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Alejandro Mark wins the Tower and wears yellow



Alejandro Mark wins the Tower and wears yellow

Tuna veteran General Tavira was surprised by the attack at Peñas da Saude, Mauricio Moreira was second and Abner Gonzalez was third.

Alejandro Marc, a 39-year-old Galician from Pontevedra, surprised him on the toughest Volta mountain in Portugal, an attack that saw him win by 1 minute 03 seconds over Mauricio Moreira (Efapel) and Abner Gonzalez (Movistar).

The mountain stage was marked by intense marking between the runners of the main teams, with the W52-FC Porto, who attacked a lot with Amaro Antunes, Yoni Brandau and João Rodrigues, without success in this strategy, as their best result was fourth place with Amaro Antunes, at 1 min 12 behind the Atum General-Tavira-Maria Nova Galician hotel.

Mark, winner of the 2013 Volta race, even lost contact with the group of favorites on the first slopes of Serra da Estrela, the pivotal point of the 170.3 km stage starting from Serta.

It was Luis Gomez of Kelly-Simoldes-UDO who started the climb with a group of fugitives, the first to make it clear that he could win. But the Tavira runner, having returned to the strongest, took advantage of a moderate pace to break out of Peñas da Saude when 10 km remained.

Since W52-FC Porto only launches attacks and Efapel always responds through Mauricio Moreira, who scored Amaro Antunes and João Rodrigues, and Frederico Figueiredo, who followed Joni Brandao, the group never had the right rhythm.

When Mark was defeated and then overtook Luis Gomes, he found a new yellow jersey. In the group were Mauricio Moreira, the time trial driver who made a sensational stage, and the young Abner Gonzalez, the best in the acceleration achieved at the finish, followed by Amaro Antunes and Gustavo Veloso, this other veteran of Tavira, who can discuss the final victory.

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Volta a Portugal has an unexpected favorite after arriving in Torre, Alejandro Marc, but the ranking is still wide open: the next nine runners are less than a minute apart.

The general classification has been ordered as follows:

1st Alejandro Mark (Hotel Tuna General-Tavira-Maria Nova), 13:16:14

2nd Mauricio Moreira (Efapel), 51 sec.

3rd place: Abner Gonzalez (Movistar), 1 min. 08 sec.

4th Gustavo Veloso (Hotel Tuna General-Tavira-Maria Nova), 1 min 09 sec.

5.º Yoni Brandau (W52-FC Porto), 1 min. 26 sec.

6.º Amaro Antunes (W52-FC Porto), mountains

7th Luis Gomez (Kelly-Simoldes-UDO), 1:30

8th João Rodrigues (W52-FC Porto), 13 min. 37 sec.

9.º Antonio Carvalho (Ephapel), mountain

10th Frederico Figueiredo (Ephapel), 1 min. 46 sec.

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BALL – “Man. “United” – a graveyard for players “(England)



BALL - “Man.  "United" - a graveyard for players "(England)

Gary Neville, a former Red Devils player, has analyzed Manchester United’s signings since 2013 and stated that only two players out of 33 have been successful.

Manchester United has become a graveyard for players. 75 percent of the gears didn’t work. Only four or five are complete successes. It’s a terrible story,” Neville told Sky Sports.

The former England international revealed that the club spent €1.49bn on 33 players with only Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Bruno Fernandes out.

Subsequently, seven players (Cristiano Ronaldo, Matic, Maguire, Fred, Cavani, Shaw and Ander Herrera) did not have a negative impact, but did not confirm their full value.

The problem is that Neville thinks the remaining 24 players have failed completely. The total value of these players reaches 979 million euros.

In other words, he thinks that Paul Pogba, Alexis Sanchez, Lindelof, Fellaini, Mata, Bailly, Raphael Varane, Van de Beek, Alex Telles, Daniel James, Angel Di Maria, Jadon Sancho, Memphis Depay, Martial, Lukaku, Bissaka, Amad, Dalot, Marcos Rojo, Daly Blind, Mkhitaryan, Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger and Darmian were not worth the investment.

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BALL – Volta a Portugal: all classifications of the Mauricio Moreira event (cycling)



BALL - Volta a Portugal: all classifications of the Mauricio Moreira event (cycling)

The 83rd edition of Volta a Portugal ended this Monday. Mauricio Moreira (Glassdrive) was a big winner in a race dominated by the Nordic team, with Frederico Figueiredo and António Carvalho on the podium. Moreover, unsurprisingly, Glassdrive also won on teams.

In terms of points, North American Scott McGill (Wildlife Generation) took the green jersey with 190 points. Joao Matias (Tavfer/Mortagua) finished second with 168 points and Mauricio Moreira was third with 129 points.

Frederico Figueiredo was king of the hill with 60 points, beating rivals Mauricio Moreira who scored 53 points and Joaquim Silva (Efapel) who finished with 43 points.

Spaniard Jokin Murgyaldey (Kaja Rural) took home the youth jersey.

Take a look at the top 10 of the final overall standings:

Place cyclist Team Nationality Pace
1.º Mauricio Moreira glassdrive Uruguay 38:38.31 hours
2.º Frederico Figueiredo glassdrive Portugal +1.09 minutes
3.º Antonio Carvalho glassdrive Portugal +2.35 minutes
4.º Luis Fernandez Popular Radio – Boavista Portugal +3.44 minutes
5.º Alexander Mark Atum General Tavira Spain +5.17 minutes
6.º Delio Fernandez Atum General Tavira Spain +6.54 minutes
7.º Andre Cardoso ABTF-Fierense Portugal +7.31 minutes
8.º jesus pine Luletano Spain +9.24 minutes
9.º Jokin Mergyalday Country box Spain +9.24 minutes
ten. Chomin Juaristi Yuskaltel Spain +10.28 minutes

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BALL – Cook criticizes Abel: “When you win, everything is perfect, beautiful, wonderful. Okay, I said it” (video) (At. Mineiro)



BALL - Cook criticizes Abel: “When you win, everything is perfect, beautiful, wonderful.  Okay, I said it” (video) (At. Mineiro)

Cuca, manager of Atlético Mineiro, champions of Brazil, commented on Palmeiras’ style of play after the two teams faced each other in Libertadores and luck in the pass smiled on the Portuguese coach’s team.

Palmeiras leads with 9 points ahead of Corinthians and Flamengo and 13 points ahead of Atlético.

Cooka took the opportunity to criticize some aspects of Palmeiras’ performance and then returned to the game between the two teams, which was decided on penalties, in a tie-break that Abel Ferreira was not present. At a press conference, the Portuguese coach revealed that he took refuge in the dressing room at a moment of tension. “They asked if I had seen the penalty, I was in the dressing room listening to my music. I told God that I would be grateful for the result and the path, that I was not going to put pressure on him, but we must win, ”he joked.

“When you win, everything you do is great, great, wonderful. If you go to the locker room and listen to music when it’s penalty time and you win, it becomes fashionable. What to do if you lose? When the ball hits the same side six times and you win, that’s good. When you have two players sent off (Danilo was sent off at 29 feet and Gustavo Scarpa at 82 feet), nothing happens because the head is cold. If they lost this game, y’all [imprensa] analyzed two removals, six jumps of the goalkeeper in one direction, a coach who did not stay on the penalty spot, ”he criticized, completing the attack:

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“When you win, everything is perfect, congratulations to Abel, congratulations to Palmeiras, good luck. Here, I said.”

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