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George Clooney. Big screen star, real life volunteer



George Clooney.  Big screen star, real life volunteer

When you Google the name Laglio, the results show images of green landscapes, romantic landscapes, magnificent millionaire mansions on the shores of Lake Como, the third largest in Italy. But now the scenario is different. The torrential rains that hit the center of Europe left a trail of rubble behind them, water invaded every corner, forced families to leave their homes and created a huge fear of what will happen later.

But now, out of the chaos, an unexpected hero emerged: to alleviate the suffering of the most affected, the American actor George Clooney, who has been in love with the region for over 20 years and the owner villa by the lake, he “rolled up his sleeves” and promises to help everyone that is needed.


Last Tuesday, July 27, clouds covered the sky with a large black patch and “opened the doors” to heavy rain, leading to a scenario of “terror” for the inhabitants of northern Italy.

While rains lasting more than three days destroyed the less stable houses, residents sought safe places to hide. Mud and debris descended from the mountains and rained down on this one of the most prestigious tourist areas in Italy. But from there there may be his salvation: this area is often visited by famous names on the big screens. And George Clooney was one of the first to help.

Since 2002, the Villa Oleandra mansion has been the place that the actor and his family choose for summer holidays. Clooney spent 12 million euros on this “little paradise” that his family and friends enjoyed. With sensational views of the water and the Alps, an imposing villa It has 25 halls, its own pier, an open-air cinema and a huge park, which was the arena of solidarity actions organized by the artist. The Obamas were the last lucky recipients of a long list of dignitaries at the mansion. But names like The Dukes of Sussex, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Jenniffer Aniston, Michael Douglas, and Catherine Zeta Jones, among other stars, have passed through her. Last summer, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spent a short honeymoon vacation with George, Amal and their children.

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Although this period of the pandemic prevented owners from returning to Villa Oleandra as often as they would like, the family had already been there for several weeks at the time of the disaster. And Clooney wasted no time. He immediately went to the hardest hit areas and, along with other volunteers, helped with the removal and removal of debris. He went on to announce that he would use his visibility to try to raise funds for Laglio, not least because his own mansion was damaged and destroyed by rain-washed mud and debris.


According to Roberto Pozzi, Mayor of Laglio, in a statement to the British newspaper Time, “Clooney quickly solved the problem on his own.” “He went straight to the municipality to find out what happened, and we took a walk to check the damage,” Pozzi explained. “I was very worried and said that I want to help. We are going to raise funds and he will use his own ‘channels’ for this so that we can help people who are left homeless, ”he added.

Clooney himself spoke on Italian television and began by apologizing for not being able to speak the language: “This is much worse than I thought,” he said in English. “In Cernobbio [uma cidade mais ao sul] the situation is serious, and in Laglio it is even worse. I spoke with the president and it will be a great job. It will cost millions of dollars! But I believe that this city is strong, Roberto Pozzi will react, and it will turn into something even better than it was before. It is a city with a great ability to resist, ”he defended.

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“Anyone who comes to Laglio will pull out their hair because of the severity of the situation,” confirmed Pozzi. Once… “About half a million cubic meters of materials flooded the city. We need the government to declare a state of emergency and provide us with additional financial support, ”he asked. to the english newspaper The sunPozzi added that he was forced to “order the evacuation of 60 residents living in hazardous areas, and four houses near George’s house were destroyed during the flood.”


Clooney’s relationship with the entire Lake Como region and in particular with Laglio, which has only 900 inhabitants, has a long history. In 2004, the Laglio City Council named him “an honored citizen”, expressing the wish that the artist stay there “for a long time.” “His connection to the city is already a legacy that no one can take from us,” said then-mayor Giuseppe Mantero. But, despite the fact that the shooting location always met the expectations of the actor, in 2010 such wide publicity caused problems: not only the actor’s friends came. Fans began to invade Oleandra’s villa, and it was assumed that the actor was planning to sell it. Thus, in order to avoid harassment and unwanted guests, a rule was issued in 2014 prohibiting approaching the mansion at a distance of less than 100 meters, at the risk of paying a fine of 500 euros.

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Linda de Souza’s son updates singer’s health status: ‘I got scared when we realized she was having a hard time feeding herself’



Linda de Souza's son updates singer's health status: 'I got scared when we realized she was having a hard time feeding herself'

In early September, the French press reported that the Portuguese singer Linda de Souza was hospitalized with a diagnosis ofdelicate and serious“. The newspapers even wrote that there were chances for recovery.”scarce.

Little is known about what could have motivated such a situation, it is only noted that the artist suffered from a high temperature, and also in “advanced state of dementia“, about agent Linda de Souza was forced to make a statement clarifying the state of health of the singer.

His health, weakened by violent fevers, is improving.“, – said in a message, September 14.

Linda de Souza’s agent clarifies the singer’s state of health: “She has been bedridden for ten days.”

Happy this Monday, September 26, the singer’s son, John Speerwas in an interview program ‘Julia‘. In addition to telling about the story of his life, also related to music, the singer began with new information about maternal health.

My mom is feeling better, she’s getting better, she’s getting better, and I even saw her last Tuesday.“, – he began with an appeal to the artist’s son, Giulia Pineiro.

As Joao Lance confirmed, Linda de Souza was infected with Covid-19at the beginning of the pandemic, after going through a more delicate phase:He had a lung infection and unfortunately we already know what it’s like. And she also smokes. With a busy and complicated life, didn’t come to the rescue“, he stressed.

However, the health status of the singerCard Suitcaseworsened in August of that year, forcing him to be hospitalized:She developed a rather strong and high temperature, and she had to be hospitalized. On August 23, my mother was admitted to the hospital. She was hospitalized, and since then, as you understand, I have been constantly in touch with her, with the doctors who are watching her, and if not by phone, then after that I always visit me.“.

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Despite this, Joao Lanza does not hide the initial period of the greatest trouble with the health of the singer: “There was some anxiety, and I was also afraid. However, the situation was never very serious, contrary to what was said. And so it was soon discovered in time. And then it should never be too serious. Where I was a little more wary when we realized she was having a hard time eating.“, – admitted Joao Lanza.

Julia Pinheiro also asked the son of Linda de Souza about the news, which also concerned mobility problems artist.

No it is not true. So far, there are no signs of this, and people know her, know her character, and thank God, she is still doing well at this level. She accompanies very well, you can see us surrounded by friends“, he concluded at the end of the program.

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Three women saw their ex in “Married at First Sight” ad and filed a police report – Television



Three women saw their ex in "Married at First Sight" ad and filed a police report - Television

His name is George Roberts, he is 40 years old and is one of the most popular entrants in Married at First Sight in England, a format that has also been held three times in Portugal. Experts married him to a former miss, and this couple became the most popular in the English program. But the audience never saw the real George, at least judging by the complaints that the three ex-boyfriends of the contestants filed with the police, barely guessing that he would be on the show.

The show’s wedding was very well received by the audience.

The show’s wedding was very well received by the audience.

” data-title=”Wedding show very well received by viewers – 3 women saw their ex in Married at First Sight commercial and filed a police complaint – MAGG”>

The show’s wedding was very well received by the audience.

George is accused of being “manipulative”, “abusive”, “controlling”, “obsessed” and more. The complaints were filed individually by at least three ex-girlfriends, who apparently did not know each other or did not agree among themselves. The tone is the same for everyone: “Emotional abuse.” According to The Sun, the women were “horrified” when they saw George in the show’s promotional trailer. They started by reporting alleged violations to the production of the program, but they were ignored and would later go to the police.

George is 40 years old, a financial advisor, has a 4-year-old daughter and was married by experts to April Banbury, who was named Miss United Kingdom in 2020. The marriage was very successful, and the couple is a favorite. with the audience of the show. However, according to already known reports, the relationship will not change for a long time. “I am so shocked to see that he was given a podium on a TV show.“, – told the English newspaper one of the plaintiffs and the former George, who claims to have already told a lot about who the real George is, now the wife of a competitor. “I sent him a message and already told him that I reported him to the police. They asked for more information, which I gave, and they never told me anything.” Before that, the ex explains how she tried other ways. “I contacted the show’s producer and told them that he was a known emotional and mental abuser. women.” One of the other applicants also confirmed to an English newspaper that she had lodged a complaint with the authorities. “I sent everything I had. They said they would look into the matter.”

A spokesman for a competitor heard by The Sun denies everything. George vehemently denies the allegations.As the girl’s father, he finds these accusations deeply disturbing and does not condone such insults or behave in such a way. These allegations have never been brought to their attention, investigated or dealt with by the police for good reason, as they are simply untrue.”

The producer and Channel 4, who is in charge of the program, assured that competitors are closely monitored and “any allegations of this kind are taken very seriously.” “We are working closely with the production to ensure that all contestants are subjected to rigorous background and psychological background checks, including the most rigorous police checks.”

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Buddy Matthews may be leaving AEW



Buddy Matthews may be leaving AEW

Recently, Malachi Black asked to leave AEWand his wish was granted. This caused some uncertainty about the future of the House of Black, but the remaining fighters became a tag team.

However, according to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Buddy Matthews may also be leaving AEW. Friday Grand Slam Rampagewas place in The Great Muta, he will give up programming for a while.

The Australian fighter has been unhappy with his position in AEW over the past few months. However, for now, despite the problems, Buddy Matthews should take a break from the ring.

The Fighting Life of a Pro Struggle shared a video from his event yesterday, in which the House of Black member addressed the audience after his match, confirming this temporary waiver.

Unfortunately, tonight I will be the bearer of bad news. As you all know, the House of Black has been having some problems lately. Like all members of the group, I speak behind the fourth wall, we want to thank you all for being a member of the House of Black.

Unfortunately, I, like some other participants, need to be away for a while. I need to recalibrate. I need to understand some things. As my brother Malakai once said, this is not goodbye, this is before we meet again.

Do you think AEW will miss Buddy Matthews?

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