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Lufthansa gives Airbus A380 pilots € 35,000 bonuses so they no longer fly



Lufthansa gives Airbus A380 pilots € 35,000 bonuses so they no longer fly
Airbus A380 – Image: Lufthansa

While major German airline Lufthansa is ditching its four-engine retirement plans Airbus A340-600 e Boeing 747-400With some units back on track after making official statements that they will no longer use them, it is clear that the huge Airbus A380s in its fleet will not have the same chance of survival in service.

The airline is introducing an early retirement program in which its pilots 55 and older can volunteer rather than wait until they reach a standard minimum age. However, in the specific case of the pilots of the A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft, there is a special bonus to encourage their participation.

Information taken from a German portal. aero.dewho had access to an internal document that Lufthansa sent to its crew. According to the statement, pilots “of the Airbus A380 type that will no longer be used by Lufthansa” will receive a special bonus of 35,000 euros (about R $ 218,000) for participating in the volunteer program.

In its most recent publications on operating forecasts targeting the financial market, the company continued to post a special note on the A380 stating that the model was in “long-term storage,” while other models such as the A340 and 747-400 has just signaled that they will be decommissioned.

Now, this latest internal move seems to indicate that the company does not want to continue to have the high cost of the giant’s senior pilots in its operating costs until the planes are finally withdrawn from the warehouse for the withdrawal of the German fleet.

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Also, according to, in addition to the A380 pilots, the total number of crew members of the entire fleet over 55 years old – therefore eligible for early retirement – is about 850 pilots, with an estimated cost of € 24 million to fund the program.

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Lisbon closed in the red on the day EDP Renováveis ​​fell 4.6% – Stock Exchange



Lisbon closed in the red on the day EDP Renováveis ​​fell 4.6% - Stock Exchange

The national stock market closed in session this Friday, mainly due to energy prices, but also due to BCP.

In the rest of Europe, the trend was also down, with all sectors trading in negative territory, especially travel, technology, cars and banking.

Here PSI-20 fell 1.43% to 5,582.76 points, with 16 in red and only three in green – Semapa, Nos and Sonae. The listed company that put the most pressure on the national benchmark was EDP Renováveis, which shed 4.61% to €19.25, while EDP shed 2.37% to €4.529. Other energy stocks also lost ground, with Galp gaining 0.46% to €9,530 on the day of the crude oil price correction.

BCP also fell in the Lisbon session, dropping 2.05%, with the Miguel Maia-led bank trading at 0.1575 euros.

We also note the fall of Navigator, which fell by 2.43% (3,294 euros), and CTT, which fell by 1.99% (4,195 euros).

In retail, Jerónimo Martins fell 0.28% to 21.17 euros. Sonae, on the other hand, rose 0.4% to close the day above the one-euro threshold, more precisely at 1.013 euros.

Pay attention also to the telecom operator Nos, whose shares rose by 0.4% (3516 euros), as well as Semapa, whose shares rose by 0.85% to 11.8 euros.

(news updated at 16:53)

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The red tide is invading Lisbon. PSI-20 Loses Over 1% – Stock Exchange



The red tide is invading Lisbon.  PSI-20 Loses Over 1% - Stock Exchange

The European red wave, already predicted by futures trading in the main markets of the block, has come to Lisbon. PSI-20 started the session down 1.15% to 5,598.53.

The BCP weighs the most in the main national index, with a 2.49% drop to €0.1568. We remind you that this Thursday Credit Suisse kept reserves for the evolution of the bank’s shares, led by Miguel Maia. In a note to Southern European banks, which includes Portuguese banks, Credit Suisse reaffirms a “cautious approach” to BCP, as well as a target price of 13 cents per share. A valuation that gives it a devaluation of 19% compared to the current price.

The EDP group is still insisting. EDP ​​Renováveis ​​depreciates from 2.33% to 2.33%. Parent company EDP follows this drop, dropping 1.70% to €4,560.

Of the 19 listed, only four are in green, and none have a fixed price. Among the listed companies with the most weight in PSI-20, only Corticeira Amorim avoided losses with a slight increase of 0.39% to 10.66 euros.

Retail, Jerónimo Martins shed 0.24% to €21.18, while Sonae fell 0.89% to €1.

Among the paper mills, Altri lost the most with a 1.89% fall to 5.71 euros, followed by Navigator, which fell 1.36% to 3.33 euros, and Semapa, which fell 0.85% up to 11.60 euros.

In the energy sector, in addition to the fall in EDP and EDPR, one should highlight the fall of REN from 0.20% to 2.55 euros and the fall of Galp from 0.90% to 9.49 euros. Greenvolt also fell 0.49% to €6.10.

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Outside, the Stoxx 600 is down 1.45%. The Spanish IBEX fell 1.49%, the German DAX fell 1.43% and the French CAC 40 shed 1.47%. Milan, London and Amsterdam also fell by 1.45%, 0.96% and 1.60% respectively.

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Wall Street is back on a roller coaster of volatility. But Biden still has a positive balance for a year – Bolsa



Wall Street is back on a roller coaster of volatility.  But Biden still has a positive balance for a year - Bolsa

US equities continued to test positive territory but eventually turned red in a volatile session with many ups and downs.

The Dow Jones industrial index fell 0.89% to 34,715.39 points. Remember, on January 5th it reached a level that was not there before, 36,952.65 points.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 fell 1.10% to 4482.73. Its historical maximum was reached in intraday trading on January 4 and amounted to 4818.62 points.

On the other hand, the Nasdaq Composite Technology Index lost 1.30% to 14,154.02 points. Yesterday, the index entered correction territory, losing 10% from its previous closing record reached on November 19. Its all-time intraday high is 16,212.23 points, set on November 22.

Indices on the other side of the Atlantic once again fluctuated between profit and loss, trading in positive territory as the rise in sovereign debt rates stabilized.

The sun was short-lived, however, and late in the session, the sell-off movement seen in recent days became more visible again, especially in the technology sector, which has grown strongly over the past two years due to low interest rates. and that he now fears the consequences of a Fed rate hike that could start as early as March.

This drop in technology is not a promising sign ahead of the final quarter 2021 financial report, Bloomberg highlights. It will be Netflix’s turn today as soon as Wall Street ends its regular timeslot.

It has been a very volatile month for US stocks. Nevertheless, CNN notes, the first year of Joe Biden’s presidential term has a positive balance in the stock markets.

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A year ago on this date, Biden took office and the S&P 500 has risen about 18% over that period, hitting consecutive all-time highs. The Dow Jones is accumulating more than 12% gains, while the Nasdaq posted a less “impressive” performance of just 6%.

But this start to the year isn’t just bad for the Nasdaq. So far, the S&P 500 and Dow are down more than 4% since the first session of 2021.

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