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A BOLA – First round draw (Portuguese Cup)



A BOLA - First round draw (Portuguese Cup)

The draw for the first round of the Portuguese Cup took place this Thursday in Cidade do Futebol, in Oeiras.

This first round, scheduled for 11 September, involves 120 clubs: 41 from the District and Regional Football Associations (ADR), 58 from the Portuguese Championship and 21 Ligue 3 emblems. Of these, 32 were exempted from the first round.

Here is the result of the draw:

Serie A
SK Mirandela (KP) – AD Fafe Futebol SAD (L3)
SC Valenciano (ADR) – Merelinense (KP)
GD Cerva (ADR) – SC Maria da Fonte (CP)
California Macedo Cavaleiros (KP) – Forhaesh SC (KP)
SC Vianense (CP) – FC Beach Anchor (ADR)
Os Limianos (CP) – CDC Montalegre (L3)

B series
AFC Santa Marta de Penaguião (CP) – AD da Camacha (CP)
Machico AD (ADR) – San Martino AR (CP)
Berço SC (CP) – J.D. Joan (ADR)
FC Felgueiras Futebol, SAD (L3) – CSD Camara de Lobos (CP)
AK Vila Mea (KP) – Amarante (KP)
SC Vila Real (KP) – FC Tiersens (KP)

C series
CF Canelas 2010 (L3) – SC Ruler (ADR)
FC Pedroso (ADR) – USC Paredes (CP)
CF União Lamas FF (ADR) – SC Espinho (CP)
Gondomar SC (CP) – SC Salgueiros Futebol SAD (CP)
Leça FC Futebol, SAD (CP) – Lusitania FC Luroza (L3)
CDR Moimenta da Beira (ADR) – CD Cinfães (ADR)

D series
Estarreja CD (ADR) – GD Águias do Moradal (ADR)
UD Oliveirense SAD (L3) – Sport Guard FC (ADR)
Ansa (ADR) – AD Sanjoanense Football SAD (L3)
Strength of Youth (ADR) – Clube União 1919 (CP)
AD Castro Daire (CP) – Trancoso Sports Group (ADR)
GD Santa Cruz Alvarenga (CP) – CD Gouveia (CP)

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E series
AK Marinhense (KP) – Club Unian Idanhense (KP)
Sertanense Futebol Clube (CP) – GD Peniche (CP)
Vila Velha de Rodao CDRC (ADR) – GD Victória Sernache (CP)
Sport Benfica Castelo Branco (CP) – UDRC Matamourisquense (ADR)
Sport Abrantes and Benfica (ADR) – Caldas SC (L3)

F series
FC Alverca Futebol SAD (L3) – Tram Football Club (ADR)
SCD da Glória (ADR) – SU Sintrense Futebol SAD (CP)
Elvas CAD (CP) – SG Sacavenense (CP)
UD Santarém Football SAD (L3) – GS Loures (CP)
Sport Arronches e Benfica (ADR) – CF Vasco da Gama of Ponta Delgada (ADR)

G series
Real SC Futebol SDUQ (L3) – FC Barreirense (KP)
Lusitano de Evora Club (ADR) – Oriental Dragon Football Club (L3)
SF Damaiense (ADR) – SC Lusitânia (ADR)
CD Pinhalnovense Futebol SAD (CP) – Amora FC Futebol SAD (L3)
SC Praiense Futebol SAD (CP) – SC Ideal (CP)

Series H
Ferreiras FC (ADR) – ACD Penedo Gordo (ADR)
CU Culatrense (ADR) – Louletano DC (CP)
Lusitano Ginásio Clube Moncarapachense (CP) – UF Comércio e Indústria (ADR)
CF Vasco da Gama de Beja (ADR) – Immortal DC (CP)
SC Olhanense Football SAD (KP) – Youth SC (KP)

Graciosa (ADR)
Vitoria FC SAD (L3)
Anadia – Football, SAD (L3)
Valadares Gaia SAD (KP)
Olivais e Moscavide CD (ADR)
Star FC (ADR)
CF “Os Belenenses” (KP)
UD Leiria Futebol SAD (L3)
ARC Oleiros (KP)
Condeixa ADC Club (CP)
UFC Moitense (ADR)
Pevidem SC (L3)
FC Vinyas (ADR)
SC União Torreense Football SAD (L3)
CF Esperanza Lagos (CP)
CR Ferreira Aves (KP)
GD O Coruchense (CP)
Lank Group Vilaverdese Football SAD (KP)
FC Alpendorada (ADR)
SC São João de Ver SAD (L3)
FK Serpa (KP)
SC Pombal (ADR)
California Pero Pinheiro (KP)
Disc “Fishtail” (CP)
Rebordelo ADC (ADR)
União Sport Group (CP)
FC Oliveira do Hospital (L3)
Ribeirão 1968 Futebol Clube (ADR)
San Roque (ADR)
G. D. Fontignas (CP)
CF União Madeira Futebol SAD (CP)
CD Cova Piedade, Football SAD (L3)

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As a reminder, Ligue 2 clubs enter the competition in the next round, and the League emblems begin their participation in the third round.

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A BOLA – Southgate believes in title and asks fans to calm down (England)



A BOLA - Southgate believes in title and asks fans to calm down (England)

England manager Gareth Southgate at the 2022 World Cup round of 16 game against Senegal, scheduled for this Sunday at 7pm, left a message of hope and confidence to win the title for the Three Lions selection.

“Part of our job is to bring happiness to others,” said the England helmsman, who hopes to see his players take another “incredible journey” to the country after reaching the 2018 World Cup semi-finals and the final. euro 2022.

“Of course, we have our own pride and what we want to achieve professionally. We have already done two incredible trips around the country, but we feel there is potential for another one and we want to make it happen. We recognize the situation of everyone, at home [n.d.r. Inglaterra, em referência às preocupações da população com a inflação, aumento do custo da energia e guerra na Ucrânia] and we want to bring smiles to people’s faces at the end of this weekend.”

Southgate showed confidence, adding: “I think 2018 was a step into the unknown and we didn’t know how far the team could go. There was no evidence that we were capable of handling elimination. We knew how much pressure we were putting on the players and how realistic the internal goal was. But now, naturally, they have more experience in such games, and when we qualified, we were successful, but with less celebration on the field. The mentality is to stay here longer. The intention is different, it has changed. What we considered success has changed.”

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At the end of the last game, a goalless draw with the United States of America, which guaranteed England 1st place in the group, the fans expressed their dissatisfaction by booing the rebounds: “At these moments it is necessary to remain calm. We’ve gone through the group, which is a three-game process, and now we’ll see how far we’ve gotten and where we’ll end up. There will always be an emotional reaction to such big competitions, every country goes through it. We see what happened to other countries. We need balance and conditions of comparison in order to learn.”

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BALL – Vecchia Signora still owes money to Ronaldo (Juventus)



BALL - Vecchia Signora still owes money to Ronaldo (Juventus)

According to preliminary news, this Saturday edition of Sports daily Gazetta dello Sportwith a link to the portal Football ItalyJuventus still owe money to Cristiano Ronaldo, despite the fact that he left Black and white move to Manchester United about a year and a half ago.

The publication explains that CR7, like other Juventus players, suffered pay cuts during the Covid-19 pandemic, signing an agreement with Elderly woman in which he guaranteed bonuses that were not paid even if he left the Turin club after the pandemic.

On the other hand, also according to the information in these media, there will be several Juventus players who, like Cristiano Ronaldo, suffered salary cuts during the pandemic phase to help the club and will receive the agreed financial compensation, but will not be declared by the Italian football federation (FIGC) or any other institution.

There are players who would admit that they should have received bonuses next season, but this is an agreement made between Elderly woman and the team was not registered with the FIGC and this situation, if confirmed, would put the Turin emblem in a terrible position.

Recall that at the beginning of last week, the board of directors of Juventus withdrew, and Gianluca Ferrero was appointed the new president.

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BAL – Farewell message by Alvaro Pacheco (Vizela)



BAL - Farewell message by Alvaro Pacheco (Vizela)

Alvaro Pacheco left Wiesele a farewell message through a post on the social network Instagram. The coach was fired from the technical team of the Viselians, while the club motivated the decision by “a difference of opinion regarding the sports project.”

“I am a football coach. This is the life I chose for myself! I am happy because I do what I like with passion, joy, conviction, great professionalism and dignity! I found a family in Wiesel. The family that I carry in my heart and that I tried to glorify in the best possible way. I am sure that I justified the greatness of the club and its people! Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me! Many thanks to everyone who helped me on this trip! And what a special trip this was!! I was very happy here!!!”, you can read.

Alvaro Pacheco left the Wisela team after three and a half seasons. The coach has been at the forefront of two successive ascents of Vizela: first from the Portuguese Championship to Ligue 2, in the 2019/2020 season, and the next season to the top tier of Portuguese football. Last season he managed to keep the team in the League. In the current season, in 13 games in the first division of Wiesel under the command of Alvaro Pacheco, he won four, drew three and lost six. In the Portuguese Cup, he “fell” in the 4th round at the feet of Vitoria de Guimarães.

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