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Died Ed Asner, the actor of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the catchy voice of Up – High – Showbiz.



Died Ed Asner, the actor of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the catchy voice of Up - High - Showbiz.

American actor Ed Asner passed away this Sunday, August 29, in Los Angeles at the age of 91. The cause of death was not disclosed.

“We are very sorry that our beloved patriarch passed away peacefully this morning. Words cannot express our sadness, ”the family wrote on social networks.

Ed Asner achieved great popularity for his role as editor Lou Grant on the sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which aired between 1970 and 1977. The success was such that the actor starred in the second spin-off of the TV series “Lou”. Grant, which turned from a comedy to a drama and showed five seasons between 1977 and 1982.

Disney Pixar Reveals Secrets In Its Films “data-title =” Disney Pixar Reveals Secrets In Its Films – Ed Asner, The Mary Tyler Moore Show actor and the catchy voice of “Up – Highly” – SAPO Mag “>

Decades later, the symbol of his resume was Karl Fredriksen, the protagonist of the Pixar animated film “Up – Altamente” (2009), which he voiced. The character will return, again with his voice, on Dug Days, a spin-off that will debut in 2021 on the Disney + streaming platform.

In recent years, Asner has continued to appear on TV shows such as Grace and Frankie, Dead to Me or Cobra Kai, after playing dozens of roles on the big and small screens over eight decades. He has also recently been a guest on MacGyver, Patrol of Doom, or A Very Modern Family.

Asner was born in Kansas City in 1929, began his theater career, and made his television debut in the 1950s. He has received seven Emmy awards, is the most awarded actor in television awards history, and has led the United States Actors’ Union (SAG). ) from 1981 to 1985.

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WWE has ‘big plans’ for Sami Zane



WWE has 'big plans' for Sami Zane

It seems to WWE There are already plans for Sami Zane and Kevin Owens before WrestleMania 39, which takes place next April.

Not main event do Survivor Series This Saturday Held male war games Match with Pedigree also Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens.

During the fight Sami Zayn proves his loyalty to Roman Reigns application Hit below the belt on your old partner and then Hell Strike.

Despite this development in premium live eventeverything points to the fact that the course of history will have to change completely after “Tribal Leader” can take on “Prizefighter” at Royal Rumble.

According to Angel Aramboles of WrestlingNews, WWE plans to have Sami Zayn face Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber event on February 18 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

In addition, the same source indicates that “Honorary Uce” will later join “Prizefighter” to challenge uso (Jay and Jimmy Uso) Pelos Undisputed Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 39.

So it could be WWE’s “alternative” plan if he can’t count on Logan and Jake Paul tag team match not a big event.

Would you like to see Sami Zane and Kevin Owens together again to face Bloodline?

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Possible opponent of Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble



Possible opponent of Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble

After Bloodline victory in WarGames Match No Survivor Series This Saturdaynow comes new information about the future plans of Roman Reigns.

In the final part of the match, Kevin Owens almost won after pop up bomb no “tribal leader”, wt. Sami Zane prevented the referee from counting.

Sami Zane proved his loyalty to Roman Reigns by applying Hit below the belt on your old partner and then Hell Strike. immediately, Jay Uso applied splash in Kevin Owens who gave the win Pedigree.

According to Angel Aramboles of WrestlingNews, Undisputed’s current plans are WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns with Kevin Owens Royal battle next year28 January.

In addition, it was reported that the original plans Seamus become the next opponent of the “tribal leader” who was seen in shows ahead of Survivor Series, but the creative team changed their mind.

Therefore, it is expected that Kevin Owens will remain involved in the Bloodline story, trying to destabilize the group through his association with Sami Zane.

Would you like Kevin Owens to be Roman Reigns’ next opponent?

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Ana Moura has been criticized for the look she wore at the last concert: “I thought it was very bad manners.”



Ana Moura has been criticized for the look she wore at the last concert: "I thought it was very bad manners."

Georgina Rodriguez she wasn’t the only celebrity to be “devastated” on social media. this weekend, Ana Moura has also been heavily criticized for the same reason: Watch selected.

The fado singer shared some photos from her last concert: “The doors opened and people danced at Casa Guilhermina”— he wrote in the signature to the publication.


Some netizens didn’t like the 43-year-old artist’s outfit choice. “I’m from another time and I loved listening to Ana Moura’s fado, not now when there’s nothing about fado, is it flamenco?! Clothing? Good for a ballerina in a magazine or a gymnast, that’s okay, I thought it was very bad manners, it would be nice if we were at the carnival.”— said the subscriber.

“I’m being honest: I didn’t like the costume. Ana Moura has more than enough talent in her voice to dress like this. I like the irreverence of creativity, but in this case it distracts me in a negative way.”another stated.

“I really like Ana Moura because of the clothes or the lack of them, I didn’t like her at all! A singer with a successful career does not need to flaunt herself … she is vulgar ”a third remarked.

“Bad choice of clothes! Bad taste! No class! This is not at all in line with the empowerment of women that is talked about so much today. This would be a very appropriate outfit for a circus performer, such as a gymnast (with all due respect to circus performers). And now offended virgins can come and scold me for the fact that I, as a public and free woman, express the opinion that I want.singled out another.

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Cosmetic facial surgery? Ana Moura clarifies

However, there were those who praised Ana Moura. “Too beautiful”, “What a beautiful woman”, “Amazingly dazzling! Goddess of Olympus! e “Ana can! Because it has quality, because it sings, because it has art! Whether you go dressed or “undressed” is irrelevant. I see and hear art. I don’t care if she sings with a shawl on her back or in a bodysuit and a hammock. It’s not for those who want it, it’s for those who can! But Ana Moura can!”some of the comments.

Now see:

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