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Bob Dylan Sues For Alleged Sexual Abuse Of A 12-Year-Old Girl In The 1960s | Song



Bob Dylan Sues For Alleged Sexual Abuse Of A 12-Year-Old Girl In The 1960s |  Song

The woman, identified only by her initials JC, is suing folk singer Bob Dylan, claiming he raped her after giving her drugs and alcohol in 1965 when she was 12 years old.

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Former royal family officials make unprecedented revelations about Meghan Markle



Former royal family officials make unprecedented revelations about Meghan Markle

A ‘narcissistic sociopath’ is how the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is described by former Firm employees who worked for Harry and Meghan before they both left the UK in 2020. This statement is contained in a new book by Valentine Lowe, Courtiers: the hidden power of the crown, Royal Daily Correspondent once since 2008. According to statements published New York Post e Page six — and available to read in full on October 6, when the book hits newsstands — Meghan has been planning her departure from the royal family since the very beginning of her arrival there. “Everyone knew the institution would be judged based on Meghan’s happiness. The mistake was that she thought she wanted to be happy.“, said the former employee. “She I wanted to be rejectedWhy Had this obsession from day one“.

The book presents revelations that could threaten the reputation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, especially Meghan Markle, due to alleged behavior towards officials. Second courtiersthe couple felt “humiliated” when they were treated by junior employees.

Several sources claim that a Kensington Palace employee complained to the couple several times about being mistreated, to which Meghan responded, “It’s not my job to spoil people.” In 2021 Buckingham Palace investigationto distinguish the duchess’s truth from lies – the report was never published. When asked about this behavior, Markle always denied it, as in interview with oprahuh 2021.

Rumors of bad behavior from the former actress date back to her entry into the royal family in 2017. Allegedly the Duchess of Sussex verbally abused several employees in a variety of cases. Respondents identified themselves asSussex Survivors Club(Sussex Survivors Club) due to mistreatment by couple explains New York Post. “There were many injured,” a source told author Valentine Lowe. “The younger girls were hurt by their behavior [Meghan e Harry]”.

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An aide to the royal family tells the story of how the couple mistreated her Friday night by calling her repeatedly:every 10 minutes i got screams from her and harry. “I can’t believe you did it. You have disappointed me. What were you thinking about? were the words spoken by the couple, he claims, adding that the behavior continued for “several hours.”

Samantha Cohen, the couple’s personal secretary, is another plaintiff – before and after flying to Australia in 2018, she also alleges verbal abuse. “Sam made it clear that it was like working for a couple of teenagersCohen’s friend said, adding that they pushed her to the limit by making her feel ‘miserable’. New York Post.

According to an excerpt from a new work by Valentine Low, published in once English The Duchess of Sussex threatened Prince Harry that they would end their relationship if he had not publicly confirmed that they were together, writes the magazine insider. Meghan is said to have given Harry an ultimatum that panicked prince. “He said she was going to leave me,” the source said.

O Mail also indicated that Markle was in contact with Netflix in 2018 as a member of the royal family – Harry revealed that they never thought about joining the platform streaming until they left their royal posts.

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Courtiers: The Hidden Power of the Crown It has a release date of 6 October in the United Kingdom and there is still no word on whether it will be released in Portugal.

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Moita Flores left an impressive testimony after myocardial infarction: “I was close to death. I saw the return of the sun” – Nacional



Moita Flores left an impressive testimony after myocardial infarction: “I was close to death.  I saw the return of the sun" - Nacional

Francisco Moita Flores suffered a heart attack during an autograph signing at the Book Fair.on Sunday 11 and had to be rushed to the hospital where he was operated on.

The 69-year-old former police inspector and writer, born in Moura, Alentejo, has undergone a complex intervention in the Santa Marta hospital but is recovering.

Two weeks later Francisco Moita Flores left an impressive record of what those days were it was face to face with death and how he deceived her. The former inspector is still in the hospital and is now even more aware that the joys of life should not be missed, but with moderation and restrictions. But there is nothing better than the words of Moita Flores himself:

“Usually I do not use the space given to me to talk on topics that are common to everyone, and use it to my advantage. I thought before doing this and decided to write to you. There were so many messages, so many expressions of affection, good wishesthat it would be unfair of me to remain indifferent to the tender testimonies of my readers. I want to thank you for your solidarity, and I am sure that it was your collective efforts that contributed to returned from a very difficult state of health to be among you.

Myocardial infarction is tricky, but not unfair. This is a black card of death, although it can be turned into a path of light back to life. I went through all of these states this week. I was close to death. I saw the return of the sun. I realized that a heart attack is not so insidious. Being bad is a translation of many good things: snack pleasure, cigarettes in a set of pleasures that taste good but end up being very bad. I am still in the hospital unaware of my return to active life, but dear reader, let me share with you the lesson my heart attack taught me: enjoy the pleasures that life gives us, but impose limits. Don’t make religion out of cigarettes. Not even alcohol. Not from a good table. Enjoy life with rules. You can be happy without frills that I am, at this moment, without frills, I am struggling to come back to life and get rid of the threat of death that a heart attack initiates.. So I leave you a hug of gratitude. Until next week.”

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Linda de Souza’s son updates singer’s health status: ‘I got scared when we realized she was having a hard time feeding herself’



Linda de Souza's son updates singer's health status: 'I got scared when we realized she was having a hard time feeding herself'

In early September, the French press reported that the Portuguese singer Linda de Souza was hospitalized with a diagnosis ofdelicate and serious“. The newspapers even wrote that there were chances for recovery.”scarce.

Little is known about what could have motivated such a situation, it is only noted that the artist suffered from a high temperature, and also in “advanced state of dementia“, about agent Linda de Souza was forced to make a statement clarifying the state of health of the singer.

His health, weakened by violent fevers, is improving.“, – said in a message, September 14.

Linda de Souza’s agent clarifies the singer’s state of health: “She has been bedridden for ten days.”

Happy this Monday, September 26, the singer’s son, John Speerwas in an interview program ‘Julia‘. In addition to telling about the story of his life, also related to music, the singer began with new information about maternal health.

My mom is feeling better, she’s getting better, she’s getting better, and I even saw her last Tuesday.“, – he began with an appeal to the artist’s son, Giulia Pineiro.

As Joao Lance confirmed, Linda de Souza was infected with Covid-19at the beginning of the pandemic, after going through a more delicate phase:He had a lung infection and unfortunately we already know what it’s like. And she also smokes. With a busy and complicated life, didn’t come to the rescue“, he stressed.

However, the health status of the singerCard Suitcaseworsened in August of that year, forcing him to be hospitalized:She developed a rather strong and high temperature, and she had to be hospitalized. On August 23, my mother was admitted to the hospital. She was hospitalized, and since then, as you understand, I have been constantly in touch with her, with the doctors who are watching her, and if not by phone, then after that I always visit me.“.

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Despite this, Joao Lanza does not hide the initial period of the greatest trouble with the health of the singer: “There was some anxiety, and I was also afraid. However, the situation was never very serious, contrary to what was said. And so it was soon discovered in time. And then it should never be too serious. Where I was a little more wary when we realized she was having a hard time eating.“, – admitted Joao Lanza.

Julia Pinheiro also asked the son of Linda de Souza about the news, which also concerned mobility problems artist.

No it is not true. So far, there are no signs of this, and people know her, know her character, and thank God, she is still doing well at this level. She accompanies very well, you can see us surrounded by friends“, he concluded at the end of the program.

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