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Afghanistan. Taliban arrives in Kabul



Taliban militants took control of the capital of Afghanistan throughout Sunday. President Ashraf Ghani left the country to avoid, he said, a “bloody massacre.” Per-minute situation.

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11:50 – An extraordinary meeting of the heads of EU diplomacy on Tuesday.

The European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Policy called an extraordinary meeting of foreign ministers from 27 to Tuesday to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, where Taliban forces have regained power.

“After the recent events in Afghanistan and after intensive contacts with partners over the past few days and hours, I decided to call about it tomorrow. [terça-feira] an extraordinary video conference of EU foreign ministers will take place in the afternoon for a first assessment, ”Josep Borrell said in a post on his official Twitter account.

The head of EU diplomacy adds in a second publication that “Afghanistan is at a crossroads,” noting that “the security and well-being of its citizens, as well as international security, are at stake.”

10:38 am – Beijing wants “friendly relations” with the Taliban in power

The People’s Republic of China, which shares 76 kilometers with Afghanistan, announced today that it wants to maintain “friendly relations” with the Taliban following the capture of Kabul.

Beijing “respects the right of the Afghan people to decide their own destiny,” Chinese diplomat spokesman Hua Chuning said at a press conference today.

10:26 – Most of the 15 Portuguese living in Afghanistan have already left the country.

The information was communicated to Antena 1 by the Secretary of State for Community Affairs. Berta Nunez makes sure she is monitoring the situation.

10:10 am – Chaos at Kabul airport kills five people.

At least five people were killed at the Kabul airport as thousands tried to flee Afghanistan.

The news was spread by Reuters, which did not specify what caused these deaths. A US spokesman just announced that US troops overseeing the withdrawal of embassy officials were forced to shoot in the air to stop people trying to enter a military plane.

A witness told Reuters it was unclear whether the victims were shot or killed in a stampede.

8:55 am – The United States guarantees a decisive response in the event of an attack on its forces and personnel.

The US Secretary of State guarantees that the US will respond in the event of an attack while evacuating its personnel.

8:26 am – France and Germany send military repatriation flights

The first air service for the withdrawal of French citizens, organized by the executive branch in Paris, is due to take place by the end of today, said Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly.

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The flight will rotate between the French base in the United Arab Emirates and the capital of Afghanistan, which has been dominated by Taliban forces since Sunday.

8:20 am – UK PM wants to meet with NATO on Friday

Boris Johnson promises to do everything possible to prevent a new terrorist policy pursued by the Taliban.

8:05 – Turkish President says the region will face a new wave of migration

The Turkish President said that Pakistan is obliged to work to ensure stability in the region.

7:50 1) Hundreds of people who want to leave the country are at the Kabul airport.

US military personnel are on site for flight safety. Afghan commercial air traffic has been suspended after a brief exchange of fire. Landing is carried out on military flights.

The staff of the US embassy and the ambassador himself at the airport. Among the leaving civilians there are also US citizens living in Afghanistan, and employees of the US diplomatic mission in the country.

7:45 am – US Army takes over air traffic control

The US military announced today that it has taken control of air traffic at the airport “to ensure the safe departure of American and allied personnel from Afghanistan on civil and military flights.”

US forces opened fire at Kabul airport after thousands of Afghans invaded the runway while trying to flee the country after the Taliban seized power, according to the France-Presse news agency.

The Pentagon estimates the total number of people to evacuate the country at 30,000, including diplomats and other US or Afghan citizens who have helped the United States and now fear for their lives.

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul today reiterated its warning to its citizens and people awaiting repatriation to stay away from the airport due to unsafe conditions until called on board.

7:30 – The UN Security Council meets today to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

The meeting will take place the day after the Taliban takeover of Kabul, at which Secretary General António Guterres will present a report.

The UN secretary general on Sunday called on the Taliban and all other Afghan parties for “greater restraint” just hours after radical Islamic militants entered Kabul.

“The Secretary-General is particularly concerned about the future of women and girls, whose hard-earned rights must be protected,” the UN said in a statement.

Antonio Guterres stressed that the United Nations remains “determined to contribute to a peaceful settlement of the conflict”.

The meeting of the Security Council is scheduled for 10:00 in New York (15:00 in Lisbon).

7:00 am – Portugal and 60 other countries call for border opening in Afghanistan

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Portugal and over 60 countries issued a joint communique this morning to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

They call for both citizens of the country and foreigners wishing to leave Afghanistan to have the opportunity to do so. Therefore, they ask that the borders remain open.

The document, signed by countries such as the United States, Australia, France and Germany, says the 66-nation group is ready to assist in the evacuation of people from Afghanistan, as everyone deserves to live in safety and dignity.

State point. Taliban declare “war is over” as crowds gather at Kabul airport

A Taliban political cabinet official yesterday assured al-Jazeera that “the war in Afghanistan is over.” Spokesman Mohammad Naim said the type of government and form of the regime would soon become clear and no diplomatic body or any of its headquarters were attacked, saying the group was reassuring everyone that it would ensure the safety of citizens and diplomats. missions.

A Taliban spokesman believes that forces outside Afghanistan will not soon repeat the “failed experiment” in the country.

“We take every step responsibly and with confidence to make peace with everyone. We are ready to solve the problems of the international community through dialogue, ”said Mohammad Naim in an interview with Qatari TV channel Al Jazeera.

“We urge all countries and organizations to sit down to resolve any disputes,” he added.

A spokesman for the Taliban’s political office also assured that the group “respects women, minority rights and freedom of expression in the light of Sharia.”
the real test starts now
Mullah Baradar, one of Talban’s leaders, says the real test begins now to answer the problems of the Afghan people and help them by solving problems. Baradar, one of the founders of the Islamic movement, stressed the speed with which they came to power and added that the Taliban are determined to solve the problems of the Afghan people.

The triumph of the mujahideen has no analogues in the world, adds the leader of the Afghan Islamists.

Baradar was the Taliban military leader when he was arrested in 2010 in Pakistan. It was released in 2018 under US pressure.

Respected by various factions, he now heads the political cabinet of the Islamic movement.

“We have achieved an unexpected victory (…), we must show humility before Allah,” the former number two of the rebel movement said in a video message quoted by Efe.

“It is now about how we serve and protect our people and how we secure their future to ensure their good life in the best possible way,” he added.

However, there are several images showing the rush to Kabul International Airport as thousands of people tried to leave the country. Local media reported dramatic images of thousands of people at Kabul airport trying to leave the country despite the cancellation of most commercial flights. and restrictions.

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This Sunday, the Taliban captured the Afghan capital, Kabul, after a swift offensive following the withdrawal of Western forces from the country.

The arrival of the Taliban in Kabul hastened Ashraf Ghani’s departure from the country after taking control of 28 of 34 provincial capitals in 10 days and without much opposition from government security forces as part of a major offensive that began in May … when the US and NATO withdrawal began from the country, which is due to be completed by the end of this month.

With Ghani’s departure, a group of political leaders formed a Coordination Council for the Transfer of Power to the Taliban, which included former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Chairman of the Supreme Council for Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah, and Hizb-e-Islamist Party leader and former military leader Gulbeddin Hekmatyar.

However, the rebels have not yet provided information on how the transition process or the seizure of power will proceed.

Portugal ready to host Afghan refugees

243 Afghan officials and their families have cooperated with the Portuguese troops stationed at the Kabul airport, and Portugal is ready to receive them.

Defense Minister João Gomes Cravinho said that the withdrawal of Afghan refugees is coordinated by NATO, since Portugal does not have such capabilities. Otherwise, the country will join the European Union forces to protect Afghan citizens.

According to him, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not yet have information about Portuguese citizens in Afghanistan.

Portugal will join the common European position and will join NATO if the Taliban specify an Islamic emirate, Joao Cravinho said in a statement to the RTP.

“We will see how possible a dialogue with the new authorities of the country is,” said the Portuguese Defense Minister, stressing that “their reputation is troubling,” so “let’s see how they behave.”

The President of the Republic has already reacted

It was for Jornal Público that Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa stressed that “we were always afraid of the consequences of decisions that could not have been taken by Portugal, and all in a very short time.

The President of the Republic also said that this issue had already been discussed at several meetings of the Supreme Council for National Defense, and praised the way the government organized Portugal’s participation.

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Vladimir Putin has delayed the invasion of Ukraine at least three times.



Putin has repeatedly consulted with Russian Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu about the invasion, Europa Press told Ukraine’s chief intelligence director Vadim Skibitsky.

According to Skibitsky, it was the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), which is responsible for counterintelligence and espionage work, that put pressure on Gerasimov and other military agencies to agree to launch an offensive. .

However, according to the Ukrainian intelligence services, the FSB considered that by the end of February sufficient preparations had already been made to guarantee the success of the Russian Armed Forces in a lightning invasion.

However, according to Kyiv, the Russian General Staff provided the Russian troops with supplies and ammunition for only three days, hoping that the offensive would be swift and immediately successful.

The head of Ukrainian intelligence also emphasized the cooperation of local residents, who always provided the Ukrainian authorities with up-to-date information about the Russian army, such as the number of soldiers or the exact location of troops.

The military offensive launched on February 24 by Russia in Ukraine caused at least 6.5 million internally displaced persons and more than 7.8 million refugees to European countries, which is why the UN classifies this migration crisis as the worst in Europe since World War II (1939-1945). gg.). ).

At the moment, 17.7 million Ukrainians are in need of humanitarian assistance, and 9.3 million are in need of food aid and housing.

The UN has presented as confirmed 6,755 civilian deaths and 10,607 wounded since the beginning of the war, stressing that these figures are much lower than the real ones.

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Life sentence for former Swedish official for spying for Russia



A Stockholm court on Monday sentenced a former Swedish intelligence officer to life in prison for spying for Russia, and his brother to at least 12 years in prison. In what is considered one of the most serious cases in Swedish counterintelligence history, much of the trial took place behind closed doors in the name of national security.

According to the prosecution, it was Russian military intelligence, the GRU, who took advantage of the information provided by the two brothers between 2011 and their arrest at the end of 2021.

Peyman Kia, 42, has held many senior positions in the Swedish security apparatus, including the army and his country’s intelligence services (Säpo). His younger brother, Payam, 35, is accused of “participating in the planning” of the plot and of “managing contacts with Russia and the GRU, including passing on information and receiving financial rewards.”

Both men deny the charges, and their lawyers have demanded an acquittal on charges of “aggravated espionage,” according to the Swedish news agency TT.

The trial coincides with another case of alleged Russian espionage, with the arrest of the Russian-born couple in late November in a suburb of Stockholm by a police team arriving at dawn in a Blackhawk helicopter.

Research website Bellingcat identified them as Sergei Skvortsov and Elena Kulkova. The couple allegedly acted as sleeper agents for Moscow, having moved to Sweden in the late 1990s.

According to Swedish press reports, the couple ran companies specializing in the import and export of electronic components and industrial technology.

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The man was again detained at the end of November for “illegal intelligence activities.” His partner, suspected of being an accomplice, has been released but remains under investigation.

According to Swedish authorities, the arrests are not related to the trial of the Kia brothers.

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Ukraine admitted that Russia may announce a general mobilization



“They can strengthen their positions. We understand that this can happen. At the same time, we do not rule out that they will announce a general mobilization,” Danilov said in an interview with the Ukrainska Pravda online publication.

Danilov believed that this mobilization would also be convened “to exterminate as many as possible” of Russian citizens, so that “they would no longer have any problems on their territory.”

In this sense, Danilov also reminded that Russia has not given up on securing control over Kyiv or the idea of ​​the complete “destruction” of Ukraine. “We have to be ready for anything,” he said.

“I want everyone to understand that [os russos] they have not given up on the idea of ​​destroying our nation. If they don’t have Kyiv in their hands, they won’t have anything in their hands, we must understand this,” continued Danilov, who also did not rule out that a new Russian offensive would come from “Belarus and other territories.” .

As such, Danilov praised the decision of many of its residents who chose to stay in the Ukrainian capital when the war broke out in order to defend the city.

“They expected that there would be panic, that people would run, that there would be nothing to protect Kyiv,” he added, referring to President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The military offensive launched on February 24 by Russia in Ukraine caused at least 6.5 million internally displaced persons and more than 7.8 million refugees to European countries, which is why the UN classifies this migration crisis as the worst in Europe since World War II (1939-1945). gg.). ).

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At the moment, 17.7 million Ukrainians are in need of humanitarian assistance, and 9.3 million are in need of food aid and housing.

The Russian invasion, justified by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the need to “denazify” and demilitarize Ukraine for Russia’s security, was condemned by the international community at large, which responded by sending weapons to Ukraine and imposing political and economic sanctions on Russia.

The UN has presented as confirmed 6,755 civilian deaths and 10,607 wounded since the beginning of the war, stressing that these figures are much lower than the real ones.

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