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Top scorer from Ecuador supports Sertanejo, speaks Portuguese and was named after Senna | america cup



Top scorer from Ecuador supports Sertanejo, speaks Portuguese and was named after Senna |  america cup

Ecuador’s main weapon in Sunday’s game against the Brazilian team in the fifth round of America’s Cup is striker Ayrton Presiado. The top scorer of the tournament, with two goals, is Brazil’s closest rival. He is a sertanejo fan, speaks very good Portuguese and really wants to play here. However, relations with Brazil precede all this. From the cradle: the player was named after Senna, the greatest idol of domestic motorsport.

Presiado’s father, Julian, was a big fan of Senna, the three-time world motorsport champion. And he decided to give his son, who was born three months after the death of the idol, the name Ayrton, which is very unusual for Ecuador.

– He was a big fan of Senna, followed his races. To some, this seems strange, because there are not many of them in Ecuador, but I like it, ”reveals an attacker who is aware of the deeds of the person who inspired his name.

Ayrton Presiado celebrates the goal scored by Ecuador against Peru – Photo: Divulgação / Conmebol

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But that’s not all. The attacker in his country is called “Ayrtinho” – a nickname that steals a nickname from the Portuguese. If they had used the more common Spanish suffix, his name would be Ayrtito.

This was not the case. In possession of the ball from an early age, Presiado was awarded Brazilian status for his teammates. It’s like Ayrtinho, who to this day identifies himself on social media.

“It’s a nickname for Brazilian players like Ronaldinho, Robinho. It was a way to call me lovingly, “he explains in an interview. give.

Portuguese speaker and Brazilian music fan.

Throughout his life, a distant admiration for Brazil grew stronger. Working in Portugal, Presiado knew our language. His main teachers were Brazilian friends – hence the accent with which he communicates in our language is closer to what is said here than to the accelerated cadence of Portuguese from Portugal.

The closeness to the language made him love music. There is always room for Brazilian rhythms in Preciado headphones.

“I really like sertanejo, pagoda and some funky ones,” he admits.

Favorite Brazilian singer? Gustav Lima.

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Friendship with Doria rekindled a dream to play in Brazil

After a period in Portugal, Presiado returned to Ecuadorian football, where he spent five seasons (in Aucas and Emelek). In 2018, he struck a deal with Santos Laguna from Mexico. And there he was reunited with Brazil through a defender who became more than a friend to him.

– I even forgot about Portuguese, but when I went to play in Mexico, I met Mateus Doria (defender, ex-Sao Paulo and Botafogo), who is my brother. We live a lot. I go to his house, he goes to mine.

Ayrton Presiado (left) celebrates Doria’s (right) goal from Santos Laguna-MEX – Photo: Reproduction / Santos Laguna

+ “I will talk about a bad pitch, I will be fined,” says Tite, a pessimist about Maracana’s serve in the final.

His friendship with Doria, according to Presiado, helped him become a better player and strengthened his affection for the Brazilians. Our people are “charismatic”, he says, and this impression is reinforced by conversations with teammates who work in the country, such as Arboleda (São Paulo), Alan Franco (Atlético-MG) and Juan Cazares (Fluminense).

At the same time, the forward does not hide his desire to play in Brazil one day – to surpass only the dream of playing in Europe.

“When I came to Mexico, I said that my goal was always to go to Europe. But I also really like Brasileiran, I watch games, I talked to Arboleda, Cazares, Franco. They always say that this is the big league. This is one of them. My dream “.

Recovering from a tibial fracture that took him a year and a half of activity, Presiado is experiencing a positive moment at the club and in the national team, combining height (1.81 m) with speed. But a good phase will be tested against Brazil.

It’s just that, despite the striker’s individual fame, there is no big America’s Cup in Ecuador. They only have two points and need to play well against Brazil in order not to depend on Venezuela, Peru’s opponent in the game at the same time, to stumble. This is the only way to go directly to the quarterfinals.

Despite recognizing the strength of Brazil, which he considers the best team on the continent and one of the best in the world, Presiado makes sure that Ecuador can make life difficult for the team. Just don’t play the fool like you did in the qualifying match in South America last month.

– You have to be very smart, not to despair. We are focused here, ready to play a good game, we must think that this is our opportunity. We will play with the best team in South America, but this is football and anything can happen.

Ecuador in action – Photo: Divulgação / La Tri

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Lucas Chazarreta becomes the Portuguese market leader Japan Tobacco International – Marketing Specialist



Lucas Chazarreta becomes the Portuguese market leader Japan Tobacco International - Marketing Specialist

Lucas Chazarreta has become the new CEO of Japan Tobacco International (JTI) for the Portuguese market. The professional replaced Yannick Giraud as the head of a team of 46 professionals at the Japanese multinational corporation that produces the tobacco brands Winston and Camel.

Lucas Chazarreta, 42, born in Argentina, has been with JTI since 2004. He holds a business administration degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and a degree in marketing from Martin College in Australia, and attended the Swiss School of Rio de Janeiro in January.

Lucas Chanzarreta has over 15 years of experience at JTI, having come to Portugal from Mexico. Previously, he has served as General Manager of the JTI Americas Cluster (Argentina, Bolivia and Peru) and Director of Marketing and Trade Marketing for Brazil, Peru and Argentina.

“My mission is to drive sustainable growth in the organization’s profitability and market share, and to provide professional growth opportunities for my team members. JTI has a very successful track record in Portugal, being the fastest growing company in the sector for several consecutive years. This growth is based on a portfolio of world famous brands and a very well trained and professional team of employees,” Lucas Chazarret said in a statement.

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Portimonense beat Pacos de Ferreira to become Portuguese champion



This Monday, Portimonense took their first win of the season at Portuguese Championship when visiting Pacos de Ferreira. The guests came out victorious, defeating the hosts with a score of 3:0.

Pacos de Ferreira takes on Estoril in the next round. The match will take place next Friday at 16:15 (Brazil time). With the defeat, the hosts continue without points and occupy the 15th position.

Portimonense finishes the second round of the Portuguese Championship in seventh position with three points. The team’s next match will be against Vitoria de Guimarães on Sunday at 16:30 at the Municipal Stadium of Portimão.

The first goal of the match was scored in the 31st minute. Iago Cariello shot on goal and fired into the right corner. Guests only increased their advantage in the final segment of the match, when in the 35th minute of the second half, Lukinha received at the entrance to the penalty area and hit hard.

The third and final goal of the game was scored four minutes later, in the 39th minute: Everton got a free kick in the penalty area and hit the net.

Check out the results of this Monday in the championship of Portugal:

nautical 1 x 2 Chavez
Aroca 1 x 0 Gil Vicente

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Is there an exam in Brazilian Portuguese?



if you are studying Brazilian Portuguese more likely than European Portuguese, you might be wondering which exam you can work on. Most people are familiar with the Portuguese CAPLE system, which corresponds to the A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 format of the European CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) standard.

Although there are many crossovers between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese and they are essentially the same language, many people choose to focus on Brazilian Portuguese rather than European Portuguese. In most cases, if you’re planning to live in Portugal, you should probably focus on European Portuguese, as that’s what you’ll be in the most contact with. However, there are several reasons why you might decide that Brazilian Portuguese is the right choice for you.

The first and main reason if you are planning to move to Brazil is mainly for work or study. CELPE-Bras is the only language proficiency test recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education that may be required for a position or vacancy at a Brazilian university. Another reason could be that you don’t spend much time in Portugal and speak more Brazilians than Portuguese.

CELPE-Bras exam levels: Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced and Upper Advanced. They roughly correspond to B1, B2, C1 and C2. Once you have decided which level you want to test at (eg B2), the next step is to find a course that will take you to that level. Portuguese Pod101 e Portuguese semantics both offer content at this level, for example.

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It is recommended to sign up for the test in advance or at least set a date for the test. You should also read about what the test includes, which is a 20 minute oral component and a 3 hour written component based on the texts you read and the video and audio you listen to.

Some people are tempted by Brazilian Portuguese as it seems to be easier than European Portuguese, but that is not a good reason to learn it instead of Portuguese Portuguese. In addition, if you plan to apply for citizenship in Portugal – for example, if you qualify after five years of residence in Portugal – you will need to submit Portuguese level A2, which is actually a level below the easiest level you can get through in CELPE-Bras: Intermediate.

If you are interested in Brazilian Portuguese but want to learn Portuguese as a world language, there is a book dedicated to this: Meeting point: Portuguese as a world language. You can also find Brazilian and Portuguese teachers on websites like Italki which can help you practice your conversation and correct it when you confuse the two. However, in general, most courses focus on one or the other, so you need to figure out how to learn and support both.

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