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What Happens When Cristiano Ronaldo Tells Us To Drink Water – Current Events



What Happens When Cristiano Ronaldo Tells Us To Drink Water - Current Events

Cristiano Ronaldo was gearing up to preview the reigning champion’s Euro 2020 debut on Tuesday against Hungary – a three-to-zero win with an encore on CR7.

Waiting for questions from journalists, the captain of the Portuguese team pushed aside two bottles of Coca-Cola, which were standing at the microphone, and recommended water instead, implying that it was healthier.

He took the aforementioned bottles from a brand that is one of the official sponsors of the European Football Championship and put them aside. Not to mention that: “water, drink water“.

The video went viral this Monday, and today it became known that the CR7 gesture could have a negative impact on Bag… According to some international publications such as the brandafter the Portuguese player “took away” drinks, Coca-Cola shares went up to 55.55 euros (opened at 55.70 euros). However, IMF analyst Filipe Garcia explains that More football that the gesture had nothing to do with this drop and that the devaluation had already taken place (and that the big drop had already happened earlier, at the beginning of the session, a few minutes before Ronaldo entered the press room).

According to Express Tribune, which “had access to UEFA’s reaction to the case,” without Coca-Cola, it would have been impossible to “organize a tournament as successful for players and fans” as European football in 2020, the football organization stressed.

For UEFA, the brand has a “long tradition of supporting all sports at different levels” and plays an important role “in ensuring the development of football throughout Europe”. The Euro 2020 organizer adds that “Coca-Cola offers drinks for all tastes and needs – from water, isotonic sports drinks, juices, coffee and tea”, while “players and coaches are obviously free to choose the drinks that you like “.

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Coca-Cola responded as well. In the statement of the “spokesman” of the beverage brand, quoted Daily mail, the brand states that “everyone is entitled to their drink preferences” and reminds that “players are offered water, as well as Coca-Cola and Coca Zero upon arrival at the press conference.”

However, this is not CR7’s first comment on soda consumption. At the end of last year, at the Globe Soccer Awards, Cristiano Ronaldo also mentioned the brand when talking about his eldest son.

“I’m tough on him [Cristiano Júnior], sometimes because of the fact that he drinks Coca-Cola and fantasy, and it annoys me. Eat potatoes, fried foods and the like, and I don’t like that. Even the smallest ones, when they eat chocolate, immediately look at me, ”said Cristiano.

At this point, some doubts arose, for example if a Portuguese national team player had signed a contract with a rival drink or if UEFA would have sanctioned the player for this gesture. Who hasn’t forgiven is the Internet, starting with Insomnias in Charcoal. see it

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Diogo Carmona’s mother recalls reuniting with her son: “It was from the nerves. Tensed in the first minutes “



Diogo Carmona's mother recalls reuniting with her son: “It was from the nerves.  Tensed in the first minutes "

This Tuesday May 17th Diogo Carmona and mother Patricia Carmonawere on SIC’s “Julia” program to talk about the peace that has been established between them after disagreements that have been the subject of media coverage in recent years, including allegations of robbery and aggression.

Giulia Pineiro asked the actor about what prompted him to take the first step towards reconciliation with his mother. “There was a time when I decided that I wanted to be independent and I was upset with my mother because of that. I decided to call him and we could make amends.”he explained.

“There have been many changes in my life over the past few years. I decided, “Okay, that doesn’t make sense. I’ll call you.’ I think it was a kind of pride.”he added.

Patricia says she was surprised:I was essentially afraid. It was the first e-mail, he offered to meet, and of course, I immediately agreed. The first meeting was nervous. Tension in the first few minutes because he is my son and I missed him a lot, just like in public. Then he began to recover very slowly. Things weren’t going well and they had to start staying and that had to leave him.”he said.

Maturity process

I reconciled about two years ago and since then everything has been going well between mother and son. “We had few discussions and we understand each other much better. We both learn from our mistakes” said Diego. Patricia, on the other hand, is very happy with her son, saying that it “I returned to my old sense of humor. I see him reborn. There is Diogo, who was before. So glad you’re back.”.

“What I needed was hugs. I didn’t think it was so soon. I felt that he was calm, in good spirits, with a maturity that I already knew, but which was hidden. He is calm and so am I.”highlighted.

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Watch the interview:

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Details of the scandal involving Sasha Banks and Naomi



Details of the scandal involving Sasha Banks and Naomi

O this monday is raw was marked by a great deal of controversy WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomiwhich forced WWE to completely change its plans for main event make show.

According to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, Sasha Banks and Naomi disagreed with the plans and tried to change them, but ended up handed over the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship and retired from the arena. The “Boss” had a meeting with Vince McMahon, but he did not want to change plans, and the fighter refused to fight. Rawaccompanied by Naomi.

According to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Naomi was expected to win the Six-Pack Challenge, which would likely take the spotlight away from the women’s tag team division for a few weeks, with the division’s lack of direction becoming the basis for the attitude. taken by women’s teams two champions.

Sasha Banks and Naomi attempted to have a match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship against Dudrop and Nikki Ash for Hell in a Cell, but the request was denied. There was also speculation that Dudrop and Nikki Ash would interfere in a possible Raw Women’s Championship match between Naomi and Bianca Belair to later lead to a match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, but this request was also denied.

It goes on to say that Sasha Banks and Naomi did not want to work with Becky Lynch and Asukaand that there were no plans to force teammates, whether champions or eventual candidates, to fight each other.

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Interestingly, Sasha Banks only follows 6 Twitter accounts (two fans, Naomi, Tamina, John Cena and Snoop Dogg), unfollowing WWE, Vince McMahon and others. Naomi posted two tweets interesting a few days ago, in which seems to criticize WWE e identifies multiple fightersincluding those who no longer work for the company.

What do you think about this whole situation involving WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi?

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Pregnant Sonya Jesus invites her daughter to become the godmother of the child: “He immediately began to cry …”



Pregnant Sonya Jesus invites her daughter to become the godmother of the child: “He immediately began to cry ...”

Sonia Jesus is pregnant for the third time and found out the sex of the child this Sunday, May 15, during the gender reveal tea, which brought together the family and friends of the former Big Brother 2020 contestant.

The announcement of the baby’s gender was made just today on TVI’s “Dois at 10” live program, where Sonia Jesús and her husband Vitor Soares were present, and Here we believe.

In a conversation with Maria Botelho Moniz and Claudio Ramos, a businesswoman shared one of the moments that happened yesterday during a party: “I cooked something very cute (…) I invited Maiara to be godmother”revealed Sonya Jesus.

“It was also a very beautiful moment. I invited at that moment”

Sonia Jesus also shared how her eldest daughter reacted when she received the invitation: “She was crying, they made me a very beautiful body (…) and I put Maiara and Naisa at the DJ booth (…) I gathered everyone and said “Nissa has a surprise for Maiara”, she gave it to her, it was in the package, she opened it and started to read, she immediately started crying and said, “I accept.” It was a wonderful, wonderful moment.”

Remember that Sonia Jesus and Vitor Soares will become the parents of a boy who will be named Fabian. The couple is the father of Maiara and Naisa, aged 10 and 7.

Watch the moment here at minute 3:08

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