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sentient races of Oliveira and Marquez with magnifying glass



sentient races of Oliveira and Marquez with magnifying glass

Analyzing the lap times of the two drivers who dominated the German Grand Prix, one can understand the strategy of both.

Marc Marquez celebrated the MotoGP triumph again by beating Miguel Oliveira by 1610 seconds in the German Grand Prix. Virtually all of the gains were achieved in the early laps, as the Honda and KTM riders played almost the same game after that.

Pulling ahead on the first lap, Marquez took advantage of this to create a small lead for Oliveira, who finished second only on lap 11.

To see how the Spanish rider excelled at Saxenring, where he took his 11th straight win this Sunday, the Portuguese started on lap 15, the one in which he will have the fastest time in the race, a consistent recovery to 25 tour.

It was then that Márquez, feeling threatened and taking advantage of tire wear management, responded with a faster lap, forcing Oliveira to consider maintaining second place rather than risking a recovery without much of a chance of success.

By comparing lap times, you can analyze the intellectual races of two Iberian riders meeting for the first time on the podium.

Back – Marquez / Oliveira

one- 1’23.911 (1.º) / 1’24.600 (6.º)

2 – 1’22.938 (1.º) / 1’22.877 (6.º)

3 – 1’22.190 (1.º) / 1’22.606 (6.º)

4 – 1’22.227 (1.º) / 1’22.029 (5.º)

5 – 1’22.247 (1.º) / 1’22.088 (5.º)

6 – 1’22.135 (1.º) / 1’22.327 (5.º)

7 – 1’22.031 (1.º) / 1’22.079 (5.º)

8 – 1’22.430 (1.º) / 1’22.271 (5.º)

nine – 1’22.552 (1.º) / 1’23.327 (4.º)

10- 1’22.402 (1.º) / 1’22.655 (3.º)

eleven – 1’22.166 (1.º) / 1’22.226 (2.º)

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12 – 1’22.092 (1.º) / 1’22.025 (2.º)

13 – 1’21.825 (1.º) / 1’21.772 (2.º)

fourteen – 1’21.772 (1.º) / 1’21.922 (2.º)

15 – 1’21.805 (1.º) / 1’21.701 (2.º)

16 – 1’21.861 (1.º) / 1’21.853 (2.º)

17 – 1’21.865 (1.º) / 1’21.932 (2.º)

18 – 1’22.130 (1.º) / 1’21.846 (2.º)

19 – 1’22.051 (1.º) / 1’21.961 (2.º)

20 – 1’22.149 (1.º) / 1’22.012 (2.º)

21 – 1’22.143 (1.º) / 1’22.093 (2.º)

22 – 1’22.103 (1.º) / 1’22.017 (2.º)

23 – 1’22.040 (1.º) / 1’21.967 (2.º)

24 – 1’22.156 (1.º) / 1’22.039 (2.º)

25 – 1’22.140 (1.º) / 1’22.065 (2.º)

26 – 1’22.160 (1.º) / 1’22.186 (2.º)

27 – 1’22.042 (1.º) / 1’22.300 (2.º)

28 – 1’22.202 (1.º) / 1’22.550 (2.º)

29 – 1’22.502 (1.º) / 1’22.819 (2.º)

30 – 1’22.976 (1.º) / 1’22.708 (2.º)

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BALL – Nadal refuses the Laver Cup and imagines he will leave (Tennis)



BALL - Nadal refuses the Laver Cup and imagines he will leave (Tennis)

Rafael Nadal surprised last night with the emotion he showed during the farewell to tennis of Roger Federer at the age of 41. Now the Spaniard, now 36 with a recent history of disabling injuries, knows he is also in the slump of his career, and after an emotional farewell to the Swiss in a game that saw them pair up against Jack Sock and Francis Tiafoe, Nadal, speaking in the zone of mixed emotions after parting, he also imagined what his departure could be.

“Roger and I have been in regular contact for a long time. I have not finished my career yet, but I know how frustrating it is to have a permanent injury and not see the end. Times were very difficult for him, with recovery taking a long time, a lot of mental effort. I couldn’t miss this day. And here I am, apart from the circumstances with which I personally arrived [a mulher está grávida e está prestes a ser pai]. It should have been here. I’m not okay, I’m not okay. I’ve had difficult weeks – lack of sleep, stress in general, situations at home are a bit more complicated than usual, but thankfully everything is fine and we are much calmer. In the end, I was able to come here, which was the most important thing for me,” he said.

As a result of the problems you mentioned, the game against Federer was even the only Laver Cup weekend game where Europe is up against the rest of the world. “I won’t play anymore, it remains to be seen if I will leave. I have a very important internal conflict at the moment and I can’t answer,” he said, then designing a retreat:

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“Obviously, I hope this is the case, on the court and a little bit of this celebratory tone. I dont know. I’m not at that stage yet. I was close this year, I won’t lie – at Roland Garros I thought it might be my last tournament. I had a stomach injury at Wimbledon, then again in New York, a series of great misfortunes in addition to personal problems. But I really don’t feel that moment yet and don’t want to think about it.”

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Evandro Mota: “Darwin said something that I will never forget and that I immediately said to Jorge Jesus” – Liverpool



Evandro Mota: "Darwin said something that I will never forget and that I immediately said to Jorge Jesus" - Liverpool

Former Benfica motivational consultant highlights Liverpool striker’s humility and maturity

With Darwin Nunes still battling for recognition at Liverpool, the English press tried to find out more about the psychological profile of the Benfica-signed striker. Evandro Mota, motivational consultant on Jorge Jesus’ tech teams at the Eagles and Sporting Lisbon, has worked with the Uruguayan international and highlights his resilience, recalling the episode in which Darwin deleted social media following criticism in his early days at Luz. .

“When an athlete has the courage to admit that he needs help, it is much easier to work with him. This is Darwin, a young man, more mature than his age, open and ready to listen to the right people. critics, we suggest that you isolate yourself from the environment that has hurt you. Darwin is a boy who demands a lot from himself and who has realized that things on social media will only break him. He has already overcome a lot in life and this episode made him an even better professional. This is what makes it a real gem, not only in terms of technical quality, but also in terms of intelligence,” Evandro Mota told FourFourTwo magazine. The former helper of Jesus also emphasized Darwin’s modesty. “His arrival at Benfica? It was a completely different culture. I was impressed with it. He said something that I will never forget, and I immediately said to Jorge Jesus. 21 year old… I have worked with some of the most talented footballers of the last 40 years. parents to buy a house?Several times…” emphasized Evandro Mota, guaranteeing “without a doubt” that Darwin would “seize the opportunities” in Liverpool.

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Benfica Rádio has not yet started and is already losing three thousand euros – Benfica



Benfica Rádio has not yet started and is already losing three thousand euros - Benfica

“The president has to say when it starts, but I can say that [a Rádio Benfica] become a reality in 2018. I see Rádio Benfica, or Benfica FM as it’s called, as an interesting addition to BTV.” The project then continues without seeing the light of day but causing losses to the Luz club. The report and reporting for the 2021/2022 season of Benfica Radio cost Luz’s treasury about three thousand euros, which is justified by the purchase of equipment for this purpose.


The company in Luxembourg, created by Luis Filipe Vieira, still exists and generates a loss of 161 euros.

“As part of the structuring project, which involves several companies of the Benfica group, infrastructure investments have been made in recent years and a number of technological transformation projects have been implemented in order to more effectively and safely respond to the project’s task. In 2021/22, the last equipment was delivered and an acceptance certificate was signed for all goods in accordance with the agreed conditions. In this context, Benfica Rádio ended the financial year 2021/22 with a negative result of 3 thousand euros, which corresponds to a negative deviation of 1.1 thousand euros compared to the same period last year”, it can be read in the report that the partners will vote at the general meeting.

On the other hand, BTV continues to make a profit of about 86 thousand euros, although lower than in the same period last year. “Benfica TV posted a positive net result of 85.9 thousand euros this year, which corresponds to a decrease of 55.4% compared to a profit of 192.8 thousand euros received in the same period,” explains in document, which showed that the Eagles TV “showed 157 hours of broadcasts between games of the first team, team B, youth teams, internationals, women’s teams and friendly matches.”

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