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Generation change or ignorance: blaming American politicians for sex scandals



Generation change or ignorance: blaming American politicians for sex scandals

Andrew Cuomo is another influential politician accused of sexual harassment in the United States, claiming he knows no generations. afp_tickers

This content was published on August 11, 2021 – 12:27 AM


Andrew Cuomo, who recently stepped down as governor of New York City over allegations of sexual harassment, linked his behavior – like many other politicians – to changing cultural norms, which critics see as a strategy of evading responsibility.

Cuomo, 63, insisted he always acted within limits, even when several women, including former employees, began testifying against him.

But on Tuesday (10), a week after the state’s Attorney General’s appalling report was published, which spoke of inappropriate touching and intimidation of prosecutors, the politician said that he now understands that the boundaries have changed.

“I got to know people very well. My sense of humor can be insensitive and unpleasant, ”the governor defended in a long speech in which he announced his resignation.

“In my opinion, I did not cross the line with anyone,” the governor said for almost three terms.

“But I didn’t realize how much the borders were redrawn. There are generational and cultural changes that I have not fully processed, ”he stressed.

Cuomo, who has often praised his efforts to end discrimination in employment, is not the only influential person accused of sexual harassment to attribute immoral behavior to ignorance.

– “Captured Power” –

Former Senator Al Franken, who stepped down from Congress in 2017 after a wave of accusations of touching and kissing without consent, said he “learned from recent stories” that he crossed “the line for some women.”

President Joe Biden himself has faced several accusations of inappropriate physical contact, which he and his supporters attribute to his warm style.

“I have invaded your space. I’m really sorry that this happened, ”Biden said when asked to apologize during his 2020 presidential campaign. “I’m not sorry in the sense that I think I did something that was intentionally done in order to do something wrong or inappropriate.”

For Jean Shinzdak, director of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, this defense is “an insincere and meaningless argument.”

“This behavior has always been unacceptable,” he told AFP. “There is nothing new about being irrelevant.”

“What has happened is that now our society understands that it is inappropriate, that women have been suffering from it for a long time, and it is no longer acceptable for them to suffer.”

Audrey Nelson, a Colorado-based gender communications expert, called Cuomo a “scapegoat” blaming generational disunity.

“Personal space is personal space,” he told AFP. “It’s not generations.”

Intruding into that space, “if you want to reduce it to a simple concept, it’s about power,” Nelson guaranteed.

She recalled the administration of former Democratic President Bill Clinton, who was accused of sexual harassment by several women in the 1990s and who, according to Nelson, “was known for dragging people with him” when he greeted them.

“You held out your hand, and then he grabbed your hand and pulled,” Nelson recalled. “This is a seizure of power.” It’s the same with Cuomo, he added: “It’s about winning.”

– “Good intentions” –

Several Republican politicians, including former President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh, have also been charged with sexual assault.

Shinzdak praised the #MeToo movement for “highlighting the issue of harassment and abuse and giving women a voice and a platform to share their stories.”

“It was tantamount to a cultural earthquake in the political world, and we will feel its echoes for a long time to come,” he said.

For Nelson, part of this quake means that the “intent” that politicians, including Cuomo, have quoted to explain that they never intended to harm the victims, are no longer a valid excuse to justify bad behavior.

“Keep in mind. Pay attention, ”he said. “Hell is full of people with good intentions.”

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Beja County President. “PSD wants to have more political weight in the region in 2025”



Beja County President.  "PSD wants to have more political weight in the region in 2025"

Gonçalo Valente, re-elected November 26 with 96% of the SDP activists in Beja, says the region “needs” to have social democrat-led city councils.

What made you re-run for president of the Beja constituency for the SDP?

I have never hidden the great love I have for my region, and as soon as possible I responded positively to the challenge of the SDP in the sense of helping the region in its weaknesses. This is exactly what I have been doing since 2019, with the activation of the JSD, several sections of the JSD district, the PSD section in Almodóvar, with the election of more representatives to the municipalities, with the restoration of many militants who were aloof from the participation policy. We also managed to reach a critical mass for a more active participation in the party. In short, I can say that the motive for my re-election was precisely the opportunity to continue the work that my team had already done and which was reflected in the percentage of votes that we were able to get in this election, 96%.

What is the highest priority for this mandate?

Unite people and ideals in the sense that we can create conditions for increasing political weight in the region from 2025. I believe that “the path is paved by walking”, and also that there is still much to be done in the area. At the moment we have many needs that need to be pointed out and it is vital that we continue to fight for them, among which I highlight the need for more continuing care units and the lack of health professionals. Our hospital is the only district hospital in the country that does not have an MRI machine. We have to improve the Beja airport and we need to electrify the railway. We need a motorway connection to Beja airport and we also need to benefit from the “triangulation” of Porto de Sines-Alqueva-Beja airport which is underused. Thus, it is a set of priorities that complement each other.

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“Just as I believe more in the sociology of the field than the secretary story, I also believe that in order to help people, we need to be closer to them.”

He says he wants to “leave the party where it deserves to be, run for election to win.” What is your strategy for this?

First of all, I must emphasize that I want to run for elections in order to win, exclusively for the region, and not power for the sake of power. PSD is the means by which we propose to improve the lives of the inhabitants of the Lower Alentejo. Therefore, we must always remember that a political party is the best tool we have at our disposal to better serve the people who are the true center of political action. My strategy involves a deep knowledge of the needs of the area, because only in this way can we arm ourselves with the most appropriate means to solve the problems and challenges that currently exist in the area, and there are quite a few of them. I intend, in line with what I have always done, to maintain a transparent and serious attitude so that people continue to trust us. Just as I believe more in field sociology than secretary storytelling, I also believe that in order to help people, we need to be closer to them. We have to experience their problems and really feel what people feel.

Do you think there will be conditions for the SDP to again lead the city council in the region in 2025?

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Of course yes! I am sure of it, and I also feel that the region has such a need. And from what I’m diagnosing, people now more than ever are aware of this shortcoming.

In Beja, the SDP-led coalition serves as a “balance point” in the PS-led executive with the same number of advisers as the CDU. How do you rate the performance of Nuno Palma Ferro?

Councilman Nuno Palma Ferro, with nobility and great responsibility, performed the function, as he rightly said, “the keeper of the balance.” He showed great accessibility and commitment to someone who loves his land. Without departing from social democratic ideals, he managed to give priority to what his municipality really interests – its development.

Did Luis Montenegro bring new enthusiasm to the party?

Luis Montenegro showed himself as a leader close to the structures and bases of the SDP, but, in fact, to the Portuguese. He was sharply opposed, reacting in a timely manner to the actions as well as to the inertia of the government, often putting pressure on him to take measures that he considered necessary for the good of the country.

Looking at the region, what worries you the most?

Undoubtedly and in general terms, territorial discrimination! I’m talking about oblivion, for which the central government constantly votes for us. Sometimes it seems to me that Alentejo as a whole is part of another country, different from the one that so often lives only by three F’s: Fatima, Football and Fado. And what a sad fate we have that without stadiums and patrons we fall into oblivion so many times. From a practical point of view, my main concern is the exodus of people from rural areas, which is a direct consequence of the aging of the population and the decline in investment in the region.

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Carlos posted a photo of Bolsonaro’s legs with a mug



Carlos posted a photo of Bolsonaro's legs with a mug

alderman Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicanos-RJ) posted today (4) on her Telegram channel a photo of the president’s leg Jair Bolsonaro (PL) com erysipelas, skin infection🇧🇷 According to the president’s son, the picture was taken “a few days ago.”

“My father developed an erysipelas on his leg. The photo was taken a few days ago. I was informed that at this stage he is already in the process of recovery and everything is going very well, ”the president’s son wrote. The publication did not allow user comments.

erysipelas is infection considered more common in people with circulatory problems or diabetes🇧🇷 The infection settles in the deepest part of the skin and is characterized by red and painful plaques. The condition mostly manifests itself in the legs – as in the case of Bolsonaro, according to his son.

The wanted adviser to the Palais Planalto did not comment on the publication of the president’s son. The federal government has not officially commented on the matter. The NGO Transparência Eleitoral Brasil even demanded greater clarity in the disclosure of Bolsonaro’s health..

December 4, 2022 – Message released by Councilor Carlos Bolsonaro on the condition of President Jair Bolsonaro’s leg, which has erysipelas.

Image: Reproduction / Telegram

After the elections, Bolsonaro remained silent and did not interfere in public affairs. Initially, the president’s associates claimed that this was due to erysipelas, but, as the observer notes UOL boy Alves, friends of the president are concerned about Bolsonaro’s behavior.

“He believed that there would be some change in the political scenario, in connection with demonstrations at the barracks and on the highways, but I think he realized that this was not possible,” expressed the opinion of a friend of the president who was with him last weekendat the graduation of cadets in Amana (Military Academy Agulhas Negras) in Rio, and who maintains frequent telephone contacts.

During the meeting, Vice President and Senator-elect Hamilton Murao urged Bolsonaro talk to your people, but the President left without speaking to supporters. According to the report, the closeness of Lula’s (PT) diplomacy as president-elect worsened Bolsonaro’s condition. UOL.

According to people close to him, the anticipation of Lula’s diplomacy, scheduled for December 12, made Bolsonaro feel even more depressed. “As the change of government approaches, he notes that the situation is irreversible,” said the politician, who was recently with the president.

The president’s isolation is also reflected in the virtual environment. As the WOL showsin November, Bolsonaro posted three times on Instagram and four times on Twitter and Facebook, in addition to abandoning the traditional Thursday life.

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The Venezuelan opposition demands from Maduro the date for the resumption of political dialogue – 04.12.2022



Germany sentenced Russian to life imprisonment for political murder by order of Moscow - 12/15/2021

CARACAS (Reuters) – The Venezuelan opposition has asked President Nicolás Maduro’s government to set a date for the resumption of political talks in Mexico that could ease the country’s long economic and political crisis.

Delegates from the government and the opposition met in Mexico City on November 26 after more than a year’s break and signed a “social agreement” but did not announce a date when they would meet again. The opposition said it would meet with the ruling party in December.

The government is “setting new conditions to move forward on the political issue,” the opposition said in a Twitter statement released Saturday afternoon, but did not provide details of the new official requirements.

The head of the opposition delegation, Gerardo Blyde, said this week that the talks will enter a difficult phase, including political and human rights issues.

The Venezuelan Communications Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“We demand that Nicolás Maduro not delay the commitment made in Mexico and proceed immediately to set a date, during December, to continue negotiations on a political and free agenda, as agreed,” the opposition said.

(Reporting by Vivian Secker)

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