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Connection | CADE won the Santarém Open finals and the Portuguese Pool Ribatejo Cup.



Connection |  CADE won the Santarém Open finals and the Portuguese Pool Ribatejo Cup.

Nelson Grace from Mammamia Pool Academy from Riachos won the Ribatejo Cup in Portuguese pool and Thiago Sousa from Nazarenos won the 5th test of Santarem circuit (Open). The final games were held at CADE headquarters – Clube Amador de Desportos do Entroncamento.

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On the morning of Saturday, July 3, preliminary Portuguese pool meetings were held in Alcanena, Riachos and Lapas with the aim of identifying the players who will compete starting at noon at the headquarters of the Clube Amador de Desportos do Entroncamento (CADE) as the final of the 5th tests of the Santarem circuit (open).

At the same time, the final of the Ribatejo Cup was planned at the same place, the winner of which also gets the right to participate in the Portuguese Cup.

Entroncamento has received the cream of the pool in the area.

In the magnificent premises of the entroncamentense club, with three good quality tables, the cream of this variant of the pool, named Portuguese for being the most popular in Portugal, has been collected.

It is played on a 2.20m X 1.10m table inside with a set of 16 balls, one white and a group of 1 to 7 (simple) and 9 to 15 (listed). There is also a black ball (8), which is neutral and pocketed after everyone else in the group is the goal of the game.

The Portuguese pool is the most popular option in the country.

With the best sports specialists in the district, some with international experience, the 1/8 finals, quarterfinals and semi-finals left the players of the highest level of their kind, with the most competent qualified to the final. , with a bit of luck.

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If Thiago Sousa (Os Nazarenos) beat Frederico Pereira (Mammamia Pool Academy, from Riachos) 5-1, another semi-final in which Nelson Grace (Mammamia Pool Academy) fought Pedro Bastos (Os Nazarenos) was very close .. . and only in “black” did Pedro Bastos take the upper hand and reached the final.

Pedro Bastos had to compete against Nelson Grais to reach the final.

As two experienced players from Grupo Desportivo “Os Nazarenos” met in the final, expectations were high. With a lot of mutual knowledge, the sophistication of the form and how the game unfolds will determine the degree of difficulty of the winner.

Thiago Sousa quickly took the lead in the score – 3: 0. Pedro Bastos’s reaction was insufficient, and the final 5: 1 clearly reflects the superiority of Thiago Sousa in the decisive game.

Thiago Sousa (left) became the winner of the Open.

At the same time, another ending aroused curiosity. The Ribatejo Cup Final was played head-to-head with the county’s top-placed players Nelson Grice (Mammamia Pool Academy) and Gonzalo Matrenou (CADE).

The Entroncamento player, hoping for a good game, saw that victory eluded him without appeal or complaint. Despite the quality presented by the home team, the superiority of Nelson Grace’s game did not give Gonsal Matren any claims.

The Ribatejo Cup went to Riachos.

Nelson Grace won the Ribatejo Cup.

Organized by CADE, under the auspices of the Portuguese Billiards Federation, these finals were held in a healthy manner, with great respect among the players, and the home team provided high-quality logistics and all the support needed.

Billiards is a sport played by many of the federation’s athletes in Portugal, but with little coverage. Observing the future of this sport, Clube do Entroncamento started a training project for the little ones. An example to follow …

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Gonzalo Matrenou (CADE) gave a possible answer.


*With David Belem Pereira (multimedia).

He was born on January 30, 1961 in Lisbon and raised in Alentejo, Santiago do Cacén. From there he left in 1980 to enroll in the army and take nursing courses. He moved to Santa Margarida and made a career there, eventually settling in Tramagal in 2000. His first acquaintance with Vila “metalúrgica” came in 1988 as a nurse at TSU. Armed with his first digital camera, in 2009 and with the transition to the reserve, he began to photograph the fauna of the Tagus valley, the nature and architectural heritage of the region, streets, people … Newspapers from the region and country, this self-taught person receives public recognition, materialized in several awards … He was awarded at the 8th Tramagala Culture and Sports Gala in the Fine Arts (Photography) category in 2013.

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