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PES changes its name to eFootball and goes free to play •



PES changes its name to eFootball and goes free to play •

Konami is betting on big changes.

Konami has announced major changes to its famous soccer game series, including a new name and business model.

The PES name has been dropped and eFootball is the title of the series, the next game of which will be available for free on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC this fall, IGN reported.

According to Konami’s official information, this eFootball 2022 will feature cross-platform play across all platforms, even the mobile version, where a team is required.

The game developed with Unreal Engine 4 and used in all versions will provide the ability to play quick matches with 9 clubs, but you can buy more game modes if you want. No information has been released about MyClub or Master League at the moment, but the idea seems to be to only pay for what you want.

Konami says that despite the move to a free model supported by microtransactions, eFootball will not be unfair and, despite not revealing ways to monetize, found a content gap and issues.

The company promises that even the famous option files will remain relevant, and assure that they will provide more information in the next few months, but now there is big news, PES has changed its name and switched to free play, supported by pass-through and extra-monetized modes.

We’ll find out more about eFootball at the end of August, probably at Gamescom.

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BALL – Lions return to winning ways in the League in a reception by Gil Vicente (League)



BALL - Lions return to winning ways in the League in a reception by Gil Vicente (League)

Sporting returned to victory in the League, beating Gil Vicente at home by three goals: one in the first leg of the 8th round of the competition. A good tonic before the match against Marseille next Tuesday in the Champions League.

In a somewhat monotonous first half, the “lions” marked their superiority without imposing a very high pace. Nuno Santos won a cross from behind the back of the entire defense and already in the penalty area struck from the bottom and crossed, and Morita appeared at the far post, correcting the trajectory of the ball and opening the scoring (16 minutes).

Shortly after, the Japanese reappeared, finding an imbalance in depth: class in unmarking, receiving and heeling for Pedro Goncalves, who even took the opponent out of the game before shooting into the goal (22 minutes).

Returning to the second half, the guests abandoned the top five in the rear and achieved more brilliance in attacking the opposite third. Murilo snapped at Adana before Fran Navarro returned to attack as the Spaniard added three more threats.

However, already on the other half of the field the ball was again in the depths of the gate. Esgaio start for Rochinha and this one to overcome Lucas Cunha and Andrew by scoring 3-0 (82′). In the farewell match (90+3′), Fran Navarro finally managed to celebrate with a header from Elder Santana.

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BALL – Famalican disqualifies coach Miguel Afonso accused of harassment (Women’s Football)



BALL - Famalican disqualifies coach Miguel Afonso accused of harassment (Women's Football)

According to the club, Miguel Afonso has been suspended from his duties with the Famalicao women’s team and did not participate in this Friday’s morning training session.

Famalicao’s statement refers to the “suspension of functions by mutual agreement until the truth is established.”

Miguel Afonso was condemned by a newspaper report Public in which allegations of harassment of players in the 2020/21 season when he was in charge of Rio Avenue. Read all about this topic in related news.

Famalicao’s statement

“Football Clube Famalicão, with the utmost interest in protecting its values, its people and its emblem, announces, in connection with yesterday’s events, the suspension of coaching duties by mutual agreement and with immediate effect. Miguel Afonso until the truth of the facts is established. For now, coach Renato Lobo and the rest of the technical team will take over the functions of head coach on an interim basis. Futebol Clube Famalicão confirms that he does not see himself in any way with offensive content or gender inequality, following his path based on the values ​​he believes in and with the sole purpose of making this emblem even more worthy. Once again, Futebol Clube Famalicão declares its full readiness to all parties involved and the competent authorities to assist in establishing the truth.”

(in update)

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BALL – Scores (negative) confirmed by vote of confidence (Benfica)



BALL - Scores (negative) confirmed by vote of confidence (Benfica)

Benfica SAD informed the Securities Market Commission of the approval of the report and accounts for 2021/2022, in which the Eagles received a negative result of 35 million euros.

In a note sent to CMVM, the SAD incarnation also discloses that a vote of confidence was approved for the Board of Directors as well as for the Supervisory Board between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

Here is the statement:

“- Approval of the annual report for 2021/22, which covers the period from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022, in which a negative net result of EUR 35,016,851 was determined;

– approval of the proposal for the application of the results with the transfer of the result accrued in the period to the accumulated results;

– Approval of a vote of confidence in the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board, as well as relevant members, as well as the official auditor for the exercise of their functions in the period from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021, 2022;

– approval of the policy of remuneration of management and control bodies, as well as members of the Board of the General Meeting;

– Election of members of the Remuneration Committee for the remainder of the four-year period 2021/2025.”

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