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Square Enix at E3 2021 | Where to watch, what time it starts and what to expect



Square Enix at E3 2021 |  Where to watch, what time it starts and what to expect

BUT Square enix comes to this E3 2021 with a full list of games and the promise of new news. The studio continues to gain traction with the renewal of franchises. last fantasy e Dragon quest, but also bet on other projects to show that it can appeal to different types of audiences. Whether it’s Japanese or Western, the promise is a very diverse presentation.

It’s worth remembering that Square recently returned to hosting its own conference. Before that, she only participated in events Sony e Microsoft to show your games. Now that you don’t have to share the stage with other companies, you have more time to detail your news better. But what’s next?

Where to go to the Square Enix conference?

Square Enix’s E3 2021 conference will take place on June 13 at 4:15 pm Brazil time. The broadcast will last about 40 minutes and will be Youtube and the Twitch company. To keep things simple, check out the following links:

What to expect?

First, restrain yourself towards last fantasy… Although everyone is looking forward to the second part Final fantasy vii remake, the chances of getting any news about him are pretty slim – not least because he just won the PlayStation 5 version with exclusive DLC.

Already Final Fantasy XVI it might even appear, at least in an unpublished trailer, to show that development is progressing and that it should soon be achieved Playstation 5… Gameplay scenes or release date are more risky bets.

On the other hand, a recent rumor has indicated that Square Enix will be working alongside Team Ninja, which is responsible for the games in the series. Nioh, bring Final Fantasy Origins… This game is rumored to be something more like Dark souls e Bloodybut in the universe of the RPG franchise.

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While still in the Japanese division, she recently announced two new Dragon quest… First Dragon Quest XII: Flame of Destiny, a new chapter in the acclaimed series that only released one logo, and E3 is the perfect stage to get to know some of the details of the story and its characters. And given the success DQ XIUsing the fair to showcase these new products is perfectly understandable.

In addition, it has Dragon Quest III HD-2D remake, which upholds Square Enix’s tradition of making weird names while remaking one of the franchise’s most classic games. In this case, she has already shown some images, but did not disclose the platform or release date. Is something going up there?

Already Fall of Babylon it is confidence. The name has been missing for a long time, and now we finally know more details about it. So far all that has been said is that it is being developed by Platinum Games – just like Nier Automata – and brings a fierce fighting style that mixes medieval and modern elements.

E3 2021 should also be a platform for new news from Forspoken… Once known as Project Aya, the game made its mark when it was introduced for the PlayStation 5 and has never been heard of since. Considering it will be released in 2022, it will almost certainly be present at this presentation.

Square Enix has already confirmed that we will have details on the Black Panther DLC for Marvel’s Avengers (Image: Playback / Square Enix)

But guaranteed Life is Strange: True Colors… The new part of the Dontnod series will be released in September, so you can be sure that we will devote a lot of time to it. And it is possible that we have additional information from Life is Strange Remastered Collection on the rocks.

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The conference should still have DLC details from Marvel Avengers… As the name suggests, Black Panther – War for Wakanda will introduce Black Panther and lead players into a world of fictional characters.

Finally, there is the promise of a new game from Eidos Montreal. We don’t know what it might be, but there is a series in the studio’s program. God from e Shadow of the Tomb Raider… Will it be a sequel to one of these games or something new? Well, let’s find out next Sunday.

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Check out the main games featured at THQ Nordic.



Check out the main games featured at THQ Nordic.

Some classics are back

BUT THQ Nordic held his presentation today, presenting a large number of interesting games, titles from a variety of genres for every taste. We have already shown that the game is considered the father of the Survival Horror genre. Alone in the darkreturned, in addition to Rogue 2: A New Beginning. Let’s take a look at the rest of the games featured by THQ Nordic.

Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed

Crypto is back in high definition in a remake Destroy all people 2. This will be the first game to be released from the current THQ Nordic lineup. The game will release on August 30 on PC. prefix 5 e Xbox Series X|S. The trailer below shows a new threat besides the Russian KBG.

Area for sale

This is one of those colony simulation games where you dominate territories and build objects that you can control. At Space for Sale, we take on the curious role of “an intergalactic developer on a mission to create welcoming homes, cozy apartments, and luxury real estate.” The game doesn’t have a release date yet and will be coming to PC.


Another PC classic will be back. This new Gothic is nothing but a remake of the original game released in 2001 for computers. Like Outcast 2, the game will return 20 years after its original release. This time the game is out for PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5, no date has been set yet.

Jagged Alliance 3

Okay, Gothic and Rogue One aren’t even that old compared to this series. The first Jagged Alliance came out in 1994. Jagged Alliance 3 is a military-themed tactical role-playing game. The game will be exclusive to PC and has no release date.

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Storm rising

Another PC exclusive that fits the platform well, Tempest Rising is an old-school RTS, as you can see in the trailer below.


Developed by former members of Criterion Games, the studio responsible for some of the games in the franchise. Need for Speed and Burnout Paradise, Wreckreation will feature “a huge 400 square kilometer racing world of your own that gives you the freedom to create, plan…and destroy.” The game is out for PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

AEW: fight forever

The game “combines the nostalgic atmosphere of arcade wrestling with All Elite Wrestling’s innovative finishes and serial offensive moves.” AEW: Fight Forever is out on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Switch.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Space Shake

The iconic “Square Pants” are back. SpongeBob will have over 30 costumes, 7 different worlds to explore and meet familiar characters from the series in his new adventure. Also without a release date, the game is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Leaks reveal first images and details of Alone in the Dark remake
The game promises a third-person perspective and a return to the setting of the first game in the series.


Tem prefix 5 available on Amazon. Console in full version + game Forbidden horizon west goes to R$ 4,549.99 on the Amazon. Check out this and other offers here.

By using: Eurogamer

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Researcher Claims Facebook and Instagram Are Tracking Users Through Browsers



Researcher Claims Facebook and Instagram Are Tracking Users Through Browsers


Platforms will use a specific browser and thus track users.

Facebook and Instagram will use browsers to track users
© Playback/PexelsFacebook and Instagram will use browsers to track users

Researcher Felix KrauseIt has recently become clear that when accessing facebook It’s from Instagramuser nwill be directed not to the browser of your choice, but to the user’s. This would be because these browsers use javascript code to Meta May trace los pelos sites.

Through a post on his blog, Felix said that “Instagram injects its tracking code into every website it displays, including when we click on an ad, which allows the company to track all user interactions such as every button and link clicked, text highlighting, screenshots, and any form entries. , such as passwords. , addresses and credit card numbers“.

This formula also applies to Facebook, where the boy’s research focused on versions iOS applications. According to him, this would be necessary because Apple Allows users to sign in and out of platform tracking when they first open the app.

A spokesperson for Meta even spoke to The Guardian, stating that:The code allows us to collect user data before using it for targeted advertising or measurement purposes. We are not adding any pixels. The code is inserted so that pixel transformation events can be aggregated. For purchases made through the browser, we require the user’s consent to save payment information for autofill.“.

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‘Sturgeon Supermoon’ makes the world look to the sky, and these images show why



'Sturgeon Supermoon' makes the world look to the sky, and these images show why

The supermoon phenomenon occurs when the Moon is simultaneously in its full moon phase and is less than 110% of its perigee from Earth, the point in its orbit where a natural satellite is closest to Earth.

Normally, the Moon is at a distance of about 384,400 kilometers from the Earth, but during this supermoon, the lunar perigee was reduced to about 357,378 kilometers.

Thus, when approaching Earth’s orbit, the Moon appears larger than normal, giving the false illusion of an enlarged Moon.

This phenomenon, which again peaked at dawn on Friday, August 12, was seen around the world with beautiful images of the supermoon, this time called “sturgeon” because it coincides with the time of the appearance of this fish. in large numbers in the Great Lakes of North America.

If you missed yesterday’s supermoon, don’t worry, there’s still time to see the images today. Open the photo gallery below and check out the mesmerizing images this “giant” full moon that the whole world was looking at.

The last Supermoon of the year occurs at the same time as the shooting stars scheduled for the night from this Friday to Saturday.

The approach of the planet Earth to the trail of debris from comet Swift-Tuttle will cause the Perseid meteor shower. The light of the full moon will interfere with this cosmic phenomenon, thereby illuminating faint meteors that can be seen with the naked eye if weather conditions help.

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