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Branson will be showcasing travel trips to space this Sunday. This is another step in history, but with great risk – Observer



Branson will be showcasing travel trips to space this Sunday.  This is another step in history, but with great risk - Observer

Blue Origin flight, in New Shepard rocket delivered on 20 Julylike Virgin Galactic, it will be suborbital, but it will take off on its own (without the use of a mother plane, as in the case of SpaceShipTwo). In addition, the spacecraft will be fully automated (without a pilot), and this will be the company’s first launch with people on board, similar to the experience of Richard Branson, allowing space tourists to see the curvature of the Earth and can experience weightlessness.

Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos go into space in July – and Bezos picks up an 82-year-old woman who couldn’t be an astronaut.

Jeff Bezos will be accompanied on the trip by his brother Mark Bezos Wally Funk, 82 year old woman who was denied an opportunity to become an astronaut in the 1960s because she is a woman, and the man whose identity was not disclosed who won the auction in which she paid $ 28 million to participate in this Blue Origin adventure. It is also a suborbital voyage, but it must go beyond Richard Branson and is expected to reach an altitude of 100 kilometers.

SpaceX capsule with four astronauts on board arrives at the International Space Station

In this space race there still remains SpacexElon Musk, the founder of Tesla, whose rockets have already delivered astronauts to the International Space Station, and who plans to start bringing tourists into space soon, from August to September.

Thanks to these advances, space tourism is becoming a reality, although it remains accessible only to those with tens of thousands of dollars to pay for the experience. If Branson, Bezos and Musk succeed, the number of suborbital flights with passengers is expected to continue to grow. And Virgin Galactic predicts the following will be automated without a pilot being present. Which, admits Rui Moura, who, in addition to being a geophysicist, works as an airplane pilot in his spare time, raises some concerns.

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“For those who are not accustomed to flying this type of aircraft, the sensation can lead to blockage or shock to people. And if there is no one to deal with the situation, people can panic, ”warns a professor at the Geophysical Institute and Faculty of Science at the University of Porto. Virgin Galactics’ stake, as well as other companies competing in this area, is to invest in pre-travel training so that everything works safely and when they need to, they can remove their seat belts and return to their seats when they see the view. …

After all, where is the Tesla that Elon Musk sent into space?

Paulo Hill notes that the more flights will be made, the less risks will be in the future, as deficiencies can be gradually corrected. However, there is always the risk that an accident could occur during one of these trips with space tourists who paid thousands of dollars to be there, which could have serious consequences.

“Obviously, the first one to fail and kill people can also kill the market.… The risk is not very high because people want to minimize this risk, but there is always a risk, ”emphasizes the professor of applied mechanics and aerospace at the Instituto Superior Técnico.

Jeff Bezos joins Blue Origin’s first space flight

Space tourism is still in its infancy, but many questions will start to arise in the near future, namely passenger insurance, as noted Reuters… Are insurance companies ready to enter this business? How long does it take for suborbital travel to be as risky as traveling by plane? Richard Branson and his team’s trip this Sunday to test the “customer experience” will mark a new stage in the search for answers. The billionaire space race continues.

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Everything has been delivered. 10 Bugatti Centodieci are already in the hands of the owners



Everything has been delivered.  10 Bugatti Centodieci are already in the hands of the owners

OAll Bugatti Centodieci have been delivered, the Molsheim-based brand said on Monday. Cristiano Ronaldo received the number 07 in October this year. and Bugatti has now revealed that the latest unit – #10 – is already in the possession of its owner.

“The Centodieci combines all the values ​​of the Bugatti brand in an extraordinary package: rarity, innovation, heritage, craftsmanship and unrivaled performance. The production batch of 10 units was so in demand by our customers that it was sold before the Centodieci. was even officially presented,” said Christophe Piochon, president of Bugatti.

This latest example is finished in Quartz White with carbon fiber trim on the bottom and matte grilles. The brake calipers are painted in Light Blue Sport, as is the logo on the rear that refers to the EB110, the iconic Bugatti model that inspired this Centodieci. Inside, the predominant color is also blue, as you can see in the images above.

This block is powered by the same block as the other nine instances. The 8.0-liter W16 with four turbines is capable of developing 1600 hp. In terms of performance, this allows the Centodieci to hit 100 km/h in just 2.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 380 km/h.

Recall that each unit costs the owners eight million euros before taxes.

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The first Dacia hybrid. “The cheapest hybrid family on the market”



The first Dacia hybrid.  "The cheapest hybrid family on the market"

BUT Dacia revealed this Monday that the hybrid engine has been available since March on the Jogger, the Romanian brand’s model known to be available with a seven-seat variant.

The Jogger Hybrid 140, Dacia’s first hybrid, will hit dealerships in March, but customers can expect and order it as early as January.

The price has been revealed by Dacia and since it’s only available in the seven-seater SL Extreme, it starts at €28,800. The brand claims it is “the most affordable hybrid family car on the market.”

Available in six existing colors to celebrate the launch of this hybrid, there will be a slate gray version, as you can see in the images above.

Equipped with a 1.6 liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 90 hp, the Jogger is also powered by two electric motors (a 50 hp engine and a high-voltage starter-generator). The total power is 140 horsepower. The electric transmission is automatic, four-speed, connected to an internal combustion engine, and two speeds are connected to an electric motor. This combined technology was possible, according to Dacia, only due to the lack of clutch.

Combined with the energy recovery levels of the 1.2kWh (230V) battery pack and the efficiency of the automatic transmission, regenerative braking delivers all-electric traction on 80% of urban journeys and saves up to 40% of fuel compared to a combustion engine vehicle.

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See how Tesla tests its electric Semi truck in the worst-case scenarios



Tesla Semi camião elétrico testes

Tesla has finally been able to bring its long-awaited Semi to market. This electric truck promises to revolutionize transportation and bring all the unique characteristics of this type of electric vehicle to this class of vehicles.

Now that the first units have been delivered, there is hope that they will finally be mass-produced and reach more transport companies. With so many promises to be kept, a new video is now emerging showing Tesla testing its Semi truck under worst-case scenarios.

Tesla Semi is already on the market

Like all Tesla electric vehicles, Semi follows the same line of creating a unique design associated with a platform with the most modern technology available. The proof is in what was presented to the public and surprised most people.

To prove the quality of this new proposal, Tesla published in your LinkedIn account new video. In it, he reveals some of the testing he's done to determine the strength and quality of the Semi's design and its (potential) durability.

Tests to prove its durability

It has been revealed that the Tesla electric truck is subjected to numerous tests and its application in the worst scenarios that drivers may face. It doesn't stop at the ruggedness of the Semi's designs, but goes further and focuses on the motors and batteries themselves.

This is the proof that many have been waiting for to ensure that this new proposal is not limited to a lot of autonomy. Its resistance is great and will provide greater durability, further enhancing the Semi's value and performance.

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high quality electric truck

Tesla has already showcased the Semi's quality with a video showing its truck driving roughly 500 miles on just one charge. The big news here is that he managed to make this long journey with a maximum load of about 37 tons.

Now Tesla remains to widely place the Semi on the market. At the moment, only a few companies have access to this new product, with a very long list of pending deliveries, who want to start mass-using this electric truck offering.

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