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Marcelo plans to travel to Brazil to reopen the Museum of the Portuguese Language.



Marcelo plans to travel to Brazil to reopen the Museum of the Portuguese Language.

President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa plans to travel to Brazil later this month to open the Museum of the Portuguese Language in São Paulo, rebuilt after a fire in 2015.

In a letter sent to the Assembly of the Republic last week, the head of state asked for consent to this visit, noting that it is scheduled for the period from July 29 to August 3 to attend the opening ceremony of the museum.

This will be the fifth visit of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa as President of the Republic to Brazil, where he was in his first year in office, in 2016, in connection with the opening of the Olympic Games, when he also visited Sao Paulo and made a short visit to the Museum building. Portuguese, confirming the commitment of the Portuguese state to its reconstruction.

São Paulo state authorities announced earlier this month that, closed after a fire in December 2015 that destroyed two-thirds of the building’s structure and resulted in the death of a firefighter, the museum will reopen to the public on July 31.

The Museum of the Portuguese Language, opened in 2006, was inaugurated to commemorate the centenary of Estação da Luz and became one of the first in the world dedicated to the Portuguese language, with an interactive experience, audiovisual content and an immersive environment.

After a fire in 2015, it was rebuilt with the sponsorship of private organizations such as the EDP and the Roberto Mariño Foundation, with the support of the Federal Law for the Promotion of Culture and a joint effort of the governments of Portugal and the state of São Paulo.

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Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who took over as head of the Portuguese state in March 2016, visited Brazil in early August of the same year for the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and also traveled to Sao Paulo and Recife.

After about three months, he returned to Brazil for the CPLP Summit held in Brasilia from 31 October to 1 November.

In 2017, the President of the Republic again visited Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to celebrate the Day of Portugal, Camoes and Portuguese Communities from 10 to 12 June.

At the time, he was present, along with Prime Minister Antonio Costa, at the signing of an agreement between the Portuguese government, the Roberto Mariño Foundation and the State of São Paulo to rebuild the Museum of the Portuguese Language.

The agreement, signed at the Consulate General of Portugal on June 11, 2017, provided for technical support for the restoration, distribution, exchange of information and the possibility of joint programs and exhibitions to promote the Portuguese language.

On January 1, 2018, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa represented Portugal at the inauguration of Jair Bolsonaro as President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, who received him the next day at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia.

The consent of the Assembly of the Republic to travel by the head of state is a formality established by the Constitution, which states that the President of the Republic cannot leave the national territory without the permission of parliament.

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The abolition of fees for teaching Portuguese abroad will not be accepted by parliament, MP says – Observer



The abolition of fees for teaching Portuguese abroad will not be accepted by parliament, MP says - Observer

According to Socialist MP Paulo Pisco, the views of the BE, PCP and PAN on the abolition of fees for teaching Portuguese abroad were voted on Tuesday in a parliamentary committee.

The Committee on Foreign Affairs and Portuguese Communities voted on Tuesday in favor of four projects – from the Left Bloc, the Communist Party of Portugal, “People-Animal-Nature” and “Enough”, which mainly advocate the abolition of fees for teaching Portuguese abroad and free school textbooks.

According to Paulo Pisco, a socialist member of the commission, the opinions of the BE, PKP and PAN were approved, but Chega’s opinion deserved to be abstained from the PS because it contained “xenophobic elements” in its purpose.

The MP had in mind, in particular, the recipients of this teaching, which is currently intended not only for the Portuguese or the descendants of the Portuguese, but also for those who want to learn the Portuguese language, with which Chega allegedly disagrees, according to Paulo Pisco. .


After the approval of these opinions, the abolition of the bribe would be discussed and voted on in the plenary session of the Assembly of the Republic, but Paulo Pisco said that they should not be approved, since the “commitment” of the government is different.

“The government’s obligation is to reduce the burden of the Portuguese” and this will always be determined “in every approved state budget”.

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Portuguese health minister rejects conflict of interest over marriage to president



The health minister said there was no conflict of interest in her marriage to the current chairman of the Order of Dietitians, saying that the trusteeship of that body had been delegated to the Secretary of State for Health Promotion.

Portugal Digital with Lusa

“Honestly, I don’t think it exists. I have no doubt that this Lady Secretary of State will fill this leadership role,” Manuel Pizarro said on Monday (age 26) on the sidelines of the Pharmacist’s Day celebrations in Sintra, in the Lisbon area.

Aware of the possible conflict of interest, Manuel Pizarro explained that he took “the most appropriate measure (…)”, which was to entrust the functions of guardianship of the Order of Nutritionists to Margarida Tavares.”

“(…) Since I took office as a minister, I have been aware that, since professional organizations have an administrative oversight role, (…) there is a risk of conflict of interest, and I have taken the measures that seem to me the most appropriate, which from the very decided at the outset that he would delegate this oversight function over the Order of Nutritionists to the Secretary of State for Health Promotion,” he stressed.

When asked about the reasons why Margarida Tavares’ name still does not appear in the Diário da República, the official said that “it was necessary to wait for the inauguration of the secretaries of state” and then “to organize the whole process of delegation of authority.” .

“It’s even a good chance that there is a Secretary of State for Health Promotion. I think custody of the Order of Dietitians has been well handed over to the Secretary of State for Health Promotion,” he repeated, noting that “he definitely won’t go through the Minister’s order.” [da Saúde]”.

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“If the secretary of state is responsible for this, it should not go through the minister,” he stressed.

Manuel Pizarro’s statements came after news that the government official may have a conflict of interest because he is married to the chairman of the Order of Dietitians, Alexandra Bento.

The Order of Dietitians was created in 2011 with the approval of the current Minister of Health, who at the time served as Secretary of State for Health.

In addition, Alexandra Bento was the only President of the Order of Occupational Health to attend the inauguration of Manuel Pizarro on 10 September.

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Portuguese newspaper criticizes CR7: “Less Ronaldo, more Portugal” | international football



Portuguese newspaper criticizes CR7: "Less Ronaldo, more Portugal" |  international football

The cover of one of the most important sports newspapers in Portugal this Monday drew a critical tone against the greatest player in the history of the country.

+ See League of Nations table

On the eve of the day when the Portuguese national team will play with Spain and draw for reaching the semi-finals of the League of Nations, the daily newspaper “A Bola” printed a photo Cristiano Ronaldo stating that the player had lost influence in the team commanded by Fernando Santos.

“Less Ronaldo, more Portugal,” reads the headline.

The publication reports that the 37-year-old striker could start on the bench and lists some of the positives of his possible absence, such as the buffing of protagonist Bruno Fernandes. See below:

This Tuesday’s cover of A Bola is being printed by Cristiano Ronaldo – Photo: Reproduction

+ After shock and bleeding, Cristiano Ronaldo trains with a black eye in Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo started and assisted in a 4–0 thrashing of the Czech Republic on the last round. He has only scored twice in his last eight caps, both against Switzerland.

Czech Republic 0 x 4 Portugal highlights in UEFA Nations League 2022

For Manchester United in the 2022/23 season, he started in three of the eight games played. In the last of them, against Sheriff from Moldova, in the Europa League, he scored for the first time.

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