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Biography offers a new theory about Elvis’s death



Biography offers a new theory about Elvis's death

Years pass, the death of some entertainment icons continues to attract the most curious, not least because in many cases, life and even disappearance are surrounded by mysteries and “unsolved affairs”. One such case is Elvis Presley, one of the most important cultural symbols of the 20th century, who died in 1977 at the age of 42.

To this day, the cause of death of the rock king is the subject of controversy and conspiracy theories. The most common conclusion is that the singer died from a sudden cardiac arrhythmia caused by a drug overdose. In fact, the day after his death, The New York Times spoke to his medical examiner Dr. Jerry Francisco, who examined the corpse for about two hours and said that initial tests had already pointed to this cause as the cause of death.

However, almost 45 years later, a new theory appears that refutes the general thesis that the singer’s health problems are related to his drug addiction. The theory appears in a biography entitled Elvis: Destined to Die Young. According to the author, journalist, historian and Presley fan Sally Hoed, the rock and roll star was “destined to die” because she inherited several genetic diseases on the maternal side – Elvis’s grandparents were direct cousins. Hence, according to the new book, Elvis Presley’s death will ultimately be linked to the treatment of the congenital diseases he suffered from.

In an interview with Sally Hode, the British newspaper Observer, the writer stressed that three of Elvis Presley’s uncles died at a young age, and the singer’s mother, Gladys, died at 46 (only four years older than her son).

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“They had a similar four-year period of degenerative health, which is interesting because she wasn’t taking the same medications,” Hode explained. In the same interview, the author admitted that she began to study the medical history of Elvis Presley in order to “clear the artist’s image.” “It is not enough to say that the person who culturally changed our universe died of an overdose. This is inaccurate and not enough. Elvis was a sick man who hid many of his weaknesses in order to fill concert halls and support his family. By examining your flaws and health problems, perhaps we can see your humanity again, ”said the author, explaining that Presley suffered from diseases in nine of the eleven body systems.

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Susana Vieira talks about her five ex-husbands: “They were terrible, almost all of them”



Susana Vieira talks about her five ex-husbands: "They were terrible, almost all of them"

Susana Vieira she has always been a straightforward and silent woman. This Tuesday, May 17, was no exception. The Brazilian actress participated in the SIC program, Happy Houseon the occasion of the 60th anniversary of her career, and ended with a conversation about her ex-husbands.

“I will say everything, but without naming names. I fear censorship or prosecution. I don’t say the names of the husbands, but I say that they were terrible, almost all of them. 5!started by saying Diana Chavez and Joao Bayan.

“I don’t know if it was a Brazilian, I don’t know if it was me, I don’t know if they came for Susanna Vieira thinking I had a safe. I just know that I had a lot of problems.”continuation.

Despite this, Susana Vieira did not close the door to love. “I have always been in love. Nothing hurt me.”he said.

“I was always a little afraid of the figure of a man in the house, because I had a very strict father with my mother and with us. I was afraid. So I always said little by little what I didn’t like, and it took them years to leave home… Because it’s very nice to be married and have nothing to do with your wife, and then out of the house. That was not easy. Other current ones were easier.”he concluded.


Remember that Susana Vieira was married to Regis Cardoso, Rubens of Falco, Marcelo Silva, Carson Gardeazabal e Sandro Pedroso. The 79-year-old actress has a son: Rodrigofruit of the first marriage.

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All about the end of SIC ‘Casados’ and Dina’s departure – Nacional



All about the end of SIC 'Casados' and Dina's departure - Nacional

This edition SIC Married at First Sight Program led by Diana Chavez was the scene of much controversy. OUR the end of the reality show at the Paso de Arcos station is approaching and there are many failures that happen until the last minutes.

The experience was different for all couples, hence the success of the marriage in some cases, but not so much in others. It was the case Wikaa and Doina, who will give up the experience early.

Although they tried to mend their marriage, both realized that they were very different and that they could not overcome those differences. They come to the conclusion that it is better to go in different directions. OUR the same thing happens with Cristina and Luis Filipe that since they got married they don’t understand each other, which ends couple leaving last week.

There are three couples left for the last week of the program, which will be at the “Renewal Ceremony”.in which they decide to stay together, renewing their marriage vows, or break up. It is reported by TV Mays. Ruth and Bruno, Bruno and Ines are the only pairs on which the experts put the right bet. and who decides to stay in the relationship.

Already Dulce and João do not renew their vows, deciding to divorce.. It was on Ajuda Botanical Garden with the presence of Diana Chavez it took place at this last ceremony where the future of these three couples was decided.

The “Renewal Ceremony” was the moment when the couples saw each other again, but in addition to this moment, a dinner was planned with all the couples participating in this edition. Dina decided not to attend this last meeting..

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“I have an old maxim: we should only return to where we were happy”, — Dina wrote on Instagram, confirming her absence. After all the confusion and sadness that she experienced in this program, the woman from Braga did not attend the dinner so as not to see her ex-husband Thiago Haqueta, after cheating in Cape Verde in the midst of her honeymoon with the Russian Anna Cherepanova.

Who is Anna Cherepanova, the Russian that Tiago fell in love with during their honeymoon with Dina?

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“It could be better… There’s nothing to gain from this…”



"It could be better... There's nothing to gain from this..."

Judith Sousa didn’t like that a recent interview she did with Manuel Luis Gouche on TVI was featured in the “Extremely Unpleasant” section of Rádio Renascença.

Joana Marquez joked about the journalist’s interview, and Judit Souza later reacted on social media: “In my interview with Manuel Luis Gusha, 90 percent of the time they talked about my son, about my grieving process, with evidence I didn’t expect. There was no mention of any settlement in the municipality of Oeiras.”started by writing a brief for CNN Portugal.

“Manuel Luis mentioned my unique career. Want to like. Whether they don’t like it. There will be a day; a day when some “people” will have to meet me face to face. It could be in Lisbon or any other part of the world. But it will happen. I promise you. To my dead son concluded Judith Souza. Later, the journalist responded to a comment where she starred: “No clowning with my son!”

Joana Marquez responded to Judith Souza’s “threats” on “Extremely Nasty” on Monday, May 16: “You know, I backed up my insurance a lot over the weekend… When I found out that Judith Souza doesn’t like Extremely Unpleasant at all, so now I’m ready to accept whatever happens,” start with an explanation. “So if Judith does something to me, each of you will win 1 million euros,” still shot.

Carlos Diaz da Silva commented on the controversy in this week’s Nova Gente issue and ended up giving Judith Souza some advice: “Controversy with Joana Marquez, who, after all, plays with everyone, does not help at this stage. Judith must be above some things. Can not. You won’t get anything from it.” can be read.

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