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COVID-19. Moderna vaccine produces antibodies against the Delta variant



“Moderna vaccination from covid-19 gives credits [um teste laboratorial que avalia a concentração] neutralization against all tested variants, including additional beta variants (…) and delta variants, ”reads a statement issued by biotechnology.

According to the note, the vaccine produced by Moderna also produces antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 variants identified in Nigeria, Uganda and Angola.

To conclude that the drug was effective, the statement said, “samples from eight participants taken one week later” were collected after the second dose.

The analysis revealed “minimal effect of neutralizing titers against the alpha variant”, as well as “a moderate decrease in neutralizing titers against the delta variant”.

Moderna added that it is developing a strategy to deal with “emerging options”.

Microbiologist João Paulo Gomes said on Tuesday that the delta variant is 60% more transmissible, has twice the likelihood of getting a person to hospital, but vaccines have proven effective in preventing serious diseases.

In a conversation with Lusa, National Institutes of Health specialist Dr. Ricardo Jorge said, based on reports from researchers in the United Kingdom (this variant has a prevalence of 90% in England) and data from British health authorities, that this delta is transmitted 60% more than the alpha variant (originally known as the UK), and the likelihood of a person being admitted to hospital is twice as high, but the vaccine results are highlighted as “promising and encouraging.”

“With two doses of vaccine [AstraZeneca], protection from hospitalization is about 92%, “- said the specialist, adding:” For those who have been fully vaccinated, this degree of protection against hospitalization ranges from 92% to 96%. [vacina Pfizer]that’s great. “

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“The motto is to vaccinate,” he insisted.

According to the latest report on the genetic diversity of SARS-CoV-2 in Portugal issued by INSA, the delta variant, originally associated with India, had a “galloping increase” in the relative frequency at the national level, going from 4% in May to 55.6% in June. but its distribution “is still very uneven across regions.”

According to INSA, the distribution of the delta variant ranges from 3.2% (Azores) to 94.5% (Alentejo), but taking into account the trend observed from May to June, “this variant is expected to become dominant throughout the national territory over the next few weeks. “

According to the institute, of the total number of analyzed sequences of delta variants, 46 have an additional mutation K417N in the Spike protein.

However, he emphasizes that about 50% of these cases are limited to just two local transmission chains, which suggests that their distribution in the community is still limited, with a relative frequency of this profile (Delta + K417N) in the national sample in June of 2.3% …

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FBI looking for man who killed 11-month-old daughter in ‘terrible’ crime



The FBI and Connecticut State Police are looking for a man suspected of the November 18 brutal murder of his 11-month-old daughter. The crime warning was issued only three days later.

Christopher Francischini, 31, is wanted for the murder of his daughter Camilla, who was found with neck compressions and stab wounds on November 18 at her home in Naugatuck, USA.

Authorities called the case “terrible.” The baby was found dismembered.

The Naugatuk police received an arrest warrant for Francischini with a bail of about five million euros. The FBI is also offering a €10,000 cash reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect.

At a press conference, police said they were called to the scene of the crime after someone called 911 and said the girl was dead. The call was made from the family’s home three days after the murder.

The man has an “extensive criminal history” and was on probation. The suspect was wearing an electronic bracelet and was supposed to cut it off on the day of the alleged crime, authorities said.

The police explained that the man and the girl’s biological mother were arguing on the morning of the crime. It is assumed that the conflict occurred after the death of the child. The parents were separated.

Camille’s funeral took place Saturday in a private ceremony “surrounded by family and loved ones,” as police posted on social media along with a photo of Camilla.

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BBC journalist beaten by police while covering protests in China



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“They’re acting suspicious.” Fauci says there was no transparency in China’s Covid-19 strategy



“In everything we’ve dealt with in recent decades, whether it’s bird flu or the original SARS in 2002, even when there’s nothing to hide, they act suspiciously and opaque,” Anthony Fauci said in statements in the north. TV channel.-American NBC, the EFE agency quotes.

The epidemiologist, who will leave his post in December, thought that this could be because the Chinese government does not want to be seen as the culprit. “It’s not your fault if something happens in your country, but let’s find out what happened so we can talk about it transparently and prevent it from happening in the future,” he said.

Anthony Fauci, the face of the US in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, also felt that the restrictions in China were especially strict, not making it clear to the public what the goal was.

“The end goal was for everyone to be vaccinated. Then you can understand time limits [como os do início da pandemia]🇧🇷 But they ended up in long-term detention with no apparent benefit, which makes no sense from a public health standpoint,” he said.

China’s epidemic prevention measures are the most stringent in the world under the “zero case” policy of COVID-19. The strategy includes isolating all positive cases and close contacts, locking down entire areas or cities, and continuously conducting mass testing.

In recent days, anti-restriction demonstrations have spread to major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing.

The protests intensified on Thursday after ten people were killed in a fire at a building held in custody in Urumqi.

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The Chinese capital, which has been under special outbreak protection since 2020, is now experiencing its highest infection rate, with more than 4,300 new cases identified on Saturday, 82% of which were asymptomatic, according to the latest official report.

These numbers, low by international standards but unacceptable by the Chinese authorities, have resulted in restrictions and restrictions that affect much of the capital’s population.

China broke the record for infections on Saturday, with almost 40,000 new cases, although more than 90% of cases are asymptomatic, according to data from the National Health Commission.

Official figures show that about 1.8 million people are currently in quarantine, as it is recommended to transfer those who are ill, including those who are asymptomatic, as well as, but separately, those who have been in contact with the infected, to hospitals or isolation centers.

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