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More than 100 activists, journalists and politicians have fallen victim to spyware attacks



More than 100 activists, journalists and politicians have fallen victim to spyware attacks

More than 100 activists, journalists and politicians from around the world have come under attack using malicious spyware produced by the Israeli company Candiru using the Windows operating system, Microsoft said Thursday.

The victims – about half – were in Palestinian territory, the rest were in Israel, Lebanon, Yemen, Spain. [na Catalunha], UK, Turkey, Armenia and Singapore.

Using vulnerabilities in Windows, hackers operating in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Hungary, Indonesia and other countries purchased and installed Candiru remote spying software.

According to Christine Goodwin, general manager of the Microsoft Digital Security Unit, the spyware that collects personal information and information about web browsing has been used in “attacks on computers, phones, network infrastructure and devices connected to the Internet.”

After receiving a warning from cybersecurity researchers at the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, Canada, Microsoft launched digital security programs. [patches], on Tuesday to fix Windows weaknesses.

Microsoft does not mention Candiru and says the software will be from Sourgum, according to a statement released this Thursday that Luz had access to.

“We believe that Surgum is an offensive player in the private sector in Israel. […].Sourgum typically sells cyber weapons that allow its customers, often government agencies around the world, to hack into computers, phones, network infrastructure, and Internet-connected devices, ”the statement said.

According to Citizen Lab, the investigations have provided new insights into the cost of doing business in the spyware industry.

For € 16 million, Candiru customers can hack an unlimited number of devices, but can only track 10 devices at a time, according to Citizen Lab. For an additional € 1.5 million, shoppers can track 15 additional victims.

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According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Candiru has clients in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

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Researcher Claims Facebook and Instagram Are Tracking Users Through Browsers



Researcher Claims Facebook and Instagram Are Tracking Users Through Browsers


Platforms will use a specific browser and thus track users.

Facebook and Instagram will use browsers to track users
© Playback/PexelsFacebook and Instagram will use browsers to track users

Researcher Felix KrauseIt has recently become clear that when accessing facebook It’s from Instagramuser nwill be directed not to the browser of your choice, but to the user’s. This would be because these browsers use javascript code to Meta May trace los pelos sites.

Through a post on his blog, Felix said that “Instagram injects its tracking code into every website it displays, including when we click on an ad, which allows the company to track all user interactions such as every button and link clicked, text highlighting, screenshots, and any form entries. , such as passwords. , addresses and credit card numbers“.

This formula also applies to Facebook, where the boy’s research focused on versions iOS applications. According to him, this would be necessary because Apple Allows users to sign in and out of platform tracking when they first open the app.

A spokesperson for Meta even spoke to The Guardian, stating that:The code allows us to collect user data before using it for targeted advertising or measurement purposes. We are not adding any pixels. The code is inserted so that pixel transformation events can be aggregated. For purchases made through the browser, we require the user’s consent to save payment information for autofill.“.

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‘Sturgeon Supermoon’ makes the world look to the sky, and these images show why



'Sturgeon Supermoon' makes the world look to the sky, and these images show why

The supermoon phenomenon occurs when the Moon is simultaneously in its full moon phase and is less than 110% of its perigee from Earth, the point in its orbit where a natural satellite is closest to Earth.

Normally, the Moon is at a distance of about 384,400 kilometers from the Earth, but during this supermoon, the lunar perigee was reduced to about 357,378 kilometers.

Thus, when approaching Earth’s orbit, the Moon appears larger than normal, giving the false illusion of an enlarged Moon.

This phenomenon, which again peaked at dawn on Friday, August 12, was seen around the world with beautiful images of the supermoon, this time called “sturgeon” because it coincides with the time of the appearance of this fish. in large numbers in the Great Lakes of North America.

If you missed yesterday’s supermoon, don’t worry, there’s still time to see the images today. Open the photo gallery below and check out the mesmerizing images this “giant” full moon that the whole world was looking at.

The last Supermoon of the year occurs at the same time as the shooting stars scheduled for the night from this Friday to Saturday.

The approach of the planet Earth to the trail of debris from comet Swift-Tuttle will cause the Perseid meteor shower. The light of the full moon will interfere with this cosmic phenomenon, thereby illuminating faint meteors that can be seen with the naked eye if weather conditions help.

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Warner Brazzers. Games reveals more details of Gotham Knights city



Warner Brazzers.  Games reveals more details of Gotham Knights city

Gotham City in the game will be the largest among the games in the Batman universe

Warner Brazzers. Games Montreal showed a lot of content from gotham knights, The game will be released in October. On the new video published by IGN, more of Gotham City is revealed, from its history to the various neighborhoods run by their respective groups.besides the city itself, which will be the largest ever built among games in the Batman universe.

The video begins with a look at the origins of Gotham City, the origins of the founding families: Wayne, Elliot, Kane, Arkham and Cobblepot, and the importance each of them will have in the world. Gotham Knights. The game is based on the Court of Owls arc and will not feature Batman. since he is dead.

The developers show many expanses of Gotham City and its environs, which are controlled by villainous bats. Robin travels through several different areas, mostly rooftops, using a harpoon to reach distant places like Batman has always done in the Arkham franchise, in addition to his ability to teleport.

Gotham City Knights has more than meets the eye

One of the biggest novelties of this Gotham City, besides being bigger, is the vertical growth of the city. The city depicted in Gotham Knights will not only have new taller buildings but also a large underground area to explore. The video also shows us some fragments of interiors, which is not very much in the Arkham franchise.

Warner Brazzers. reveals 28 costumes of the four heroes of Gotham Knights

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While the idea of ​​a big city that provides a lot of exploration is cool, you can see that the Gotham City featured in the video is pretty empty, with no vehicles, NPCs, or enemies roaming the city. This may have been done on purpose to optimize the presentation of the city, possibly because this is a build that does not represent the final game as it is just over two months away from release.

“Batman is dead. A huge new underworld has filled the streets of Gotham City. Now Batman’s family – Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin – must protect Gotham, give hope to its citizens, and discipline its police. and fear his criminals. From unraveling the mysteries that bind the darkest chapters of the city’s history, to defeating the most notorious villains in epic confrontations.”

Gotham Knights releases October 25 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.


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