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TVI goes to court and demands € 1.2 million from Lubomyr for breach of contract – Ferver



TVI goes to court and demands € 1.2 million from Lubomyr for breach of contract - Ferver
Ten months later, TVI filed a lawsuit against Lubomir Stanisic. Queluz de Baixo Station has filed a claim with the Lisbon District Judicial Court seeking damages of € 1,216,785.94 from the controversial 43-year-old Yugoslavian chef for breach of contract. This comes after Lubo broke off an agreement that he had with TVI that was in effect until the end of 2020 (it was even planned to record a new season of “Nightmare in the Kitchen”) in August last year in order to move to SIC. The face of Hell’s Kitchen, which ended its first season over the weekend, is currently gearing up to record a second series of episodes that will debut in September.

The defendants in the civil action are Lubomir Stanisic and the company Questão de Palavras, Lda, owned by the chef and his wife, Monica Franco. Correio da Magna asked Lubomir about this process, but said that he “cannot make any comments.” TVI, which has not yet commented on the case, listed Nuno Santos (CEO), Helena Forjaz (former director of institutional affairs at Media Capital, owner of TVI), Raul Ferreira (controller of TVI / Plural Portugal), Carlos Barat (director of antennas and Research), Paulo Laurenzo (General Tax Office of Media Capital) and Margarida Vitoria Pereira (responsible for planning, procurement and sales).

CM also asked for a reaction to SIC, the current “home” of Lubomir Stanisic, but chose not to comment on this process.

SIC asks Christina Ferreira for 20 million euros
Another case involving television personalities is pending at the Lisbon District Judicial Court. This is a compensation claim filed by SIC Cristina Ferreira, also for breach of contract, in July last year. The presenter unilaterally terminated the agreement with the Paço de Arcos station to return to TVI, where, in addition to being the host, she is now also director of entertainment and fiction, manager and shareholder.

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The Sociedade Independente de Comunicação process against Cristina Maria Jorge Ferreira and Amor Ponto, whom she owns, was brought to trial in September 2020. In it, SIC demands 20 287 084, 54 €, 84 583, 33 more than he demanded. in a letter sent by the TV presenter in August, in which he gave her 15 days to pay compensation. Recall that Christina has already admitted that there is room for compensation, but refuses the amounts required by SIC. “This amount has no contractual basis or basis,” said the TVI star.

The value calculated by SIC includes, in addition to breach of contract, losses calculated due to loss of revenue in IVR (Value Added Challenge Tenders), advertising, sponsorship and commercial activities. The process is still waiting for completion.n

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Liliana Almeida suggests feelings for Bruno de Carvalho. Girlfriend Reacts – Big Brother



Liliana Almeida suggests feelings for Bruno de Carvalho.  Girlfriend Reacts - Big Brother

In a conversation with Cristina Ferreira, Bruno de Carvalho admitted that he was in love with Liliana Almeida. Before the singer joined the president at home in the confessional, he chose not to talk about the feelings that a colleague would have for him. Once together they were able to visit some moments that they have shared over the past few days.

When asked how she relates to Bruno de Carvalho, Liliana did not want to measure love, but she did not go into fashion either. “What I feel for Bruno is very, very, very strong” guaranteed, prompting stormy applause from the audience.. According to him, the artist “absolutely” did not expect such an outcome.

His girlfriend Jaci Duarte apologized. “And she knows she will be eternal in my life,” he said too. However, Liliana wasn’t sure she was still engaged. “Do you think someone else is waiting for you there?” The presenter asked. “I do not know. I believe that after all this I will not have it, ”he believed.

The singer also does not know if these apologies will be accepted. “I think she should understand what kind of hole I left, or even if I freed her,” advanced. He admits he can’t quite figure out what he’s developing with Bruno de Carvalho yet: “It’s a set of situations that don’t give me clarity.”

Bruno de Carvalho has already assured that he will leave when Liliana is also expelled. Cristina Ferreira’s questions about Liliana’s marital status provoked a reaction from a friend she left outside. “Now I have representatives on Portuguese TV! What an honor,” wrote the hairdresser on Instagram to applause.

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Carlos Cruz comments on “Famous Big Brother” and confesses to the “theory” about Bruno de Carvalho



Carlos Cruz comments on "Famous Big Brother" and confesses to the "theory" about Bruno de Carvalho

Carlos Cruz commented on the national news and in particular the television panorama in his weekly chronicle in the returning newspaper “Tal e Qual”.

This week, the former presenter commented on the new edition of Big Brother Famosos and left a reflection on the criteria for “notoriety” and the ability to be a competitor: “TVI insists on the Big Brother format. They know why. This time he calls it “Big Brother Famous”., starts with a letter.

“Knowing in advance that this series will be presented by Cristina Ferreira, who has done a clean job thanks to her nerves that contributed to her restraint, I was very curious to know who would be “famous”, who would enter the show, as they would say, “the most popular house in the country., can still be read.

“Bruno de Carvalho was an excellent bet, and for the good of the program, give him full immunity until the penultimate week. He is famous and not always for the best reasons. But it was a revelation: he has grace, a sense of humor and, until the day I write this, from the first minute he won the respect of other participants; Nuno Homem de Sa has a resume that justifies his fame; then we have Leandro, who has a sizeable audience and I’ve seen a few TV appearances.”, – says the former presenter.

“And here my problem begins: how much fame does it take to be considered “famous or famous”? What glory? Is it enough to be popular to be considered famous? Or do you need talent besides popularity? Is an actor or actress famous with a more or less minor role in a telenovela?, leaves the question open.

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“Therefore, the name of the program Big Brother Famosos does not appeal to me due to the “fame” of the members. But I will follow the development of Bruno de Carvalho. I have a theory.he concluded.

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“I got out of bed and took a shower”



"I got out of bed and took a shower"

JEssika Atheide is one of the public figures who tested positive for Covid-19, so she remains in isolation. The past few days have been particularly difficult for the actress, as she shared in stories on her Instagram account.

I pulled myself out of bed and took a shower. They say that these are 3 hard days, and then everything calms down. Tomorrow I go the third day, I hope it will pass. And I hope I have the best night. I feel like this virus is showing up in me like a rollercoaster of symptoms. Nearly. Lots of peace, relaxation and vitamins,” he explains.

© Instagram – Jessica Attheid

She later explains how it all started: “On Wednesday I had a little constipation, I did a rapid test at home and it was negative. did another quick test and it was positive. I called SNS. On Friday I did a PCR and received an application to send him to work (which is currently in the Teatro da Trindade).”

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© Instagram – Jessica Attheid

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