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Jobs Battle – Observer



Jobs Battle - Observer

I start with Rodrigo da Fonseca in 1835, quoted by Maria de Fatima Bonifacio: “Work is our battlefield.” In fact, since the emergence of liberalism in the 19th century, finding a job in the state – if possible at the level of a leader – has been an obsession with addiction that remains unchanged 200 years later, regardless of regimes. Survive them all.

The ability to nominate members and dedicated members of political parties to government office is one of the most important awards a party receives when it wins an election. It is acceptable and understandable that after the formation of a government, its members want to receive advice and accompany people who enjoy their political and personal confidence. This is the case all over the world, even in countries with consolidated democracies. The problem of abuse does not arise in these situations, as these people (and there are hundreds of them) come in when the government takes office and leave when political officials leave their positions.

Serious and detrimental to the public interest is the exploitation of the ownership of the political office – temporary, as is always the case in a democracy – for the capture of state, central and local administrations, regulatory bodies, state companies and concessionaires, with the appointment of godchildren, friends and party comrades who remain there after the expiration of the term that named them. Since they are not places of political trust, anyone who comes next to take political office will have to work with them or – more normally – put them on a shelf, allow another one, and the state treasury will support two, if not three salaries. … the same place.

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To make it difficult to appoint people of personal confidence or supporters to positions that are not politically credible and that require qualifications and experience rather than loyalty, a new institution was created a few years later called CRESAP (Recruitment and Selection Commission) … back to government) to provide some transparency on such appointments. If that was really the intention, it was the end.


And the constant trick to make CRESAP irrelevant – an apology for calling a ruse in what is simply an insult to the intellect of the magicians – is to create the skills and experience of the person the government intends to appoint before being assessed by CRESAP. … How is this done? This sponsored person is listed in the “replacement mode” for a vacant leadership position, wait a few months before the competition opens and when the competition opens, the sponsored person will participate with the training program he received exactly with this “provisional assignment”. … And in these conditions, the chances of becoming the chosen one are huge. CRESAP is a filling verb.

These casual appointees, who shamelessly leave behind what they often lack in competence, are sometimes appointed to vital positions, sometimes relatively, but not for this reason are deprived of real power. Basically, the friends who brought them to the site are the same people they will practice in carrying out their functions, as well as in choosing their deputies, deputy directors, advisers, consultants, etc. Conveyor belt of places for reliable people or people deserving of an award, who might end up with the doorman if this seat is vacated.

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If this practice in public administration and state institutions were copied in other organizations and other spheres of activity, this would have much more serious consequences. But since we are in the area of ​​those places where a great responsibility is primarily political obedience, one can imagine that the killed and wounded would not have come out of there, if not for what happened a few years ago in Pedrogao, events that are incompetent political Assigning aid funds was very relevant in the scale of the tragedy.

But this real trick with “replacement mode” appointments can be remedied by CRESAP itself in a simple way, or if CRESAP realizes that the statute does not allow it to have this competence, it can at least publicly ask parliament for it. … Just go to this model: all people can apply for a vacant position, including those assigned to replacements, but only the experience and qualifications of the applicant are taken into account for assessment purposes. on the date the seat becomes vacant, and not on the date of the start of the competition.

The current model is a perversion of the constitutional rules of equality, in addition to the serious damage to integrity and credibility that are supposed to come from the heads of public administration. The majority in parliament can change this situation without the consent of the ruling party. But do you want to do this, or do you prefer to keep the current model so that when the government can implement it, for your own political group? The younger ones still remember the promise made by former Prime Minister Antonio Guterres after winning the 1999 election: “No work for boys“. More than 20 years have passed. Was seen…

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Ibovespa falls by 2.75% and returns to 107 thousand points; the political scenario and dismissals in the Ministry of Economy are not far off



Bolsa de São Paulo (Marivaldo Oliveira/Estadão Conteúdo)

On the day of massive losses, Ibovespa, the main B3 index on Thursday, January 21, closed with a 2.75% drop. 107,735 points with investors are worried about the worsening fiscal situation in the country.

On Ibovespa, the only stocks to close higher were Suzano (SUZB3), which gained 1.47% following the announcement of the expectation of the plan. removing 40 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2025; and the BB Seguridade (BBSE3) papers, which had a slight increase of 0.80%. Klabin blocks (KLBN11) closed stable.

The index’s biggest loss was with Getnet (GETT11), whose units recorded a 19.76% drop since its debut at B3 on Monday.

Among the highlights of the day, the special committee Proposed Constitutional Amendment (PEC) Precatorium the cost ceiling rule has been changed. This change uses a new methodology that takes into account the consumer price index (IPCA) from January to December, rather than the period from June to June.

If the change is approved, the government will be able to increase spending by 8.7%, which is inflation market analysts forecast for this year.

If this larger reserve is added to the increase in the part of the payment of court orders, the budget for 2022 is approximately R $ 83 billion.

It is worth noting that this budget space will be used to finance adjustments to social programs within the spending ceiling.

To make matters worse, the foreign market contributed to the collapse of the Brazilian stock exchange. with concerns about the Chinese real estate sector and rising global inflation.

On wall street The Dow Jones Index closed almost steady, with a slight fall of 0.02% to 35,603 points; S&P 500 rose 0.30% to 4549 points; the Nasdaq index rose 0.62% to 15,215 points.

Economic agenda

There are no indicators on the agenda this Friday, August 22nd. Thus, the focus remains on the political scenario. the resignation of Bruno Funchal, Special Minister of Finance and Budget, and Jefferson Bittencourt, Secretary of the National Treasury, should affect investor sentiment.

The panic in the ministry was even greater when Deputy Special Secretary of the Treasury and Budget Guildenora Dantas and Deputy Secretary of the National Treasury Rafael Araujo left their positions.

According to the portfolio, ministry employees left for personal reasons.

The foreign economic agenda is expected to publish data on various purchasing managers’ indexes (PMI). PMI from Germany, Eurozone and USA will leave.

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Charles Michel advocates “political dialogue” after debate on Poland



Charles Michel advocates "political dialogue" after debate on Poland

Dand according to sources – only on Friday the leaders will give a press conference, and there will not even be written conclusions, since this topic was not officially on the agenda – the discussion, which threatened to interfere with the summit that began today, “took place in a serene atmosphere” and provided ” the ability to identify specific challenges and better understand different points of view. “

Council President Charles Michel “concluded that the political dialogue must continue in search of solutions,” and today’s debate is “a step that should help lead to solutions.”

However, according to European sources, the European Council considered the protection of the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary to be “absolutely fundamental”, with several Member States advocating the use of mechanisms already in treaties and legislative texts to enforce it. respect, and some legal and institutional instruments are already in place or may soon be in place.

The debate on the rule of law – “addressed” informally, at the request of several member states, in light of the recent ruling by the Polish Constitutional Court that there are national rules that take precedence over European law – threatened to overshadow the European Council, which was launched today in Brussels and will run until Friday.

Just today, in a resolution adopted in Strasbourg, the European Parliament condemned Poland’s attacks on the rule of law in the EU and called on the European Council to take a “clear position” on the crisis and issue a joint statement “in the most energetic forms.” … “, Which will not happen.

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MEPs also defended economic sanctions, stressing that “EU taxpayers’ money should not be transferred to governments that grossly, deliberately and systematically compromise European values.”

The resolution approved today was preceded by a debate on Wednesday between European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Speaking upon arrival at the European Council, whose agenda is the Poland / EU crisis, Morawiecki said he was “ready to talk” but rejected “the pressure of blackmail”.

“We will not act under the pressure of blackmail, [mas] we are ready for dialogue, ”the Polish Prime Minister said.

Portugal is represented at the summit by Prime Minister Antonio Costa, who today declined to make statements on his arrival at the Council.

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“There is room for an agenda that awakens hope.”



Minister Facin mentions "authoritarian populism" that threatens democracy

67-year-old businessman Fabio Barbosa was one of the signers of the manifesto, signed by entrepreneurs and intellectuals in support of the country’s electoral system, and took part in the action against the government of Jair Bolsonaro, held on Avenida Paulista on 12 September. Barbosa, who participates in four groups with businessmen and leaders who want to take part in next year’s election debate, said in an interview state that the business world is now waking up for political debate.

What does Brazil need to do to restore its economy? Which reforms are most relevant?

The legal framework for basic sanitation is an important reform that has not always been highlighted. It has set universal targets for 2033 for the population for wastewater treatment and clean water. This is revolutionary. There have been positive developments, but in some the government has not accelerated. One of them is administrative reform. This must be done. It was a mistake that we didn’t. Let’s see if anything comes out of the tax reform before the end of the year.

Does business today have a more conservative or progressive view of the identity agenda?

Entrepreneurs and leaders have come to realize that society requires more interconnected actions with companies. Social integration topics are much more intertwined. Companies are working on their policies and are seeing how to eliminate the unconscious bias that prevents some people from being able to. Companies realized that a diverse group was better than a peer group. Society requires companies to take a stand on these issues. Entrepreneurs are much more involved with these topics, whether out of conviction or convenience.

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What should be the main topics of the pre-election debate in 2022?

There are two themes. It is very important to discuss the environmental issue. We have to position ourselves. As well as social inclusion with equal opportunities through education.

In your opinion, have organizations and business leaders taken a belated stance on the behavior of President Jair Bolsonaro?

This issue began to linger as the president became more active in his opposition to democracy. The business sector, which has rarely mobilized, has chosen to publicly voice its concerns. It was important to get back on your feet. I see the growing participation of society in politics. I see that more and more people want to run for public office. Bolsonaro’s statements changed the level of concern.

How do you see the pre-election debate?

I want people to vote because they believe, not because they are afraid. I see people voting out of fear. There are many opportunities for a focused agenda that awakens hope. The left has taken over a monopoly on public good discourse. I see that the most liberal people in the economic situation show social concerns. We want a better country. The path is a lesser state presence, giving more space to the private sector.

Do you believe in the third path in the 2022 election?

The definition of the PSDB, which will take place in November in the preview, will be very important for the start of the game. Neither Bolsonaro nor Lula want a third name. The candidate who has appeared now will receive many blows from both sides. The right time will be next year. You need one or two candidates from the center.

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Do you see your favorite name?

There is a place and time for growth (the third way). Without defining a PSDB preview, nothing will happen. From this point on, alliances will be made.

Information from the newspaper State of Sao Paulo.

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