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Parties close deal and Israel tries to end political crisis



Parties close deal and Israel tries to end political crisis

TEL AVIV, JUNE 11 (ANSA) – Israel’s majority parties, Yesh Atid and Yamina, announced that they were able to fill in all the signatures required to form a coalition this Friday (11). The new government will be made up of representatives of the right and extreme right, as well as the centrists and Meretz on the left.

With this, the groups are trying to end the political crisis that has lasted for about two and a half years, with four elections during this period, and put an end to the long term in office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. since 2009.

According to Israeli law, all agreements must be completed within 24 hours of voting on the new government in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. The trust session is scheduled for Sunday (13).

“The signing of the agreements put an end to two and a half years of political crisis. They face big challenges and the citizens of Israel, like everyone else, look to us with hope, ”said Yamina leader Naftali Bennett, who is expected to be appointed as the new prime minister within the first two years.

Already the leader of Yesh Atida Yair Lapid, who was in charge of shaping the political agreement and will be prime minister for the last two years of this legislature, stressed that “Israelis deserve a government that works and bears responsibility.”

The elections on March 23 this year sparked serious controversy, and although Netanyahu’s Likud party was the party with the most votes, the current prime minister was unable to form a new government – largely due to corruption allegations with which he collided.

So then-President Reuven Rivlin, outgoing in July, appointed Lapid to try to find a majority, and a big deal was struck to remove Netanyahu from power. (ANSA).

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Find out what was shown in the political news this Friday



Find out what was shown in the political news this Friday

Politics causes change in social media behavior globo/ ephraim-filo/

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Mark Ruffalo praises Juliet for online political appeal: ‘Inspiring’ | celebrities



Mark Ruffalo praises Juliet for online political appeal: 'Inspiring' |  celebrities

Mark Ruffalo supports Juliet’s political speech on social media.Reproduction / Instagram

Published on 30.09.2022 21:01

Rio – Juliette Freire caught the attention of American actor Mark Ruffalo on social media this Friday. The former BBB used Twitter to encourage her followers to vote in this Sunday’s election and ended up receiving praise from the star known for playing the Hulk in Marvel movies.

“Women, we need to talk. Our history is marked by harassment and lawlessness, ”the singer began. “Perhaps right now you are being pressured at home, at work or elsewhere because of your choices. This Sunday, you and I have the chance to choose who we think can help us build a better future, with less hassle and more opportunity. Therefore, call your mother, take your daughter, your friend… And let’s improve Brazil together. The choice is in our hands!” he said.

A few hours later, Ruffalo commented on Paraiba’s tweet, praising Juliet’s position on the political scene. “The world is watching with great attention and appreciation as Brazilians make the courageous choice to defend their democracy and improve their lives. This is an inspiring call to courage for Brazilian women from Juliet,” the actor wrote in Portuguese. “We can do it! We’re big!” replied the BBB 21 champion.

Juliet revealed last Wednesday that she had already been invited to pursue a political career in an interview at the premiere of the new Marilia Gabriela show. “I was invited to be more involved in the political scenario, but I think where I am, I can do a lot more for society right now. I don’t see myself, I think that I would have to study a lot and devote myself, and I don’t want to do that,” said the brunette in Gabi de Frente de Novo.


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Julio Campos gathers 3,000 voters for a political event and reaffirms commitment to the people MT | VGN





As some 3,000 voters gathered in a square in Cuiaba’s Pedregal district, state candidate Julio Campos (União Brasil) confirmed on Thursday evening (September 29) the commitments he would make in practice, once elected, in the Legislative Assembly. .

Among the targeted proposals are the expansion of the State University of Mato Grosso (Unemat), the regulation of land plots, the construction of popular houses and a reception center for drug addicts.

In addition to speaking on the platform, the political icon of Mato Grosso circulated among the electorate. With the achievements made in the state, and having already held the positions of governor, senator, federal deputy, mayor and adviser to the Accounts Chamber, Julio Campos is rather “stuck”.

During the state campaign, Julio Campos advocated, for example, the expansion of Unemat through the construction of campuses in Cuiaba and Varzea Grande. He always emphasizes that Jaime Campos (UB), Julio’s brother and senator from Mato Grosso, was the one who created the institution.

“I want to bring Unemat to Cuiabá and Varzea Grande so that the people of Baixada Cuiabán have more opportunities for higher education. We know that vacancies at the Federal University and the Federal Institute of Mato Grosso alone are not enough to serve those who want to pursue higher education. And no one has the money to pay private money,” he argued.

The candidate also recalled that when he was governor, he built more than 40,000 people’s houses. “In the Assembly, I will fight for the state government to build popular houses again. For this, I will require that 25% Fethab be used. [Fundo Estadual de Transporte e Habitação] housing,” he said.

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Voters who have participated in political meetings from the candidate to the state demonstrate, for example, with applause and shouts of support for the commitments that Julio Campos defended. This indicates that the candidate is attentive to the needs of the people of Mato Grosso.

In addition to Unemat and popular housing, Julio Campos advocated, for example, the industrialization of 30% of the agribusiness in the state, the construction of a nursing home, a veterinary hospital for small and medium animals, treatment centers for drug addicts. drug addicts and a panic button on buses to prevent harassment of women.

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