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Montepio hires Bison Bank to sell Groundforce



Montepio hires Bison Bank to sell Groundforce

According to Nasser before SOL, Montepio hired a financial intermediary to sell his shares in Groundforce, vacating the bank’s debt collection department led by Pedro Leitau. The Chinese investment bank Bison Bank (which received the banking license Banif – Banco de Investimento) has in its hands the organization of the auction of Groundforce shares owned by businessman Alfredo Casimiro, which are pledged. Our newspaper knows that the investment bank has already received optional offers for 50.1% of the shares.

This is a race against time, as the Minister of Infrastructure gave parliamentary assurances this week that he is convinced of the imminent sale of shares and, as a result, Alfredo Casimiro’s departure from the control of the operator. “We are monitoring and expecting that the selling process by those who have the right to sell will be completed successfully, and this will mean the emergence of a partner with the financial capabilities so that we can start a stable life,” said Pedro Nuno Santos. adding that “if Montepio fails to sell, the government or TAP will find a solution.”

And he recalled that the government was working on a solution and that it was only “suspended to allow for the sale process,” which has not happened so far.

The government official also clarified that he did not push for the nationalization of Groundforce, as he did with Efacec, to avoid the “risk of litigation,” given the complexity of these processes, which could lead to compensation.

Suspended strike, but not for everyone

Following chaos over the weekend over a strike by ground forces that resulted in the cancellation of more than 600 flights and affected thousands of passengers, a situation that has led Pedro Nuno Santos to consider it unfair to blame TAP for the workers’ strike. and to the President of the Portuguese Tourism Confederation, speaking of a “dramatic” event – the Airport Technicians’ Union (STHA) canceled a strike scheduled for July 31, August 1 and 2.

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The decision came after a compromise was found with the government, which ensures that vacation pay and premiums are paid before July salaries are processed to all employees in the company.

It should be recalled that this Wednesday, the Ministry of Infrastructure announced that TAP will pay directly to the workers of the transshipment company the amount corresponding to vacation and overdue years, “without the consent or consent of those who control the ground forces.” …

But despite the fact that STHA went on strike, other union structures will continue to suspend. “STTAMP and STAMA will maintain strike advance notices for Groundforce until the actual payout date, as the two unions have already reached a vacation pay agreement in the recent past, with the same denied by Alfredo Casimiro, who despite the inevitable shareholder structure change , is still the chairman of the board of directors today, ”the statement said.

The ANA executive president also said that the situation at the airports over the weekend could not be repeated and deemed it impossible to postpone the revocation of the occupation license any longer. “We are aware of the great difficulties faced by workers, but this situation [vividas no passado fim de semana] it cannot be repeated, otherwise, in this context of instability, many companies that will need an operation this summer to survive will face the same difficulties, ”said Thierry Ligonier.

We are talking about the revocation of the hosting license from Groundforce, which claims that the service company owes 769.6 thousand euros in hosting fees. In this draft resolution of the ANA executive committee, the group clarifies that, as the concessionaire to the airport’s public service, it is responsible for “licensing the occupation and implementation of activities and services in the airport domain assets included in the concession scope.” As well as all acts that relate to “enforcement , changes and revocation of licenses ”.

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Why is this influence?

Since TAP is a shareholder in Groundforce, the airline will inevitably use the company to provide maintenance services. In fact, to minimize the impact of the shutdown last weekend, the airline clarified that the passenger can request travel compensation.

If the ticket has already been purchased from a travel agency, TAP advises you to contact them. However, if you still do not know where the baggage is and the final destination is not Lisbon or Porto, and if you do not already have a baggage compartment number, TAP will ask you to go to the airline’s website.

But Groudforce isn’t the only one operating at national airports. Portway, the result of a joint venture between Fraport AG and ANA, Aeroportos de Portugal, also provides cargo handling services in Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Funchal and Beja, with more than 80 airlines as its customers, with a focus on low-cost fares. companies. This meant that the stop did not affect passengers with flights booked for these companies.

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Delta is the most attractive company to work in Portugal. Bosch and Farfetch round out the top three – Companies



Delta is the most attractive company to work in Portugal.  Bosch and Farfetch round out the top three - Companies

Farfetch and Bosch were in the top three most attractive companies to work for this year, moving up to 8th and 15th places, while Delta secured the top spot.

Among the preferred sectors, healthcare ranks first, followed by information technology, which led last year, and the automotive sector rounds out the podium. As for remote work, it has declined again this year after the slowdown in government measures against Covid-19 and now stands at 38%.

These are the results of the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2022, which also notes a 4% increase in the number of Portuguese workers who changed employers in the second half of 2021.

There is also a growing trend in employment, with one in five Portuguese intending to change jobs this year, up 6% on the same period last year.

When choosing a company to work with, salary and benefits remain the main criteria, along with a combination of personal and professional life and work environment.

Randstad Employer Brand Research aims to analyze public perceptions of employers in different countries. In Portugal, the survey was conducted online in January 2022 with 4,997 people (active professionals, unemployed and students) aged 18 to 65. The majority of participants live in Lisbon (38%), followed by the north (34%) and center (18%) of the country.

Top 20 most attractive companies to work for:
1. Cafe Delta
2. Farfetch
3. Bosch
4. Nestle

5. Hovion

6. Siemens

7. Bank of Portugal

8. RTP – Radio and Television of Portugal

9. Company “Navigator”

10. Volkswagen group services

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11. OGMA – Portuguese Aviation Industry

12. Fujitsu Technology Solutions

13. IKEA Portugal

14. Joaquim Chavez Saude

fifteen . Volkswagen AutoEurope

16. Hospital da Luz

17. Nokia

18. Sumol+Compal

19. PSA Peugeot Citroen

20. Pestana Hotel Group

Top 10 most attractive sectors for work:
1. Health
2. IT, consulting and telecommunications
3. Car
4. Tourism, sports and entertainment
5. Consumer goods and food industry
6. Banking and financial services
7. Industry
8. Aviation
9. Customer service and general services
10. Services

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War in Ukraine: McDonald’s announces deal to sell Russian business to local businessman



War in Ukraine: McDonald's announces deal to sell Russian business to local businessman

“Under the terms of the agreement, Govor will acquire the entire portfolio of the chain’s restaurants and begin operations with a new brand,” McDonald’s said in a statement, noting that the Russian businessman has been its partner since 2015, exploring several of the group’s establishments. in Siberia. .

The deal still needs regulatory approval and final details are expected to be agreed “in the coming weeks”.

“The sale and purchase agreement provides for the preservation of at least two years of jobs in equivalent conditions,” McDonald’s emphasizes, without increasing the amount of the transaction.

Govor will also pay salaries to employees working in 45 regions of Russia until the deal is completed.

The agreement was announced three days after McDonald’s announced it was pulling out of the Russian market after more than 30 years in the country, where it had 850 restaurants and 62,000 employees.

“The humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine and the unpredictable context for continuing operations have led McDonald’s to conclude that business in Russia is no longer sustainable or in line with McDonald’s values,” the restaurant chain said in a statement released in the United States. USA.

The fast food chain announced the temporary closure of its restaurants and the suspension of work in Russia on March 8.

The departure of McDonald’s from Russia has great symbolic and economic significance, as the group was one of the first Western brands to settle in the country. It opened a branch in Moscow in 1990, shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union, becoming a symbol of the end of the Cold War.

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Sonae increases profit to 42 million and breaks sales record until March – Empresas



Sonae increases profit to 42 million and breaks sales record until March - Empresas

Despite a loss of 59 million euros in the first quarter of 2020 and a profit of only one million euros in the same period last year, the Sonae group closed its accounts before March with a net result of 42 million euros, year on year. year EBITDA increased by 17.2% to 149 million euros.

Sales rose 5.1% to a record €1.69 billion, with MC (Continente)’s business accounting for almost €1.3 billion, up 3.8% on the first three months of last year.

“The start of 2022 has been very good for Sonae. Our businesses have continued to perform well in their respective markets and the group has maintained a robust growth trajectory with higher levels of profitability, resulting in a higher portfolio valuation,” says Claudia. Azevedo, CEO of Sonae, in a message accompanying the 2022 Q1 earnings presentation released this Wednesday, May 18, to the Securities Markets Commission (CMVM).

Claudia Azevedo also highlights numbers reflecting a robust capital structure with leverage ratios and comfortable liquidity levels: “Our consolidated results, together with portfolio management activities, generated €627 million in ‘free cash flow’ over the last 12 months, allowing for a significant reduction in net debt of approximately for 600 million euros,” he says.

Strictly speaking, the reduction in net debt over the past year amounted to 588 million euros, of which 368 million were between January and March 2022.

At the same time, in the first three months of this year, it invested 110 million euros in acquisitions.

“These results were achieved under very difficult conditions, marked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” notes Claudia Azevedo, noting that “despite the fact that Sonae was not subjected to direct and material contact with these countries,” the group’s business “already felt indirect consequences of the conflict, namely through rising energy prices, widespread inflation and restrictions in supply chains, having managed to overcome these problems,” he concludes.

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However, “regardless of how the global economy and financial markets develop, with our business group, strong financial position and the competence of our teams, we are well positioned to navigate through this cycle of uncertainty, continue to strengthen our competitive position and take advantage of the opportunities presented,” — says the CEO of the group based in Maya.

Fashion up, wear down, Sierra triples profits

In terms of business units, beyond the giant MC, which Sonae says “continues to gain market share,” the focus is on the fashion business, where he explores brands like MO, Salsa, and Zippy, “with Zeitreel able to get back up to sales in the first quarter of 2019, after two very difficult years for the fashion industry affected by the restrictions of the pandemic”, ending the first three months of 2022 with sales of 96 million euros, an increase of 57% compared to last year.

In the sports business, sales of ISRG (Iberian Sports Retail Group), Sonae’s joint venture with JD Sports, which owns the SportZone brand, rose 66% to €366m, with online channel share up 15.7% to 21.1% into circulation, “largely due to the acquisition of Deporvillage,” Sonae admits.

Wortena, after two years of strong growth in a row, “the electronics market in Portugal contracted in the first quarter of 2022, mainly due to the pandemic in the first quarter of 2021, which markedly improved the online channel and increased sales of computer products.” . In addition, a “less severe winter” has passed, which “limited the search to seasonal categories”.

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“This unfavorable context for the electronics market and the reorganization of the supply in the Spanish mainland contributed to the reduction in turnover. [da Worten] from 4.1% to 261 million euros in the first quarter of 2022,” says Sonae.

At Sierra, which represents the group’s real estate business, especially shopping malls, “there were positive signs of recovery in early 2022”, net income tripled to 9.8 million euros, while asset valuation increased by 5.1% to 972 million euros. which further emphasizes this tenant. sales are up over 90% year on year.

In financial services, Universe’s output increased by 23% to €257 million, gaining “96k new customers compared to the first quarter of 2021, reaching around 989k at the end of the first quarter of 2022,” he said. assures.

As of March, Nos recorded a turnover of 373 million euros, representing a year-on-year growth of 10.6%, driven by the media and entertainment segments (over 71.1%) and telecommunications (9%), “with a positive contribution from the impact of mobile subscriptions, B2B service solutions and roaming revenues through fewer travel restrictions,” explains Sonae. Profit increased by 35% to 41 million euros compared to the first quarter of last year.

Finally, Bright Pixel (formerly Sonae IM) “continues to actively manage her portfolio” by adding several sells (she left Safetypay and ciValue) and buys (she joined Experify and Hackuity) and took part in the €35 Cybersixgill promotion. millionth round of funding.

“At the end of the first quarter of 2022, the capital invested in the active portfolio reached 159 million euros, and the net asset value was 378 million euros,” Sonae concludes regarding the performance of its technology investment division for the first three months. this year.

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However, following the end of the quarter, Bright Pixel agreed with Thales Europe to sell all share capital and voting rights to Maxive, the holding company that includes S21sec and Excellium.

“The transaction has an underlying ‘corporate value’ of Maxive of €120 million and is estimated to have a positive impact on Sonaecom’s consolidated results of around €63 million,” Sonae clarifies.

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