators’ reproaches and fighting their wrongdoing that when faced with highly political action, we have a certain alienated reaction: “Wow! Did he do it and said so? ” What a miserable time these are! I will be dealing with the political meetings that former President Lula held in the northeast. And also a blatant failure obliging all preliminary candidates to unite as a “third way.” A quick note before I continue: there can be no neutral or exclusive journalism in defense of democracy, unless it is seen as an exception and neutral towards … protection democracy! The scam is not the “other side”. Fraud is a crime. Forward.

Lula, the likely PT presidential candidate, has already met with the governor of Pernambuco, Paulo Camara, who belongs to the PSB. Cousins ​​Marilia Arraes (PT) and João Campus (PSB) participated in the 2020 election campaign in Recife and won the dispute. The confrontation was not instructive at all. Today, PSB has a heterogeneity that worries defenders of a legend that is more center-left oriented. There were, for example, 11 deputies who spoke in favor of the print vote. Lula took it upon himself to smooth out the edges. Want the party to take place on your platform. In politics, conversations tend to diminish such lines rather than coincidences.

The proximity of PT and PSB is not surprising. Eduardo Campos, tragically killed in a plane crash, ran for president in 2014, the vacancy was later filled by Marina Silva, but there is a history of partnerships between the subtitles. What, shall we say, is a bit “outside the box” today is Lula’s meeting with Senator Tasso Jereissati (CE), one of the PSDB presidential candidates. Then the toucan didn’t pick it up. On his social media, the PT member wrote the following:
“Democracy is at the center of the discussion. The Democrats of this country are responsible for saving the civilization of Brazilian politics for the good of Brazil. “

Lula was also with another former PT partner: Senator Sid Gomes (PDT-CE), the brother of presidential candidate Ciro Gomes, who never spoke unflattering words about the PT member and his party. Of course, the conversation wasn’t going on behind Chiro’s back. And here there is no point in announcing a possible future alliance, etc. But it is clear that forces other than politics unite, at least for the moment, in one observation: there is a significant evil in politics, namely the destructive and fascist temptation … And it must be removed. How much this “chorus of opposites” consists of a variety of voices.

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Sid told Follier the right thing. And he seems to have heard a reasonable consideration:
“He [Lula] he expressed his concern, as I did, about Bolsonaro’s attacks on democracy. And he talked about the need for overparty action to counter this. “

But what about Chiro’s harshly criticized PT postulate? Sid stated:
“He [Lula] he said he understood Cyrus’s position. He even said that if he was ahead of Chiro in the polls, then he [Lula] this is what I will criticize “

No one who knows Lulu doubts that he could have said this to his interlocutor. At the moment, to use a metaphor that often appears in the vocabulary of candidate candidates at the center, he is looking more for bridges than building walls.

In an interview with Correio Braziliense published on Monday, former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who has already announced his support for the toucan João Doria, said he could vote for Lulu in the second round if his candidate does not make it to the final showdown. :
“At the moment I think that [reeleição] Lula is directly less traumatic for Brazil. This does not mean that I do not want to receive it through the PSDB. Of course I do! But it is one thing to be willing and to work in this direction, and another thing to analyze reality. So at the moment, between Lula and Bolsonaro, I think Lula is better. “

Here is the FHC, PSDB President Emeritus, harming toucans again? That would be a stupid question. It only testifies to a commitment to democracy and an acceptance of facts. Today – and this does not mean that it will remain so – the second round will be played between Lula and Bolsonaro. Depending on how much the president pulls the rope and invests in violence – and the hypothesis that other postulates are on the path of fragmentation – even a first-round victory for the PC could not be ruled out. But the point here is different.

Lula spoke first
So let’s see. On his way through the northeast, a region where he has an overwhelming advantage over Bolsonaro, Lula spoke with expressions of all the forces he believed could be in opposition to Bolsonar in the ensuing second round. And also with those whom you would like to immediately have in your company.

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Obviously, he cares about his candidacy, but he also defends democracy – and that, yes, is under threat today. If there is no risk of a coup, and I do not think there is, then there is the possibility of great spells. And there is no shortage of irresponsible people who feed and rekindle bloody illusions. Remember that the invasion of the Capitol claimed the lives of five people in the United States.

What does the FHC say? Between Democracy and Fascistoid Discourse; between the rules of the game and the breakdown; between a civilized political confrontation – since he is not a physical member – and the logic of destroying the “other”, he is playing a democratic game. And so he could vote for the PT, although he is committed to nominating his party.

However, please know: Lula himself preceded the FHC in explicitly stating that in 2022, if he is not in the second round – or eventually another PT – he will vote for anyone other than Bolsonaro.

Do you know what it all means? That he reads the game correctly. Although this position may not be unanimous in his party, this is what a person who would be the president of the republic thinks today. Recognize yourself: Lula’s conversations are broader than ever on this journey. And for now, at least that’s right, don’t leak a single note of resentment into your speech.

So I’m back to where I started. There are, of course, thugs here saying, “Look how Reinaldo became a member of PT!” No! See how Reinaldo continues to champion politics. And now there is confirmation to say “Dorista” …

The trap that the candidate from the “center” cannot fall into is the “no-no” speech. You should not postulate a vacancy, so as not to be neither the one nor the other. The rhetorical architecture of “no” evokes more disgust than addiction. You have to submit things. I never understood why PSDB did not call itself the “vaccination side” right after the first dose of Coronavac was administered.

The group was more or less cold and silent in defending the immunizing agent, although Doria was under false bombardment by Bolsonaro and his militias. Even if the governor was mistaken in deciding the party issue, he has something to offer as a positive assessment: the question is not only about not being either Bolsonaro or Lula. It’s about being something. PSDB has had to be committed to making its name for a long time. Instead … Oh, of course! Doria himself makes the mistake of considering Sergio Moro a model democrat. But that’s another time.

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There is one more thing – and I am finishing the last chain. So far I have not heard from any candidate running for the center that, without being in the second round, any name is preferable to Bolsonar. This has not happened yet. “Ah, that would be the same as announcing a vote for Lulu …” No!

It just so happens that I do not accept being betrayed. I would like to have an alternative to such a “center”. But I don’t want to feel inwardly annoyed that I gave him my vote in the first round and then saw that he became close to Bolsonaro in the second round, or, even worse, proclaimed “neutrality.” Neutrality towards the fascistoid is the stuff of … the embarrassed fascistoid – and therefore with a very specific form of shamelessness.

Lula leads the polls because he and his party are involved in politics – in addition, of course, to the fact that he is one of the candidates from Brazilian politicians, and many millions of people remember his government well.

Another consideration for the center postulates: stop talking about “avoiding polarization.” There is no polarization between Bolsonaro and Lula. To do this, the fascistoid had to fight the extreme left committed to creating the conditions for an armed struggle for socialism.

Does Lula fit this figure? I do not think so! Are you going to talk to Sarney, Center, Tasso, Sid, FHC and anyone else who wants to talk?

The center can give a name – which I believe already exists – when it can tell the voter “WHY TO VOTE FOR THIS INSTEAD OF VOTING FOR OTHERS,” and when it makes it clear that there is an unacceptable line against which to vote in lesser evil.

FHC and Lula, two former presidents, have already understood the nature of the game.

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Pabllo Vittar appears live and announces the vote for the politician: “He helped my family.”



Pabllo Vittar appears live and announces the vote for the politician: "He helped my family."

Pabllo Vittar appears at a political event for Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s campaign and announces what his vote will be in the next presidential election.

Monday evening (26th) Pablo Vittar surprised his followers by appearing on superlive Brazil Hopewhich took place in Sao Paulo. The event was the last Luis Inacio Lula da Silvacandidate for the presidency of the republic.

On stage, the most popular drag queen in the world decided to say a few words before the performance Luquinhaswho does he work with come back to stay. Directly, the artist ordered to vote for the politician and recalled how important the government was in her life.

“I wanted to tell you how important it is to appreciate culture and education in our country. Mr. President, if you are listening to me, know that I love you very much and it is thanks to you that I have become one of the greatest artists in the country.”began Pablo Vittar.

“Bolsa Familia helped me a lot. [família]when we needed it the most and I will never forget it. I will vote like never before, with the belief that I must renew the history of this country and that we can live better years. Not only for artists, but also for maids, cooks, porters and people who really need it.”— added the singer.


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Woman in political exercise as a RIG professional



Women in institutional and government response

Women working in political, business and public environments are perceived as professionals in institutional and government relations (RIG), or lobby/advocacymore and more accepted and recognized.

The professional woman in RIG stands out for her knowledge of the legislative process and, above all, her ability to argue and defend positions, as well as to build narratives that convince political actors to defend certain projects, influence and set agendas for committee meetings and plenary sessions. meetings in the Legislative Chambers.

Thus, the power of the RelGovers women, or women in RIG, is not small. This, too, is deserving of contempt and restraint, which often comes from practices that threaten their body, voice, and perspective because they are women.

Historical aspects and how we are now

It is known that the construction of female and male identities and the formation of male superiority and dominance were determined by the biological and historically constructed fate of generations. The woman will have to procreate and take care of the family structure, while the man will be responsible for material diligence about livelihood and external contacts with the surrounding society.

In this context, the advancement of women in the socio-economic and political environment was perceived as opposing male domination, which consequently led to the development of forms of violence against women and the understanding of such violence.

However, there is a concern that increases with each generation and is accompanied by new ways of perceiving women in society and their social functions. The problems of the political rise of minority groups and insecure access to fundamental rights were overcome by creating state structures and laws that allowed social and political development based on access to rights. Two important political and legal advances have been made in advancing the figure and body of women beyond niches: access to specific public rights and policies and their economic empowerment.

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At present, the premises of the Legislative Chambers and state bodies are occupied by more and more women, who differ from men in figures, as a rule, white and middle-aged. However, the data also show that access to jobs, especially leadership positions, is dominated by men.

Understanding the problems associated with the increasing role of women in public and political life is largely related to understanding the forms of violence against women that are committed daily in these conditions. After all, it is through violence that we see resistance to the empowerment and social, economic and political ascent of women in society. When women occupy predominantly male positions, such as the legislative chamber, the judiciary, and the executive, the complexity of apparently patriarchal structures is called into question.

Violence Against Women RelGovers

How do we women of RelGovers feel and be victims of violence at different times in a professional context? Violence is felt, for example, when a woman is suddenly interrupted by a man in a meeting. This phenomenon is now known as interrupt and formally considered psychological abuse.

There are also situations in which a woman, realizing her expertise and positions, explains something important from a technical point of view, and then watches how a person internalizes his explanation and idea. This phenomenon is also recognized as psychological violence, the so-called. bropriation.

When more attention is paid to male figures, which happens when formal positions are declared in masculine rather than feminine, there is symbolic abuse due to the misuse of the masculine term when a woman holds office. and function.

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Women in politics in numbers

Studies such as the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the World Economic Forum, an organization that promotes reflection on the parliamentary context of several countries, condemn this Brazil ranks 142nd in ranging with 192 countries, in terms of women’s participation in politics. Also, according to the World Economic Forum, Brazil ranked 93rd out of 156 countries in 2021 for the presence of women in formal political power.

The decline in the presence of women in politics is so strong on a global scale that it deserves a separate term to explain this phenomenon. secessiontranslates as feminine recession. Studies show that under the current scenario, it will take 135.6 years to achieve full equality between women and men..

In addition, the IBGE gender indicators condemn various aspects of inequality. Women have the best educational records, have the best school attendance rates, and make up the majority of the population with tertiary education in Brazil. However, only 39.1% of leadership positions are held by women and Men’s earnings are on average 20.5% higher than women’s.

women in congress

It is important to note that in the Legislature from 2018 to 2022 in the Chamber of Deputies there are 77 deputies out of a total of 513. On the other hand, in the Federal Senate there are 16 senators out of a total of 81.

In the RIG environment, men make up the majority in career and leadership positions, making up 60% of coordinators and 70% of directors. Only assistant and analyst positions are dominated by women, accounting for 60% and 58% of positions, respectively.

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look into the future

The statistics give us a difficult scenario for women as they show the persistence of inequalities between women and men. Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, offers us the continuity of efforts and the importance of women occupying formal spaces of power: “When a woman enters politics, a woman changes. When many women enter politics, politics changes.”

Thus, advocacy before parliaments, which comes with the proposition of guidelines and legislative proposals and with the construction of qualified information – reports, policy analyzes and technical notes, demonstrates how the implementation of institutional and governmental relations expands the debate about public life. politics and law, and the promotion of different points of view and interests that deserve to be represented.

A gradual change in scenario with more women in RIG careers, in addition to advances in research and legislation to protect women and empower them socioeconomically, presents a promising picture. Overcoming the structures of patriarchal domination and inequality between women and men is slow, but gradually, women began to be perceived, heard and respected. This is what we are looking for more and more.

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At Roda Viva, Enrique Meirelles answers questions about the future in politics



At Roda Viva, Enrique Meirelles answers questions about the future in politics

Interview with Roda Viva this Monday (26) Enrique Meirelles, former President of the Central Bank in the two governments of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

Former finance minister under Michel Temer and most recently financial secretary to former governor Joao Doria, he was also international president of BankBoston between 1996 and 1999 and candidate for President of the Republic in the 2018 elections for the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB). .

As finance minister, he approved labor reform and PEC 95, known as PEC do Seto dos Gastos Publicos. In this final stretch of the election campaign, he declared his support for the PT. He does not rule out talks about participating in a possible Lula government, but has already said that the budget ceiling must be maintained and respected.

In the program, he answers whether he will try to enter political life again or not. In 2018, he was MDB’s presidential candidate. He finished in seventh place with 1.2% of the valid votes.

“I am not a career politician, I applied in 2002 and was elected, and then went to the Central Bank, so I did not make a political career. After running for president in 2018, I thought I should make a proposal to the country. I did it and I think I did well. But I am not a professional politician. I was invited to be a candidate for senators, I analyzed it well and came to the conclusion that this is not what I want. I understand that this is not the time to start [a ser político]” replies.

Alex Ribeiro, Special Reporter for Valor Econômico, Alvaro Gribel, Columnist for O Globo, Economic Columnist for TV Gazeta Denise Campos de Toledo, Special Reporter for Folha de S. Paulo Julio Wiziack, and Tais Carranza, Reporter for BBC News, Brazil.

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See the full program:

With the presentation of Vera Magalhaes, the program will be broadcast live at 22:00 on the Kultura TV channel. broadcaster websitechannel do YouTube, Dailymotionand on social networks Twitter e facebook.

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