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Christina Ferreira’s failures and her boot licking



Cristina Ferreira

In his usual chronicle TV Guia, Paulo Abreu spoke again about Christina Ferreira and a very special boot licker.

In the chronicle of TV Guia, Paulo Abreu began with a story of failure Christina Ferreira since his return to TVI. The journalist also touched upon the position of a “very special shoemaker”.

Having made a brief overview of his three and a half months of life at TVI, one conclusion can be drawn: with an investment of many thousands of euros.“Cristina Ferreira’s format failed thanks to a promotion never seen on Portuguese television, even a ram of information,” she says.

Opponent SIC’s bets lost in a row. Perhaps, I say, it is time for Mario Ferreira and his team to consider a host / director on their return to Queluz de Baixa. After all, there are already three megalomaniac projects – O Dia de Cristina, Cristina ComVida and All Together Now – that are (almost) indifferent to the Portuguese, ”he says.

The journalist goes on to say about the shoemaker: “There is an artist in our square who likes to please Cristina Ferreira. So much so that as soon as the TVI presenter and director posts on Instagram, she rushes to like it.“, Account.

Obviously, this is your right. What’s funny, really funny, is that this artist – so as not to call him licking boots, – he says publicly about the magazines, but later he was one of the first to “make up” in front of the “paparazzi”. Because you need them to survive. Be that as it may, he was, is and always will be nobody, ”he concludes.

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Florbela Queiroz: “I keep texting my son every night”



Florbela Queiroz: "I keep texting my son every night"

In the beginning of May, Florbela Queiroz lost a child after a heart attack. This Wednesday, June 29, the actress spoke to Manuel Luis Gusha and told how he survived death Manuel Joao Matias.

I keep sending messages every night that I used to send to Facebook, but I don’t get a response (…) When I post daily on Facebook, I always post to Manel. I write about life, about things, about people, about evil, which I did not know and do not know.said.

“I talk to him every day. I say “give me a dream with instructions” and, in fact, I get recommendations– said further.


Moreover, Florbela Queiroz admitted that the death of her son turned her into “another man”but to no avail: “Only I Know”.

“Manel had a smile for me, a sense of humor… He had an impressive sense of humor. His father had a wonderful voice.”he recalled.


Remember that after Manuel’s death, the actress used social media to share a few outbursts. He was 44 years old and worked as a graphic editor.

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Philip Lemos on the bereavement of her brother Tony Lemos: ‘I talk to him in two very private places’



Philip Lemos on the bereavement of her brother Tony Lemos: 'I talk to him in two very private places'

Philip Lemos talked to Giulia Pinheiro in the SIC “Julia” program. Singer Santamaria spoke about her personal life, namely the bereavement of her brother.

Tony Lemos started suffering from depression in 2017after breaking up with his ex-wife. The keyboardist and vocalist died at the age of 48 in 2020 as a result of burnout. A simple glance was enough: “I don’t think I’ll ever have complicity with anyone in my life. [além do irmão], not with my daughterhe said.

On the death of her brother, who was found dead at home after committing suicide, Filipa explained: “I think the pandemic has blocked my brother. He had a flaw, the same as mine: he thought too much, he was more worried about others., said. The artist said that Tony was “a man who saw no evil in anyone”but “In a pandemic, I think he considered himself incompetent in relation to others”.

Philippa Lemos, who has a degree in clinical psychology, also said she talks to her brother in two places: “There are two landmarks when I have very bad days: one of them is next to him, so to speak, physically, and the other in Foz do Douro, this is the place where I like to watch the sunset and meet myself again . ”these.

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After a serious fall, Filipe Gaydan reports on the state of health of his mother-in-law.



After a serious fall, Filipe Gaydan reports on the state of health of his mother-in-law.

Good news for the family Karen e Filipe Gaidan. After several appeals left on social networksKaren Gaidao’s mother was finally able to find a matched blood donor for her to undergo surgery.

The former roller hockey player was this Thursday, June 29, in the program Happy House, and revealed the details of her mother-in-law’s serious fall while on a family holiday in the Dominican Republic, which left her stranded in that country.

“On the last day, my mother-in-law crashed in the lobby of the hotel, four, five hours from the airport. We thought it was a normal fall, so we took her to the clinic to have an X-ray done. He broke his pelvis and needs to get a prosthesis.”said.

However, waiting for the operation will have to be extended for a few more days. This is due to the fact that Karen Gaidan’s mother contracted Covid-19.

“Now everything is in order, she is being operated on, thank God. Now they’re just waiting for Covid to pass […] Two days after the operation, she begins to sit; three or four days the doctor says that he begins to walk and in four days he can return.Filipe Gaydan said.

Finally, Karen Gaidao’s husband took the opportunity to thank the wave of solidarity for all this time.

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