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Russia detains opposition politician by suppressing Kremlin critics



Russia detains opposition politician by suppressing Kremlin critics

Russian politician Dmitry Gudkov in Moscow 12/23/2020 REUTERS / Shamil Zhumatov reuters_tickers

This content was published on 01 Jun 2021 – 22:37

MOSCOW (Reuters). Dmitry Gudkov, a prominent opposition politician and former member of parliament, was detained by Russian police on Tuesday, TASS reported, as part of a crackdown on Kremlin critics.

As a member of the lower house of parliament, Gudkov was expelled from the Fair Russia party in 2013 for helping to organize protests against the Kremlin. He later joined Russia’s liberal opposition and opposed President Vladimir Putin.

In a statement on social media on Tuesday, Gudkov, 41, said police were searching the house where he was staying and that he was also harassing former and current employees of his headquarters.

TASS, citing unnamed sources, said that Gudkov was detained for 48 hours on suspicion of non-payment of debts under a contract for a non-residential building between 2015 and 2017. Gudkov could remain in prison for up to five years if charged. found guilty by the court, TASS reports.

The arrest was the latest in widespread crackdowns on Kremlin opponents ahead of the September parliamentary elections. Opposition politician Alexei Navalny is the highest-ranking Kremlin critic in prison.

Earlier that day, Gudkov suggested on the social network Telegram that the reason the authorities wanted him was political. “I don’t know the formal reason for this,” Gudkov wrote. “But the real (reason) is clear.”

In addition, Russian authorities searched the apartment of opposition activist Andrei Pivovarov on Tuesday, the day after he was removed from the plane and taken into custody.

Police removed Pivovarov, director of the now defunct opposition group Open Russia, linked to former oil tycoon and ousted Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky, from a flight that was due to depart from Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg to Warsaw on Monday night.

His team said the police interrogated him, searched his apartment and opened a criminal case against him on Tuesday on charges of violating Russian law on “unwanted organizations.”

“These situations show us that they are afraid of us, and we are in the majority,” Pivovarov’s Twitter account says.

The Investigative Committee in Krasnodar, a region in southern Russia, said in a statement that it began a lawsuit in response to a message in August 2020 asking the public to support Open Russia, Interfax reported.

The committee did not provide details about the post and did not mention Pivovarov, but did report the same statements made by his staff.

Russia declared London’s Open Russia an “unwanted” group in 2017, effectively banning its activities. His allies in Russia supported activism through a separate legal entity in an attempt to protect themselves from prosecution.

(Gabriel Tetro-Farber, Maxim Rodionov and Polina DeWitt in Moscow and Pavel Florkevich and Alan Charlish in Warsaw)

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Elite politician and businessman arrested on charges of murdering his wife



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Last September, the politician gave an interview about the murder of his wife (ANN archive)

Monday (28) police announced the arrest political, Representative of the Legislative Assembly of Nagano Prefecture 丸山大輔, 48, as a suspect in the murder of his wife希美, aged 47, was found dead on September 29 last year on the first floor of a house next to the sake factory in Shiojiri (Nagano).


According to policea politician’s wife died of asphyxiation caused by asphyxiation and the estimated time of death was in the early morning of the same day.

The husband was excluded from the number of suspects in murder because it was alibisaying that he was in the House of Representatives because there was a meeting in the morning.

husband and political who was arrested, was born into a sake-producing family founded in 1883, and graduated from the economics department of the renowned Keio University.

A member of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD), he began his career as a legislator for the city of Shiojiri in 2015 and was elected as a provincial representative in 2019. Nagano.

As Nozomi’s wife was lying near the office safe, it was suspected that she wanted the money, but doubts were in the air as there was no sign that it had been broken into from the inside.

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After the fall alibia police analyze that an elite politician and businessman acted alone, but did not say whether he suspected suspicion of murder.

In connection with death wifeabout political gave several interviews, saying “I have no idea who is to blame and I can’t help but get angry. I urge (the culprit) to surrender.”

Fontes: ANN e Tokyo Sports

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STF to consider Sergio Cabral’s habeas corpus petition next week



published on 28.11.2022 20:28


The Second Bench of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) will consider, starting next week, habeas corpus submitted by the defense former Governor of Rio de Janeiro Sergio Cabral🇧🇷 If the request of the lawyers is granted, the politician can be released. He was convicted by former judge Sergio Moro of the Federal Court of Curitiba as part of Operation Lava Hato.

The decision will be taken at the virtual plenary session of the Court from 9 to 16 December. The rapporteur is Minister Edson Fachin. In the appeal filed, Cabral’s lawyers argue that the case should not have been tried in the state capital of Paraná and ask for the convictions to be overturned.

Last December, the STF overturned one of the sentences against Sergio Cabral., determined by Judge Marcelo Bretas for Operation Reveal Fracture. For the Second Bench of the Court, there was no connection between the medical anomalies and the corruption found in the Secretariat of Works that led to Operation Calicut, the first lawsuit against the former governor.

This decision did not affect the retention of Cabral, and five warrants for his preventive arrest remained in force. The politician has 21 convictions, which is a total of 399 years and 11 months in prison.

Arrested by Lava Jato

Sergio Cabral, the former governor of Rio, served six years in prison this year. Arrested in Operation Lava Jato, he is the only major politician still incarcerated due to the schemes the task force investigated.

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Cabral was arrested by the Federal Police during Operation Calicut on charges of accepting bribes in exchange for contracts for works such as the refurbishment of the Maracanã, Arco Metropolitano and PAC das Favelas. The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) convicted the politician in 37 criminal cases, 35 of which were related to Lava-Jato. He is accused of crimes such as corruption, money laundering, criminal organization and currency evasion.


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US press conference turns discussion on political issues with Iran



US press conference turns discussion on political issues with Iran

Team USA coach Gregg Berchalter at a press conference (Photo: Hector Vivas – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

The US press conference on the eve of the World Cup match against Iran was prickly. The game is tomorrow (29) at 4:00 pm, and the Q&A session with coach Gregg Berhalter and captain Tyler Adams was tense, talking more about conflicts between nations than football.

Journalists, especially from Iran, behaved more aggressively during interrogations. The game, in addition to the political scenario, also had controversy during this World Cup, as a US social media post removed the emblem of Iran from its flag, as ostensibly support for the protests that are taking place in the country. The Iranian federation has already asked to exclude North Americans from the Cup.

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Gregg Berkhalter and Tyler Adams’ strategy was to try to minimize off-field time and deal more with World Cup-related issues as both teams struggle to reach the round of 16.

“When I think about this match, I know that it is connected to other things, other feelings. But for us, it’s a football match against a good team, a knockout match where both teams are trying to qualify. Confrontation. Sport. should unite countries, as we see at the Olympics. Like brothers,” Berhalter began.

“We have no idea what is being done, what is being published [nas redes sociais]🇧🇷 I don’t want to sound like I don’t care, but these players have worked very hard to get here and we are focused on our work. All we can do is apologize on behalf of the players and our staff.”

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“I don’t understand international politics, I’m a coach. I can’t answer that” and “I came here to talk about the United States, not about Jurgen Klinsman. trainer phrases.

Adams was accused of mispronouncing the name Iran. In addition, he was asked about the defense of the US, a country with racism problems.

“Sorry for the mispronunciation. There is discrimination everywhere, which I can confirm by living outside my country. In the United States, we are making progress every day. progress,” he said.

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