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Benfica B CD Trofens II League



Benfica B CD Trofens II League

[EM ATUALIZAÇÃO: 2-1, resultado final]

Benfica B won and beat CD Trofense 2-1 on the Benfica campus in the League 2 Round 3 duel, retaining the lead in the competition with nine points, three wins.

Benfica B started the meeting at full speed and Martim Neto, after persistent movement, with a shot already in the area, at 4 ‘, opened the marker (1-0)

GOAL: 1-0

Under the command of Nelson Verissimo, exploring the side passages, threatened the last stronghold of visiting and created a number of problems for the northerners… On 18 ‘, Paulo Bernardo shot Rogerio in the left post in a good position in the penalty area, and on 21’ Martim Neto was already close to the goal twice, hitting the opposite post.

O the dominance of the eagles was total at this stage and 35 ‘scored the second goal. The exact intersection of Embalo to the right of the center of the site, where, Enrique Araujo, with his head, on the back of the center of the opponent, sent the ball to the rear of the opponent’s goal (2-0).

Goal: 2: 0

By the end of the first half Benfica B controlled Trofens’ reaction, strategically lowering the block, but never ceasing to look for places in the last citadel of the visitors.

The numbers at the end of the first 45 minutes were clear. O Benfica B made nine shots against four opponents, the result is 17-11 in attacks, possession dominance with 66%.


Trofens started better in the second half, and after a controversy with the ball over an alleged foul on Benfica defender Bruno Almeida narrowed the marker difference (2-1), restarting the game at 50 minutes.

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Goal: 2-1

Gradually after the goal Trofens incarnate again sought to take control of the gameare approaching with greater frequency and danger with Rogerio’s nets.

Embalo shot a dangerous 78 ‘in the penalty area, and goalkeeper Trofens defended tightly. The visiting team in 79 ‘almost pulled Mateus, without any obstacles struck his head from the penalty spot.

Awesome last five minutes compensation, before Rogerio missed the third goal of the Eagles with a strong overhead kick… Nevertheless, Benfica B got a triumph and maintain the lead in League 2, with three wins in the same number of games and nine points added.


Nelson Verissimo (coach Benfica B): “It was a tough, competitive game. We had a very good first half, with excellent quality, putting pressure on the opponents and controlling possession. 2-0, the game is not won, if Trofense had scored they would have won. open the same. Here’s what happened. The enemy believed, and we pulled the brake and hand a little and touched our area a little. It was competitive and enjoyable, the growth stage. Trofense gave a good answer, it was confirmed that it was difficult. This was another game we knew we had to play. The goal is always to share the game with the enemy, so we know that we are closer to victory. “

Enrique Araujo

Enrique Araujo (Benfica B striker): “I’m happy to be considered the best player on the pitch, but the most important thing was three points against a very difficult team. Losing, Trofense fell upon us, and we had to endure to the end, keeping the advantage. “Individually, it was a good performance, my team and my whole team, the goal is to develop so that one day I will be in the first team.”

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Martim Neto

Martim Neto (Benfica B midfielder): “I’m happy with my first goal [numa competição profissional]but first it is important to emphasize our team spirit. We won, in the first half we started well, in the final we suffered more defeats. We have a lot to improve, but we will do it next week. I think the important moment in this game was our exit. We could have widened the gap, but three points were well deserved. “

Benfica B-CD Trofens
Field No. 1 of the Benfica campus
Eleven from Benfica B
Svilar, Filipe Cruz, Tomas Araujo (Pedro Alvaro, 60 ‘ [Diogo Capitão, 81’]), Pedro Ganchas, Rafael Rodriguez (Sandro Cruz, 61 minutes), Rafael Brito, Martim Neto (Cher Ndour, 61 minutes), Paulo Bernardo, Embalo, Samu (Jair Tavares, 77 minutes) and Enrique Araujo
Carlos Santos, Sandro Cruz (61 minutes), Pedro Alvaro (60 minutes), Diogo Captain (81 minutes), Cher Ndour (61 minutes), Ronaldo Camara, Jair Tavares (77 minutes), Enrique Pereira and João Resende
for a break 2-0
Benfica B goals
Martim Neto (4 ‘), Enrique Araujo (35’)
medical report
Luis Lopez (infected with COVID-19), Fabio Batista (infected with COVID-19) and Samuel Soares (contact with COVID-19 at low risk and under medical supervision for preventive purposes)

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BALL – Coach speaks of ‘tremendous pride’ and explains Bale departure (Wales)



BALL - Coach speaks of 'tremendous pride' and explains Bale departure (Wales)

Wales manager Rob Page underlined his “pride in the players” after losing 3-0 to England this Monday in the Qatar World Cup Group B match in Doha. dictated the elimination of the Dragons in the group stage, expressing concerns about the injury of Gareth Bale, the team’s star substituted at halftime, due to the injury he showed at the end.

“Five minutes before break Gareth [Bale] I felt pain in my hamstring. But also Joe Allen and Ben Davis had to be replaced due to injuries. As you can see, it was a huge effort for everyone in the group: I am very proud of this group of players.”

The Dragons said goodbye to Qatar with a 1-1 draw against the United States as the best result and two defeats against Iran (0-2) and now England (0-3), but for the Welsh coach, qualification for the World Cup final was a real achievement.

“The task now is to show that this has never happened without an example, before it became customary. [a qualificação para fases finais de grandes provas]🇧🇷 But it’s still very hard to digest this liquidation. I think we were exceptional in the first half. [0-0 ao intervalo]thanks to tremendous efforts even without the ball, ”said Page.

“We could and should have had more and better possession of the ball, but, I repeat, not a single derogatory word about these “boys” will come out of my mouth: they gave everything in this game! I was a little disappointed with the second goal, but today is not the day to talk about negative things,” said the Welsh coach, who had a lot of fans in Qatar.

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“My message to everyone: don’t be disappointed! Now we will try to build the future of this team and work in this direction. Reaching the final round of the World Championship was an extraordinary feat. [não o lograva há 64 anos, desde o Mundial da Suécia-1958] this group of players,” concluded the technician who surrendered to his team.

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BALL – Grimaldo in irreplaceable form: the current situation with the extension (Benfica)



BALL - Grimaldo in irreplaceable form: the current situation with the extension (Benfica)

This season’s undefeated Grimaldo has numbers unmatched by any other Spanish player in the major European leagues in terms of wins (23) and excelled in the Champions League group stage group stage with PSG and Juventus, scoring two goals and making the Champions League team of the week. In addition, he proved to be an important player for Roger Schmidt.

He is Benfica’s most used outfield player this season, with 2313 minutes, already scoring the third best in Luz with the current three totals. He has been used in 26 of the 27 official games this season – only not getting Rio Ave, between two games with PSG, without leaving the bench. But otherwise, almost nothing escaped him and practically did not give any advantage in the competition, that is, Ristic, who, having played 90 minutes against Rio Ave, plus 47 minutes against Caldas, in the Portuguese Cup, only had the right to crumbs in minutes, which says that Grimaldo for Roger Schmidt is currently an indispensable player in the eleven.

With seven months left on his contract with Benfica, Grimaldo is looking for an option that will guarantee him complete freedom and financial independence, especially after joining his father’s club. He knows how far Benfica can go and he also knows that the Luz club cannot accept the values ​​that have been thrown on the negotiating table.

As A BOLA reported in the last issue on the 24th, Benfica and Grimaldo met recently to discuss an extension during a meeting that did not reach an agreement but also did not leave the dossier in a position where it could not be resolved. in a favorable way. for the embodied.

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A new round of talks is now expected to be set to try to bring the parties closer, and this should take place soon, given that the Reds do not intend to drag things out beyond January and enter into a soap opera that could serve as a somewhat destabilizing factor. for the second phase of the season.

More about digital edition or in the print edition of A BOLA.

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A BOLA – reports and accounts approved, quotas increased and Academy in Maia (FC Porto)



A BOLA - reports and accounts approved, quotas increased and Academy in Maia (FC Porto)

The members of FC Porto approved tonight at the big meeting held at the Dragau Stadium all the issues discussed and voted in the General Assembly of FC Porto with an overwhelming majority. Members also voted to update the quota values.

Before the act, a tribute was paid to Fernando Gomes, with those present in deathly silence for one minute in memory of the eternal 9. After that, the vice president in charge of finance had to present and explain in detail the positive results of more than 20 million euros that have passed no votes against, with only five abstentions.

Answering a question from a colleague about the Cidade FC Porto project, Fernando Gomez said that the Academy will be located in Maya and that the start of work depends only on the completion of a detailed plan, which is led by the architect Manuel Salgado, who designed the stadium. do Dragão and the Dragão Arena pavilion.

The third issue under discussion was the renewal of the monthly membership fee, and prior to the vote, it had the attention of Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, who explained the need to revise the value “for the first time in over 11 years.”

The proposal to upgrade the Senior Membership Fee to €12, the Junior Membership Fee to €4 and the Annual Membership Fee to €30 was also adopted by a large majority of those present, with four votes against and 15 abstentions.

Pinto da Costa said he “thanked everyone for their presence” and “for the trust and support that has been felt for 40 years.” “There is much to be done and work to be done, so we must think about the future while working in the present. We have a lot of fights ahead of us, millions of taxes to pay and a media that is increasingly trying to topple Porto. We remain focused around our flag and don’t worry about elections.”

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