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Four-time world champion assumes homosexuality – a rare case in Portugal



Four-time world champion assumes homosexuality - a rare case in Portugal

“EAlthough I always reserve this place on Instagram for my professional life, this moment is special: yes, I like girls, ”Isabela Souza wrote on June 30, even after the month of LGBTI Pride, and where, according to her, she spent“ ups and downs … “.

Isabela Sousa is a Brazilian bodyboard athlete who has been living in Portugal, in Estoril Praia for four years since 2018, twice becoming champion of the sport in 2012 and four times champion in 2016.

Since she was in Estoril Praia, she has already entered the top three in the world championship and became the European champion in 2018, and the next year she became a two-time champion.

In an interview with Lusa, Isabela Sousa explained that she had never hidden from her loved ones, family and friends “a very personal, very intimate affair,” which, as she understood, had no place on her professional page on the social networking site.

In her personal life, “everyone knew”, but as an athlete she experienced “situations of prejudice” from either other athletes or brands and sponsors, which led her to mature the idea during LGBTI Pride Month in June. out ‘on your social network.

“What I am doing is nobody’s business, but the fact that I went through some things I thought it was important to do it, but more to normalize it, because although it’s nobody’s business, it is still necessary “, he said.

For Isabela Sousa, her homosexuality “is a fact” of her life, but it does not define her life, and she hopes that her attitude can “help some people who are going through this process.”

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The reactions were more positive than negative: “There were people who started following me that day, and there were people who stopped following me.”

For the President of Amplos, the Association of Fathers and Mothers for Freedom of Sexual Orientation, it should no longer be necessary to make a public statement, and it should no longer have the impact it has.

“The ideal did not have to be exact. A person is only interested in himself and the people about whom he wants to talk, but since we have not yet reached this state, this is important. [anunciar publicamente]”, – defended Manuela Ferreira.

In her opinion, this is important to her from the very beginning, because the fact that she openly talks about what she is, and is not ashamed of it, “ultimately takes the weight off her,” and then because it does it is noticeable and “gives confidence. young people who will still be in their closet. “

“Drawing attention to a public figure is always important, because this is another person who speaks without being ashamed of who he is, this is another point that is added, this is another naturalization of these issues, in particular,” he defended.

According to Manuela Ferreira, the athlete “showed great courage,” and this deserves a single reaction: “Congratulations.”

Also the president of ILGA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Intervention) agrees that Isabela Sousa’s attitude was very important.

“We can only thank Isabela Sousa for this courageous act that can be so significant and affect many young people in the world of sports who at this moment still feel lonely, still feel isolated and unable to experience their life in all of it. completeness. personalities, “said Ana Aresta.

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The official noted that very little attention is paid to LGBTI athletes in the sports world, “there is a lot of fear” in exposing oneself, and homophobic insult continues to be used to “vilify the performances of athletes and athletes, whether they are LGBTI people or not.”

When she opened up about her homosexuality on Instagram, Isabela noticed that most of the positive reviews she received were from men who thanked them, believing they would go through the same thing.

“I think in surfing in general, most surfers are men, and this is a very sexist community, and for a man who calls himself gay, this is a big departure from the status quo. Men who are the best there, ”the athlete said.

For the President of ILGA, “getting out of the closet” is an individual decision, but for more young people it is important that they feel free to do the same, but the responsibility cannot rest with the athletes to advocate for a more interventionist role. for a part of sports facilities.

It was not possible to get any position from the Portuguese Surfing Federation on this issue, but the club representing Isabela Sousa reported that it was for such positions as her that Estoril Praia launched the “Um Clube para Todos” campaign in 2019.

“It is for athletes to feel safe, comfortable and supportive at a time when they decide to accept what they are, regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation or worldview,” explained Filipe Mendonça, Member of Management Board of the Estoril Praia Sports Group.

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Amplos founder and current president of the European Network of LGBTI + Parents (ENP) Margarida Faria notes that Portugal is “more or less halfway up the scale” among European countries and has the best laws, “which does not mean that the society is very open. because it is not. “

He recalled that discrimination leads to isolation, and defended a more active role of sports federations, as well as strengthening positions and intransigence towards homophobia.

For Isabella Sousa, it was just another step in her “discovery” that began when she was still a teenager and drew backlash from some of the more religious and conservative family members.

The backlash led to the downsizing of some of these family members, and today he admits that it even influenced his athletic performance and helped “the big evolution.”

“I became freer.”

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