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Condom makers disappointed with Olympics – News



Condom makers disappointed with Olympics - News

But enthusiasm gave way to disappointment due to the pandemic and severe restrictions imposed on the event, which, according to the organizers’ decision, will not be able to receive foreign audiences.

In addition, the goal of showing the world ultra-thin (0.01 mm) condoms by distributing them to Olympic athletes also failed.

At all Olympic Games since the 1988 Seoul Games, condoms have been offered to participating athletes to help fight sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS.

While Tokyo 2020 organizers still plan to distribute 160,000 condoms to athletes, strict rules on distancing from coronavirus will be a passion killer.

– Condoms? Right after Tokyo –

“I cannot understand” why this free condom distribution will continue in a still difficult health situation, “Japanese climber Ken Noguchi tweeted.

“The condoms distributed are not intended for use in the Olympic Village, but for the athletes to take them back to their home countries after the end of the competition,” AFP explained when organizing the Games.

According to the Japan Industry Association of the Industry, ultra-thin prophylaxis made from polyurethane, a Japanese innovation, will be phased out in favor of traditional latex condoms.

“When I heard about this requirement (for latex), I thought, ‘What? This cannot be true, ”an industry source told AFP. “We really hoped we could offer ultra-thin products,” adds another source.

A few years ago, Japan’s largest condom manufacturer, Sagami Rubber Industries, expanded its manufacturing capacity and opened a factory in Malaysia to meet expected growth in demand during and after the Games.

– Shops without tourists –

Before the pandemic, Condomania condom shops in the Harajuku and Shibuya metropolitan areas were popular with foreign tourists.

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But that clientele “all but disappeared” with the closing of Japanese borders to foreign visitors more than a year ago, Negishi told AFP.

Condomania condoms were created as souvenirs with traditional motifs such as the Great Wave off Hokusai and Mount Fuji, but “nothing else is for sale,” lamented one merchant.

Its activities were also weakened by the state of emergency imposed by the health crisis. “Now we live thanks to our regular customers in the neighborhood,” added Negishi.

Thus, Japanese condom manufacturers will remain dependent on their domestic market.

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BAL – st. Juste talks about first impressions of Ruben Amorim (Sporting)



BAL - st.  Juste talks about first impressions of Ruben Amorim (Sporting)

Jeremiah St. Juste became the main novelty at the start of the new season of Sporting. The 25-year-old centre-back spoke to Jornal Sporting, sharing, among other things, his first impression of Ruben Amorim.

“I can’t reveal too much, but Mr. imposes very attacking football, with a lot of pressure and a lot of combinations with the ball coming from behind. The way the coach thinks about football suits me quite well, as it includes high pressure, ball possession and attacking football,” the Dutchman explained.

Jeremiah St. Just became a father last Sunday and showed up at Alcochete a day later at the start of work: “I had a girl and now a boy, those were very exciting days. We have already held the first two training sessions of the new season, and I am very pleased. It’s been a bit hectic and crazy days, but I feel really good.”

Having been to the Netherlands and Germany, the defender is now gearing up for adventures in Portuguese football: “I know Portugal has a lot of good ball players and a lot of good players in the league. I believe that the Portuguese league will be useful for my development as a player.”

St. Juste acknowledged that the fact that Sporting are in the Champions League influenced the decision to go to Alvalade and left a message for the Sporting fans: “I will press hard, attack and help the defense with my speed. I also hope I can score some goals, who knows. I can’t wait to see the fans in the stadiums.”

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BALL – Mbemba makes decision (Porto)



BALL - Mbemba makes decision (Porto)

On the first day after the end of his contract with Porto, Chancel Mbemba posted on social media on Friday morning suggesting he is leaving the club he has represented for the past four seasons.

“It is with great emotion that I announce the end of my contract with Porto. I have decided not to renew the contract and take on a new challenge,” wrote the defender, leaving words of gratitude:

“I want to thank the president and his entire team, coach Sergio Conceição and his technical team for believing in me, the medical team for their professionalism and all the people who work at the Olival training center. Thanks to all my teammates because we are a team and we are progressing together. We progress together and we win together. I couldn’t finish without thanking the club’s incredible supporters. Without you, nothing would be possible and there would not even be such magic! Forever I will be a Dragon! Thank you for everything, thank you Porto, thank you Portugal!”

Signed in the summer of 2018 from Newcastle, Mbemba, who turns 28 next month, is saying goodbye to Dragao after 138 games (9 goals). He helped win two national titles and two Portuguese Cups, in addition to the Supercopa Candido de Oliveira.

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BALL – Nadal reveals: “I was going to retire two weeks ago” (Tennis)



BALL - Nadal reveals: "I was going to retire two weeks ago" (Tennis)

After the victory over the Lithuanian Rikardas Berankis (6-4, 6-4, 4-6 and 6-3), Rafael Nadal, who entered the third round of Wimbledon, left an unexpected spurt. The 36-year-old Spanish tennis player explained to reporters that he was about to put an end to his career.

“Two weeks ago I was going to retire, now I don’t think so. I am not afraid of the day when I have to give up my career because I have a very happy life outside of tennis. It’s true that this sport has been an important part of me for the last 30 years, but I also have good things outside of it. When this happens, it will be a change that I will have to get used to, but at the moment it is normal to talk about the end of the career of athletes who have been at the highest level for so many years, ”he explained.

Finally, he also spoke about the caution he has shown regarding Covid-19, a situation that has already resulted in three tennis players withdrawing from the tournament.

“This is not paranoia, this is reality. My good friend had to leave, Roberto Bautista. Basically, I just stay at home and go to the tournament, which is what I have been doing for the last two years. I’m not saying it’s right because we’ll have to go back to normal, but when that might happen…”

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