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Bolsonar faces the toughest backlash against his government



Minister Facin mentions "authoritarian populism" that threatens democracy

Since July 29, President Jair Bolsonaro has been persistently repeating the statement he made, even when he was a candidate for the Planalto Palace, always without proof: that the electronic voting machines used in Brazil are unreliable and have been used to rig the last elections. This time, however, the false information broadcast live on social media on the 29th had repercussions. Bolsonaro faced the toughest backlash in the aftermath of the “living bomb” coup threats besides an investigation by the Supreme Court (STF) and the High Electoral Court (TSE).

Controversy over print votes and the president’s attacks on magistrates have mobilized debate in recent days and overshadowed what could be considered positive for the government. In a nervous week, the House approved the privatization of Correios, one of Planalto’s major economic programs; covid vaccination has advanced in the country and Bolsonaro has published details of the new Bolsa Família. With a higher cost, the program will now be called Auxílio Brasil. However, none of these issues was discussed as much as the press vote and the chief executive’s attacks on democracy.

Despite failing to present evidence of electoral fraud, Bolsonar managed to triple the average number of views in the last live broadcast in July, compared to his live broadcasts every Thursday. So far, the president’s official YouTube channel has received 900,717 views, which is an average of 258,000 views for each such appearance. On Facebook, the “living bomb” broadcast by the public broadcaster TV Brasil reached 1.2 million views, while it is usually between 250,000 and 400,000.

Following this episode, in which Bolsonaro and a retired colonel presented old videotapes of false accusations to suggest, without any evidence, that ballot box tampering took place in 2018 and 2014, the president’s election threats intensified. … fame. TSE opened an administrative investigation against Bolsonaro, which was also included by the Supreme Court in the investigation of fake news. Entrepreneurs and intellectuals came out with a manifesto in favor of the elections, as did the top of the prosecutor’s office.

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The proposal for a print vote was rejected by a special committee of the House, but on Friday, House President Arthur Lira (Progressistas-AL) presented the amendment in plenary. The forecast is a vote on the text until Wednesday. However, Lyra warned Bolsonaro that if the government was defeated again, and he did not comply with this decision, Centrão would cease to be an ally. He even mentioned to press the “yellow button”, which is a sign that he has the opportunity to open the way for impeachment.

According to the leader of the government in the House of Ricardo Barros (Progressistas-PR), the country needs to “get used” to the behavior of the head of the executive branch. “President Bolsonaro is President Bolsonaro. We need to get used to this. He was president for two and a half years, and everyone knows their own way. He reacts. Everything is as it should be. I do not understand how this will go beyond his behavior, ”said Barros Estadão.

The MP also downplayed the importance of the businessmen’s manifesto in defense of the elections and the judiciary’s responses to the president. “How many entrepreneurs are there? This is all narrative. Everyone wants to hitchhike every time it comes up as a topic. This is not a cohesive, organized movement. These are those who want to get a GPA (…). There are also many people in the judiciary who want to deal with the media, ”said Barros, CPI Covid entity.

The government leader’s response is disputed by political scientist and professor at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) Leonardo Avritzer. “It’s good for Brazil to get used to the ‘Bolsonaro way of life’. It is best for Bolsonaro to get used to democracy in Brazil, not Brazil to get used to its authoritarian raptures, ”said Avritzer, one of the country’s top democracy researchers.

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In his opinion, Bolsonaro’s speech is not just bravado. “We are experiencing a process of erosion of democratic institutions. The President questions the security of the vote and thereby undermines the confidence of a large group of the population in the fairness of the electoral process, which is one of the main, if not the main, foundations of Brazilian democracy. ” – said the professor. According to Avritzer, the president’s statements could “become a starting point for challenging the results of the 2022 elections, which could cause a lot of political upheaval and even violence.”

Political calculation

According to the diagnosis of political scientist Bruno Carazza, this is calculating behavior. Bolsonaro is widely believed to be doing this to “revitalize” his base, as he is trapped in factors such as the coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis, and is being challenged by the leadership of former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva in polls on voting intentions.

“By questioning the elections and the judiciary, Bolsonaro provides the elements for this non-negligible base of support, which now accounts for 20 to 25% of the electorate,” said Carazza, professor at Ibmec and Fundação Dom Cabral. The author of Dinheiro, Eleições e Poder: Mechanisms of the Brazilian Political System, he noted that, having decided to transfer the “soul of government” to Centrão, with the appointment of Senator Ciro Nogueira (Progressistas) to the Civil House, Bolsonaro was accused by his supporters. “This is another reason for him to strain to divert attention from the basic composition he did with Centrão in Congress.”

The reaction to Bolsonaro’s attacks against democracy is intensifying. “I don’t think bravado leads to a coup. I truly believe in institutions and we will continue to strengthen democracy, ”said STF Minister Alexandre de Moraes, who leads the investigation into fake news.

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The deputy prosecutors of the Republic have demanded action from the Attorney General Augusto Aras, who is now considered an ally of Bolsonaro. The manifesto, signed by 29 attorney’s assistants, states that the head of the federal attorney must act “in defense of the STF and TSE, their members and their decisions, without being able to passively watch the horrific attacks on these courts and their members.” …

Faced with attacks from Bolsonaro, Chief Justice Luis Fuchs canceled the meeting between the powers and also demanded a vigorous position from Aras. He said nothing. Bolsonaro did not back down. On the contrary: the day before yesterday, in a conversation with supporters in Santa Catarina, he called Barroso “son …”. The video of the curse was posted on their social media and then deleted. “They want to solve issues on the carpet,” he said yesterday after motociata in Florianópolis. Thus, Bolsonaro will determine the country’s political agenda. How long? “The yellow button is still pressed. Follow me by tapping with your finger. I am attentive, 24 hours a day, ”Lyra warned. Information from the newspaper State of Sao Paulo.

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Fake news dampens political and election debate, Saretta says



Fake news dampens political and election debate, Saretta says

Congressman Neody Saretta (PT) said this Wednesday (5th) in the Legislative Assembly (Alesc) that the dissemination of information that attempts to sway voters to lie, so-called fake news, is eclipsing pre-election and political debate. “We can’t just keep discussing recruitment, I don’t know what, we have to look at the reality of people who are suffering and hardworking and who are sometimes misled by some kind of false news.”

He recalled how strongly the system and electoral justice were attacked, but despite speculation and mistrust, “the system worked, people voted for whom they wanted, polling stations opened and votes appeared there, as a citizen contributed. ”

According to him, in the second round we will have the opportunity to really discuss the proposals. “Our candidate Desio Lima did well in the elections when he got through to the second round and I’m sure he will take part in the debate about what’s best for SC and our municipalities.”

The MP said that politicians have a mission to work to improve people’s lives and that much remains to be done. “We have people who cannot afford to buy their own food, who are squeezing their salaries from everywhere to get through the month. There are many people who need more effective action from our governments.”

He hopes that the second round will discuss what is best for the population, its conditions and quality of life, “so that the state can guarantee people more services and have a larger share of the national pie, since so much is collected and little is returned.”

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Saretta thanked the people of Santa Catarina who believed and supported her candidacy, which allowed her to remain in the Assembly for another four years and continue the work that she is doing. “I thank those who participated in the electoral process, correctly, with dignity, as it should be,” he said.

According to him, walking around Santa Catarina and talking with the population during the action, many did not understand how the state fund has free resources and people continue to wait two or three years for admission, surgery, medical care. “Karma that cannot last,” he commented.

Similarly, while traveling on the roads, whether federal or state highways, the MP was reminded of the appalling traffic conditions that put those who work with their trucks, transport goods, as well as those who travel with their family or go on foot, at risk.

“Santa Catarina needs to take a closer look at these health and infrastructure issues. I defended it and took it as a real flag of life, because I understand that the key to any government is to serve the people, and health should come first.

Saretta drew attention to the problem of huge social inequality, which depends on the actions of the federal government, which cannot turn its back on those who have the least, those who need it most. “The population cannot be prejudiced against immigrant brothers, almost all of us are immigrants in one way or another, from the present or from the past, and we, unfortunately, see the spread of discriminatory ideas when we are all equal people.”

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Juliana Wilke
Collective consulting | Bench for physical education in Alesc | 48 3221 2824 [email protected]Twitter: @PTnoparlamento | Facebook: PT without Parliament

Source: Agency ALESC – Offices

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Political support for sports!



Vila Nova deve estrear no Olímpico nesse Goianão 2022

In the 2022 elections, some sports-related names in Goiás tried to compete for a seat in the Legislative Assembly or in the National Congress, but did not succeed in the elections. Dante do Volei was not elected as a federal deputy, nor were Edson Automoveis, former councilor of Goiania, and Luis Bercuo, former president of the Goiás Basketball Federation, were not elected as state deputies. All of them have a list of relevant services provided to the Brazilian sport. They have earned a seat in Parliament.

Of the candidates strongly associated with sports, Daniel Vilela, who was elected lieutenant governor on the list of Ronaldo Cayado, succeeded. Daniel is a former professional soccer player. He has the right to represent the segment. Daniel Vilela is expected to have a strong focus on sports through the expansion of sports promotion programs in our state.

Goiás has interesting projects and sports support programs. Pro-Atleta is committed to serving high performance athletes; Construcindo Champions, a martial arts training program with about 7,900 students from Goiás; The Viva Mais Goias program targets seniors in 19 cities across the state.

The sports and parasports centers have been established by the State Department of Sports and Recreation (Seel) in cooperation with the municipalities of the hinterland. Also in partnership with the organizer of the championship of Spain, Seel implements the social project La Liga Goias with the distribution of sports materials in several municipalities of Goias.

Through Seel, the government promotes various sporting events and competitions. The Open Games of Goiás, the largest sports competition in the state, are designed for the participation of athletes from all the municipalities of Goiás in 21 uniforms. This year, the Quilombola Cup was created, which is held in six stages with the final in the city of Cavalcante.

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At the national level, the Senate approved Bill 940 of 2022, which extends until 2027 the tax benefits provided by the Sports Promotion Act (Act 11,438 of 2006). The rapporteur on this issue was the former player Romario, who was re-elected as a senator from the PL of Rio de Janeiro. In addition to extending the term, the Senate-approved rule increases the rates that companies and individuals can use in their annual income tax (IT) contributions and includes elementary, middle and high schools as fundraisers.

In the case of individual taxpayers, the new LIE increases from 6% to 7% of the IRPF due to the deduction limit as a donation or sponsorship for sports and parasports projects. This, together with contributions to funds for children and the elderly, to cultural projects and investments in audiovisual works.

In the case of companies, it increases the deduction limit for donations or sponsorships of sports and parasports projects from 1% to 2%. It also includes projects for social inclusion through sports, up to a collective limit of 4%, which is currently shared only between cultural projects and investments in audiovisual works.

I think laws and programs to encourage sports should go beyond sponsoring athletes and teams from different sports. They also need to contain strategies for social inclusion. Only in this way will the entire population benefit from physical and sporting activities, leading to a healthier life for all.

We hope that elected politicians will follow through on the promises made during the campaign and step up action in favor of sport. We want to see the plate!

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Portugal wants to give more voice to youth and promote women in politics |



The Portuguese prime minister spoke to UN News about the opportunities and challenges in politics: internally, he is betting on the expectation of seeing a woman at the helm of government in the future, if the Portuguese choose to do so.

In foreign policy, Costa is in favor of expanding the exchange between young people from the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries, Corporal.

Reconstruct broke denomination

Antonio Costa was interviewed UN news at the end of September, when he participated in the debate of international leaders at the General Assembly.

Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa. Photo: UN//Mark Garten.

“Portugal is really proud. A week ago, the government was equal at the level of ministers. There was a small alteration in which parity was violated. In short, the prime ministers and presidents of the republic will be chosen by the Portuguese. I really hope that I will have a woman prime minister again. One already was. And who knows if there will be another one in the future. Let’s see.”

According to the government website, there are eight women in Costa’s current cabinet of 17 ministers. At the second level, there are 12 secretaries of state.

The only head of government in Portuguese history remained in office for about six months. María de Lourdes Pintasilgo was appointed by President Ramallo Eanes to the post and became the first and only woman to serve as prime minister. At that time, she was second in Western Europe after Margaret Thatcher, who came to power in 1979 and left in 1990.

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In the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic, out of 230 seats, 85 are held by women and 145 by men.

Crescent movement

António Costa also mentioned Portugal’s cooperation with the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, Cplp, and said that consolidating his position is one of the tasks that should remain a priority in the block of nine countries.

Flags of Portuguese speaking countries. Photo: cplp

“I see great opportunities to promote Cplp as an international political issue. I have noticed that there is a growing movement of countries wishing to become CPLP observers because they have realized that, unlike other international organizations, the CPLP must be geographically global. Almost every continent has a CPLP country. The fact that he has a great capacity for political articulation, and this is very beneficial. We supported each other in various international positions. This gives a very significant relative weight to the CPLP countries.”

Costa emphasized that the group of nations is connected not only by past relationships. Angola has been chairing the bloc since 2021.

“We must significantly improve economic relations. I think of many countries as examples of how relationships can be reinvented after such a long colonial period. By the way, longer than most others. So tough: we should not forget that for three years and at least on three fronts an absurd colonial war was waged, which ended only in 1974. So the ability is that we had the ability to reinvent ourselves in our relationships.”

Communication between young people

Costa also advocates for greater connection between young people from Member States who have a network and space to think about.

“Many European countries that I see see this relationship with Cplp as an interesting experience in overcoming and rethinking new relationships. And there is a big problem that we have: new generations. Fortunately, new generations have fewer memories, but also fewer connections with each other. We must create mechanisms to maintain these relations, and therefore I think that the mobility agreement is very important in order for these relations to continue to strengthen between our peoples.”

The purpose of the future mobility system is to establish short-stay, temporary and residence visas between Member States.

This year in New York there was no meeting of the leaders of the bloc, traditionally organized on the sidelines of the General Assembly.

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