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Vieira called Varandas and was refused. Check details



Vieira called Varandas and was refused.  Check details

Victor Rodriguez


The midfielder is one step away from becoming a Benfica player in the next five years.

João Mario is one step away from becoming Benfica’s player for the next five years, in a deal that includes anti-competitive clauses in the middle and which has already motivated, you know, O JOGO, a telephone conversation between Luis Filipe Vieira and Frederico … Varandas, which will not end with the most desirable form for Benfica.

Having concluded that the 28-year-old midfielder will not be reinforcements for the Lions in the new season due to the lack of an agreement with Inter Milan, the President of the Reds called his Lviv counterpart a few days ago to inform him. He said Benfica are interested in hiring a player who won Sporting champions last season.

However, as we found out, the conversation will not end well because of the anti-competitive clause contained in the contract for the sale of João Mario by Sporting in 2016 to Inter, which the Reds see as a simple option.

If Luis Filipe Vieira believed the fact that in the last period he did not use his preemptive right over Nuno Santos, then on Rio Avenue, which allowed him to become part of the lions, he now expected the same attitude from Frederico Varandas. In fact, the leader of the lions warned the president of the eagles that he continued to believe that the clause was valid, that Inter would have to reimburse Sporting in the amount of 30 million euros if João Mario moved to Benfica, and warned that he would go as a last resort. to protect a right that he considers to be legitimate.

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Vieira intends to hire a midfielder and include him in the squad by the 15th, when the group will leave for an internship in the Algarve.

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Luis Filipe Vieira: “At the moment, Sp. Braga is the club that works best in Portugal” – Benfica



Luis Filipe Vieira: "At the moment, Sp.  Braga is the club that works best in Portugal" - Benfica

The President of Benfica also warned of the euphoria around Benfica.

In an interview with CMTV, Luis Filipe Vieira spoke about the current situation at Benfica, praised Roger Schmidt and revealed that he thinks Sp. Braga is the best club to work in Portugal. “In my time, Benfica had great teams and won a lot of titles. [treinador] started now. The coach was a real surprise for me. I know that they contacted the Portuguese coaches. I don’t say who,” the ex-leader of the eagles began to the Cofina channel.


Vieira continued and praised the German. “I think I like his game system. He is a friendly person, easy speech directed at everyone. He made the group strong enough. signed him, but at Benfica, sometimes euphoria is bad.”

“The Portuguese Championship is a mistake, I’m not sure that small teams will take points from big ones. If you stand firmly on your feet, you have a team that will become a champion. I always count on Porto and Sporting, not forgetting Sp. Braga, which is the best club to work in Portugal,” he added.

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Abel Ferreira talks to players about the ‘immutable’ factor: ‘I’m ‘angry’…”



Abel Ferreira talks to players about the 'immutable' factor: 'I'm 'angry'…"

The writing

Abel Ferreira, Palmeiras coach, gave an interview to the Buzz Talk podcast.

Does not suffer a lack of intensity and effort: “I don’t get angry when they miss a cross, a shot or a goal. This is when they have to share the ball with everyone and remove their foot. When they need to run and they don’t go. efforts. The physical part, I’m angry. The technical part, no, because I’m sure they want to succeed. It’s because they saw an opportunity. I am not criticizing the decision. The player wants to do whatever is best for him and the team. Issues of effort, attitude, giving up everything… It’s non-negotiable.”

A responsibility: “A coach, when he loses, is very lonely, he is very lonely. Everyone criticizes. I tell the players that we all have responsibilities within the club. Outside, I will always protect them, but inside I will say everything I think. “When someone is at fault, it’s me. The defeats belong to me. It’s no coincidence that when something goes wrong at the club, the coach is the first to fall. That’s part of the deal. On the outside, I always protect my players. But on the inside, we are in our family, and whatever is a problem must be solved.”

Watch the full interview:

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The fourth referee of the mythical match Portugal-Holland 2006 makes a revelation: “Did you have Ronaldo injured?” – Collections



The fourth referee of the mythical match Portugal-Holland 2006 makes a revelation: "Did you have Ronaldo injured?"  - Collections

Marco Rodriguez recalls the moments after the exit of Bularuz because of the young CR7. “Van Basten is laughing,” he said.

The Portugal-Holland match at the 2006 World Cup went down in history as one of the most memorable matches for the national team in the final stages, due to the difficulty required to defeat Van Basten’s orange, as well as the referee’s disciplinary criteria. Valentin Ivanov. The “Battle of Nuremberg”, as this clash of the 1/8 finals of the tournament was also called, ended with four red cards shown by the Russian referee and 16 yellow cards that fell out of his pocket. Despite Maniche’s decisive goal already in the 23rd minute, Luis Felipe Scolari’s team suffered a major setback after 11 minutes. Despite his youth, Cristiano Ronaldo was already one of the stars of corner formation and was savagely hit with hooks to the leg by Dutchman Khalid Boularuz, who folded with a yellow card. The fourth referee of this match, Mexican Marco Rodriguez, has now revealed that CR7’s injury must have been intentional. “Remember the game between Portugal and Holland? Cristiano Ronaldo was a sensation and he was very young and they nailed him here. [na perna]. He walks away with an injury and at that moment Marco Van Basten [n.d.r. treinador da Holanda] laughing, laughing! They didn’t tell me I was there. He is laughing! Felipao wanted to attack him and said to him, “Did you kick him?” The World Cup is not romance, it is war,” he said on the air of the SagaFoot program.

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“Chikimarco”, as the now retired umpire is also known, reported that “the most-carded game in World Cup history ended with four umpires out of control”. “We couldn’t do it anymore. I grabbed Figo and someone hit him, then the Dutch came … It was chaos! ”Rodriguez recalled.

The truth is that Portugal will go to the “quarters” and face off against England.

Flavio Miguel Silva


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