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Unitree showcases its Go1 robot, a mini-spot that accompanies you on your walks.



Unitree mostra seu robô Go1, um "mini-Spot" que lhe acompanha em seus passeios

When we think of robots that mimic animals, the first company that comes to mind is BOston dynamics, with a small four-legged dog-like ABOUT A place… But now the company has a small competitor – Unitree Go1that looks like a “mini version” of Spot. The little robot was conceived as a travel companion, as shown in the promotional video below:

As we can see, there seem to be quite a few robotics experts out there who are determined to finally replace dogs. The Unitree Go1 has a reliable obstacle detection and positioning system so that it can always position itself next to its owner and follow him at a given distance.

The robot is very lightweight, weighing 12kgwhich means he’s more agile than strong. Even to carry a simple water bottle, he began to walk a little crookedly. So in fact, at least at this stage of development, the Unitree Go1 seems more like a decoration or toy than necessarily a robot with practical use in everyday life. Remember that there are special vests that you can attach to your dog so they can carry your water too.

Unitree Go1 is now available for purchase after three different price ranges… We have Unitree Go1 Air from USD 2,700Unitree Go1 by default 3,500 USD and Unitree Go1 Edu, which arrives at USD 8,500… Unfortunately Unitree did not go into details on the differences between each model, but Facets reports that more expensive models can reach a top speed of 17 km / h, and the Unitree Go1 Edu also offers a software API.

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A very important piece of information that Unitree has missed is autonomy Go1. We don’t know how much battery the robot offers, but for comparison, the Spot can usually run for a maximum of 90 minutes, so the Unitree Go1 should run for less time.

As companies offering robots in this style become more and more diverse, we will have different and more affordable robot options. And who knows, over time, they will actually start replacing the dogs by offering something to walk alongside them without causing inconveniences to sentient beings such as having to feed and take care of, and the ability to offer affection and affection.

A source: Facets

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[아하! 우주] China launches ‘two spaceships’ with rocket to explore Jupiter and Uranus: ZUM News



jornal de Seul

[서울신문 나우뉴스]

Buyer Data Image (Source: NASA)

China is planning an ambitious “one stone and two birds” project for the outer planets of Jupiter and Uranus, launching a pair of spacecraft simultaneously with a single rocket around 2030.

The mission is called Tianyuan 4, and the two largest Jupiter-bound probes will be sent to Uranus, while a smaller spacecraft will be sent to explore Uranus.

Launched simultaneously by Changjun 5 rockets, the pair use two flybys of Venus and two flybys of Earth to place the spacecraft on an outer solar system trajectory before determining their intended paths.

China previously said it was in the planning stages of Jupiter exploration, but at the 2022 International Space Conference in Paris on Sept. 21, Wang Qiong of the China National Aeronautics and Space Administration (CNSA) announced the establishment of a new Center for Space Technology and Lunar Exploration. . Details.

The main spacecraft will be designed to study the Jupiter system and eventually enter orbit around Callisto to explore its more distant Galilean moons.

According to the CNSA statement, a small spacecraft weighing a few hundred kilograms will make a long journey to Uranus, indicating that the spacecraft could fly close to the asteroid on its way away from the Sun.

“Scientific targets are still being explored,” CNSA’s Wang Qiong said after the presentation. Previous announcements have focused on extensive surveys of Callisto as the main target, which could reveal much about the history of the Moon and Jupiter, or irregular satellite surveys of Jupiter, which could provide insight into the solar system’s early days.

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CNSA had previously considered landers as part of the Carilsto-focused mission profile, but Wang says the latest concept does not include landers other than orbital ones.

Meanwhile, China launched its first independent interplanetary mission in 2020, sending the Tianyuan-1 orbiter and Colony spacecraft to Mars.

Tienwon 2 will launch around 2025 and land on Kamo’oalewa, an underground satellite orbiting the Sun in Earth orbit, collecting samples and returning around 2026.

Tianyuan 3 will be a complex double-launched modular Mars return mission, expected to deliver the first samples collected from Mars to Earth as early as 2028.

Wang also added that with the plan to build an international lunar research base in the 2030s, “the goal is to promote the use of manpower, create a new kind of international cooperation in space exploration, and promote the peaceful use of spacecraft.” space”.

Or columnist Kwangsik Lee Science [email protected]

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Microsoft improves Windows 11 update process



Windows 11 users can always and automatically receive updates from Windows Update, but it looks like Microsoft is testing how to improve this system in the future.

With the release of the new version of Windows 11 22H2, Microsoft has confirmed that it also improves the Windows Update system, making it more stable and reliable, as well as preventing possible errors that may occur in the process.

According to the company, one of the first changes concerns the size of the updates themselves, which should now be significantly smaller. This allows users to download updates faster, but also reduces data consumption. What’s more, by focusing only on core components, users resent updates that are less likely to fail.

Another novelty is aimed at reducing Microsoft’s carbon footprint: the operating system now determines the best time to install updates in order to be as efficient as possible. In this case, Windows starts installing updates at a time when it is more appropriate for the use of “clean energy”.

All of these news should be found on Windows 11 22H2. This update from Microsoft is available to all users who are considered “crawlers” – those who manually search for updates through “Settings”.

If you don’t get it, try searching Windows Update a few times.

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NASA will destroy the spacecraft against the asteroid – to see if it can protect the planet



NASA will destroy the spacecraft against the asteroid - to see if it can protect the planet

The US space agency’s experiment, scheduled for the early hours of Monday, is aimed at assessing whether an asteroid that is on a collision course with Earth can be deflected.

NASA spacecraft will collide with the asteroid at dawn on Monday.

DART, short for “Dual Asteroid Redirection Test”, will encounter a space rock after launching 10 months ago. ship crash into the moon an asteroid to see how it affects the movement of this cosmic body.

The mission is heading towards Dimorphos, a small moon orbiting the asteroid Didymos. The asteroid system poses no threat to Earth, NASA says, making it an ideal target for a kinetic impact test, which could be necessary if one day an asteroid is on a collision course with Earth.

The event will be the first large-scale demonstration of sabotage technologies capable of protecting the planet. Collision is expected at 00:14 Monday.

At this time, Dimorphos will be relatively close to the Earth – within a radius of 11 million kilometers. In a collision with an asteroid, the spacecraft will accelerate to 24,140 kilometers per hour.

“For the first time, we will significantly change the orbit of a celestial body in the universe,” said Robert Brown, head of space science at the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University.

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